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  1. Groundspeak, please read: When users start customizing style sheets and writing their own scripts to change your layout and design, something is terribly wrong. I'm not really sure how disorganized the web dev team is, or whether it's a communication issue between PR and development, but I think they need a lesson in web design 101 again. Adding things for the sake of adding things and changing things for the sake of changing things is not progress. All your going to accomplish is aggravating your precious (well I assume, with today's update, I'm not so sure...) user base. Revert, revert, revert.
  2. <<<<<<<< Just do what I'm doing! Now that avatars are so much more visible, I can get my point across a hell of a lot quicker!
  3. Great idea for a thread. Well, whittling 58 caches down to 3 is a bit difficult for us! But... for the sake of discussion... GC2P2FA - White Rock (Wairarapa): A good 24km journey down tight, narrow, gravel roads to a very remote beach, aptly named "White Rock Beach", the centerpiece of which is a chain of sharp, jagged islands and reef which extends nearly 1km out into the ocean - caused by the tilting of a sheet of limestone rock over time. The main rock, on the beach is over 20 metres tall and can be ascended - in fact the cache is located on it, it's only a short 2 minute climb, the real difficulty comes in getting to the area, as it's over 100km away from the nearest REAL town. 2 favorites to 4 logs, over 6 months. GC2QHQC - Island... Lake... Island... Ocean (Wairarapa): A terrain 5, which is situated in the middle of a large, quaint man made lake which is part of a large park and recreation complex that was developed in the 1980's just on the edge of Masterton township. The cache is a 7L container sitting on one of the islands in the middle of the lake. The only way out to the cache is by kayak - but the views are spectacular. 1 favorite to 1 log, over 4 months. GC2WHX0 - Invisible Worlds (Wellington): We usually don't make puzzles - but this idea had been stuck in my head for a while. The physical puzzle is located in a nice reserve next to the sea a bit of the way up the coast from where we live, and the final is only 2 minutes away, also in the reserve. The general idea goes like this... cachers must uncover 4 hidden worlds (it isn't called invisible for nothing!)... the first two can be done from the computer (try it yourself if you like), and these unlock the physical puzzle coordinates, where the final 2 worlds exist. After unlocking these, only then can they retrieve the final. I can't describe it here completely for obvious reasons, but one respected cacher in our community mentioned in his log that IT was the "single best cache I've ever done" (1 in 3000+!) and that it "completely raised the bar" for the region. We were really taken aback by the quality of logs and positive comments we received, through events, emails and the logs themselves. 6 favorites to 9 logs, over 1 1/2 months. Hope that's what the OP wanted - good idea for a topic!
  4. Geocaching is a family-friendly activity. So by logical extension, the forums should be as well, to discuss geocaching with other geocachers - who are of all ages. To prohibit or ban an entire segment of society from participating in the discussion is ignorant IMHO. The real people we should be prohibiting is those who actually cause trouble. I myself, am a student, and I can spell, I can write grammatically correct sentences and paragraphs (well, most of the time... ), be modest, moderate, mature - and yes, go geocaching just as well (sometimes!) as those who are older than myself. Banning ME, along with others, such as Ambient Skater, from discussing geocaching with fellow cachers because of the fact that I was born less than some arbitrary number of orbits-of-the-sun ago is nothing more than ageism and stereotyping wrapped up with a little bowtie. Geocaching is a great activity - I can climb mountains, run around cities, bike around the country side, hike in the forest, all in the name of caching - with my family and other cachers (all of them adults) that I have met and since regularly keep in contact with, why can't I discuss it with others too?
  5. It's brilliant! Easily the most enjoying and exhilarating to go caching. We actually achieved (at the time) one of our caching records on the bikes - we parked up at a train station, took the bikes with us, hopped on the train, got off, and bikecached our way back to the car over the day! Also, it's so much easier to bike in the city center than drive a car around. No worrying about parking, no stopping and starting - it's infinitely more versatile and agile. Make sure you have a good GPS mount though, and then you'll be flying.
  6. It's not so easy to simply classify New Zealand in eight directions, there is so much varying terrain. North - Mostly just sea and a bit of land. We have to go Southwest and then East for about 3km before we can go North! Northeast - Coastal areas with towns that get progressively more mountainous until you reach peaks 1000-1500+ metres in height! East - The suburb of Whitby followed by small rolling grassy farmland hills that don't reach more than 400 metres in height, followed by the towns in Hutt Valley, followed by the Rimutaka Ranges with 1km+ peaks, followed by the flat warm, sunny plains of the Wairarapa! Southeast - Belmont Regional Park, the Lower Hutt Valley, Wellington harbour then the southern reaches of the Rimutaka Ranges, before out to sea for good! South - Various satellite towns around Wellington City, and the CBD, before you reach the 20-100km wide Cook Strait (very windy, 100km/h winds near constantly). Following that is the South Island of NZ. Southwest - 2km of land, then the Cook Strait, then the Marlborough sounds of the South Island West - 1km of land, a sandy beach and bay, then the Cook Strait followed by the upper reaches of the Marlborough Sounds, then onwards past the Tasman Sea, 3000km to Australia. Northwest - Sea, sea, sea!
  7. Hmm. Okay, this appears to have only happened in the few hours. I go to click "Log your find" on any geocache listing, and what should normally be the log your find page, is blank. The geocaching header and footer are still there, but where the content (i.e. logging field) should be, it is blank. Which means I cannot log our finds for the day, or, (more time critical), I cannot log the trackables in and out. Already cleared my cache, tried separate browsers, etc. Anyone else having this problem??? Thanks.
  8. This is a good list of the bugs we are currently zapping. Thanks! Edit: The stacked D/T rating is intended, however. To be honest, I don't actually mind the D/T stacking - it makes it easier to compare the two figures...
  9. I echo some of the comments. It appears the favourites widget is interfering with the cache information. -Titles are spaced much more to the right. -Instead of being beside each other, D & T are stacked (as mentioned). -The javascript favourites feature is stuck in an endless loop. -There is no break between cacher owner and placed date. And yes, the tiles & caches in the new map interface are essentially halted. They'll get it fixed however!!! No worries...
  10. Aren't G, C, T & A the four bases of DNA? Perhaps it's something to do with that - Google is your friend...
  11. Hello, I'm a complete Newbie to Wherigo (weren't we all once) but I love the concept behind it - so I decided to see if I could create a good, functioning Wherigo for my region. Right now, I have a zone - and When the player enters the zone this currently executes: Show a message to the player (Contains Button Script) Move zitemCellPhone to player Set zitemCellPhone Visible true All that works nicely, however, when I try this combination: Show a message to the player (Contains Button Script) Move zitemCellPhone to player Set zitemCellPhone Visible true Show a series of dialog messages to the player Once I immediately enter the zone, it jumps right to the dialog, skipping the messages and nested messages in the first event. Is there any way I can, after a period of time (a few seconds), or after the user views the cellphone, the dialog messages can pop up? Cheers, Luke.
  12. Caches I have found don't have an icon in the Geocaching maps... just a blank white square...
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