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  1. I did say I'm not a fan of micros but when I really think about it some of my favourite caches have been micros. Many of these had interesting cammo or some type of twist. Since there are lots of families caching I think it is great when there is a cache container, when possible, that keeps kids interested. I don't recall too many caches, that I've done that had a micro when there was room for something larger.
  2. I'm a fan of puzzles and not a fan of micros. Unfortunately I don't have time to do too many so have several on my list for the winter months. Keep up the puzzles in Vancouver.
  3. Thanks for the congrats. And I would have had to wait for one to arrive if I hadnt wondered if his avatar was his coin.
  4. Couldn't figure out the fast reply. Congrats Jackalgirl! Go Canucks Go
  5. Oooooo now those are nice.
  6. For Halifax check out GC6C08 that's near the water front and find all nearby caches.
  7. Thanks everyone for your tips. We spent a week in Newfoundland and had such a great time. We were continually on the move and saw fantastic scenery, whales, birds but missed the moose. Most of the caches we found were really in really good spots that took us to a location of interest. I especially enjoyed the surprise of Na Geira's Treasure and Hopeall's First as I hadn't read the cache page. Don't miss the mine tour on Bell Island. We'll have to go back to explore other areas and maybe stay longer next time. Thanks all.
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    Thanks I just 'paid up' but your link is much quicker than the route I used.
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    Okay, I find the ads placed right in the cache page very annoying. I understand the need to increase revenue but isn't there another way to incorporate them? I see you have made easier ways to become a PM. I tried some time ago but didn't have PayPal so just put it off. The turn off ad feature will be attractive.
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