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  1. Two of the series are archived. I'm wondering if we could get this one going again so some of us can complete the series. I just have Toronto left before the final. A trip to Ontario is in order. HELP!

  2. Gracias. We will also we visiting to Madrid, Seville and Valencia. Can anyone email me directly and help me get started on the 2 mysteries mentioned in the link above. GC20F8R GC1ZZVD

    We will be traveling from Canada and are so excited about visiting your incredible country!

    Cheers, hollyburn

  3. So far the only plan will be to fly into Barcelona. From there we will travel to other parts of the country. Tell me where i should go. We will travel by train or rent a car. Sorry I don't know Spanish and don't seem to be able to translate this on my iPhone.

  4. I renewed my premium membership a few weeks ago but today I had an email (below) saying it had expired. On my profile it goes until 2010. I tried using the attached link but it doesn't work. Should I just ignore or is there something I should be doing. Thanks


    Hello from Groundspeak!


    This is just a quick note to let you know your Groundspeak Premium Membership for the username "hollyburn" has expired. You may continue to use Geocaching.com, Waymarking.com or Wherigo.com as a Basic Member, or create a new Premium Membership here:




    Thank you for supporting Groundspeak!


    The Groundspeak Team


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  5. I picked up one of these geocoins but can't seem to access the website to log it and email has been returned. I see there are some of these coins with a TB tag added. When I searched for the treasure boys it says their account has been deactivated. Any ideas?

  6. What is the most extreme easterly community in Canada? Cape Spear? or the maybe the community just before


    Bonus point if you know the name of the most easterly Geocache in Canada ........Extreme East - Great cache. Saw lots of whales but don't know what kind they were..... any ideas?


    Second Bonus point if you know who placed it. VO2WW

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