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  1. That's cool. I never mess around with any of the other export functions unless I'm testing something - I do everything with Cachemate and so forth. But that's very very useful. Among my closest 300 unfound caches, there's one cache that has 66 within 3 miles of it. That's pretty amazing.
  2. I use Cachemate and GSAK - log the finds as I find them in CM, have an automated transfer to GSAK, GSAK opens the logging pages for me, I just choose Found It, paste in my log, and off to the next one. The automation has nothing whatsoever to do with the "quality" of my logs. The one thing that could make this better would be a way to automate the Found It/Paste/Accept clicks. Of course, you can also automate the finding part for me. I'm all about lazy.
  3. Pasha

    Icon Swap Meets

    I like the "tagged/collected/seen it" log type for trackables, but I would also make them only work if a trackable is either checked into an event-type listing, or in someone's hands. I hate seeing a bug that's supposedly in a cache out in the woods getting logged 50 times by people saying "checking in bugs from such-and-such event." If I want to go get that bug, I have no idea if it's actually in the cache.
  4. I'm just surprised no one from Groundspeak has commented yet. Seems pretty telling.
  5. Yeah, every Picked Up or Dropped Off entry has a waypoint in the KML file you get - so every cache it's in is shown twice. Which, by the way, is a good way to see how the GE exports are made inaccurate by Groundspeak.
  6. Pasha

    Lame Micros

    We prefer "coolness challenged." Have you no empathy?
  7. The GPS "function" isn't a function per se - it allows 911 operators to locate you when you call them. As such, I believe your phone is broadcasting a signal that can be picked up and triangulated, not receiving GPS signals than can be used to display your position on the handset itself. I have a 650 myself and love it. IANA cell technician, however.
  8. There's no easy way with Pocket Queries, short of the method you describe of a series of small-radius queries. However, if you use GSAK (gsak.net), it has point, line, polygon, and arc filters built in. You just need to create a database containing caches from the full area you're looking for, via Pocket Queries or whatever.
  9. From the Geocaching.com Glossary: TFTC Thanks for the cache! TFTH Thanks for the hunt! TNLN Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Usually found in cache logbooks for folks that enjoy the thrill of the hunt more than the material contents of the cache. TNLNSL / TNSL Took Nothing. Left Nothing. Signed Logbook / Took Nothing. Signed Logbook
  10. The stats macro is very cool; wish I'd thought of that. 'Course, this means that I'll probably want to combine my default database with my Found database (in a separate temp db) to really get meaningful stats. Or, I guess it could be rewritten to handle found and unfound caches in separate databases. Anyway, nifty and thanks.
  11. The All Finds PQ support is behind-the-scenes. There's some XML differences in the All Finds PQ that are not in regular PQs, most notably with TB handling, so there's some exception code in there to handle them. Obviously, I'm not Clyde, so he may have more to add. Dunno on the other question, sorry.
  12. I think he'd like an automated display of how many finds he has when logging it in CM? I agree, hard to parse.
  13. Looks like it sends a different version of the executable to you depending on which phone you specify, and Treos are specifically not listed. If it's a java app it should run fine on my Treo, so I guess I could just try one of them at random and see what happens.
  14. I'm at 1.12 Caches Per Day. I've also had .15 DNF's Per Day since I started. Total Caching Distance is 1286 miles (that includes trips to/from distant areas for the purpose of finding caches), and Average Caching Velocity is 7.8MPH. Being a sports stat geek and a coder, I'm all for whatever weird stats people come up with. How about Average TB Distance (while in one's possession)?
  15. Pasha

    Cache Types

    Agreed. I like the idea of an "Offset" type to differentiate these, but the fact is that most non-"traditional" caches can fit into more than one type, and that reading the description is the only real way to determine what it's going to take to solve it.
  16. Beejay's point here never got addressed. I can understand how the inconsistency in the database was created, and why there's no real need to fix it... but this seems to indicate that the new All Finds PQ doesn't include code that was judged necessary for the single cache download from the cache page.
  17. Clyde has a macro on the gsak.net Macros page to do this already: GSAK Google Earth macro Enjoy.
  18. If you use e.g. GPSBabel to convert your GPX to the native GE KML format, you'll get the points too, I believe.
  19. I've been tracking this information for some time on my Hall of Shame bookmark list. I usually hover around 12% DNFs, but considering that I log any visit that doesn't result in a find as a DNF, that's pretty good.
  20. Yeah, I already rewrote most of that to add some additional customizations. I'm currently banging my head on changing the icon it uses by default. Gar!
  21. Actually, never mind. GPX = KML, at least for this purpose.
  22. I know I've been out of the loop for a while, but I can't find any GE KML export options or "plugin." What am I missing?
  23. Oh, you're right. There's no difference between edibles purchased in a store or restaurant and edibles left by persons unknown in some tupperware in the woods. What was I thinking?
  24. In addition, and no disrespect to anyone, but I'm not putting anything I find in a cache into my mouth.
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