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  1. Yeah, I need to get out of this habit myself. Once you the cache description became an editable field within GSAK, I putting my puzzle cache answers right in the description - easier to see them in Cachemate that way. But on two different occasions in the last week I've searched for a cache that wasn't there anymore because I had locked the record and it didn't get updated with the unavailable flag set by the owner. Need to go through my database and transfer my notes and answers to the User Notes field instead. Imagine, using a field created specifically to hold my notes! What will I think of next?
  2. I didn't even think of using the Macroflag Range=1 thing. Dur.
  3. Clyde, you're too quick for me - I was just posting a note to Bert to see if he minded my reproducing his macro here. I'll leave it in your more-than-capable hands.
  4. I assume you're using the one from the GSAK macros page or released with recent GSAK versions? I'm not sure how you could only output the currently-selected cache. The below modified version will allow you to only output user-flagged caches, though. If you're not familiar with the term "user flag", see the User Flag section of this helpfile page. # ************************************************* # Macro to show your current filter in Google Earth #************************************************** # set up absolute paths to required files $KMLFile=$_Install + "\temp\GSAK.KML" $GPXFile=$_Install + "\temp\babel.gpx" $Babel = $_Install + "\gpsbabel.exe" # Filter for user flags MFILTER IF=$d_UserFlag # Make sure there's at least one user-flagged record IF $_FilterCount = 0 CANCEL Msg="No records flagged!" ENDIF # set up $custom export $Custom = $custom + "edtBabelOut.Text=" + quote($Babel) + " -N -i gpx -f " + quote($GPXfile) + " -o kml -F " + quote($KMLFile) MACROSET Dialog=Custom VarName=$Custom # Export to KML EXPORT Type=CUS Settings=<macro> # Open the file in Google Earth OpenFile File=$KMLFile # cancel the MFILTER CANCELFILTER <data> VarName=$Custom [TfmBabel2] edtProblem.Text= edtFormat.Text=%name edtMaxGps.Text=100 edtWaypoint.Text=%name %typ %con (%dif/%ter) chkDebug.Checked=False <enddata> Edit: added helpfile link
  5. Not a complaint, but don't you mean "used" in the topic instead of "unused"?
  6. Well, sure, a macro could do it for you, but unless you're doing it every other day and need a bunch of intricate filters added, a macro is probably overkill. You can transfer waypoints from GSAK straight to your GPSr; no need to send them to Mapsource first. See the GPS menu and the help files for GPS setup and sending waypoints - here's the web version of the relevant help files. That said, you can probably macro-ify everything you need to do with just 3 macro commands: GETMAIL LOAD GPS The web help for those macro commands is here. Hope that helps.
  7. I'm thinking that the problem is that you haven't chosen a folder to export the file into... just entering a filename probably won't do it for you. Try this: In the "Export CacheMate PDB File..." dialog, click the folder icon to the right of the "PDB File To Create" text box. This will open another dialog where you can choose the folder to which you want to export the PDB file. Once you're in the folder you want, enter a filename to use - "Florida" is fine - and click "Open". Now set the rest of the options you want and click "Generate." Once the work is done, the PDB file should automatically open in the PalmOne quick install dialog; all you have to do is click OK and then sync your Treo. Treos are the greatest gadget. I love mine. Sorry I don't use fancy screenshots like Clyde.
  8. Congrats to Nolenator, NCP, and BarnaBirdys. I can't even imagine 2000 caches. That would take me about 3 more years at my current rate, not counting the "running out of caches to find in the area" factor. Ye gods.
  9. This Kitsap resident will gladly take another silver, since the rest of them are so unappreciative and lazy. Curious - I sent my email(s) no later than 3:01pm, thinking I was probably too late and should have had them composed beforehand. Guess that wasn't a worry.
  10. Wait a minute! That's not fair. How come they don't make one for males? Oh. Wait.
  11. 1: GSAK doesn't use numbers for the PQ downloaded filenames - that's how they come from Groundspeak. GSAK accepts the filename it's given. 2: There was a bug in earlier versions of GSAK (I'm pretty sure it was fixed ~B54) that imported all GPX/ZIP/whatever files in the import folder you specify as well as all subfolders. Upgrade to the latest, above, and this will go away. As far as keeping all those files - I suppose you have your reasons but I see no need to keep older PQ downloads, and GSAK has a setting in the File/Import GPX\LOC dialog to remove PQ files after successfully importing. Keeps it nice and clean in there. Hope that helps. If I'm off in any particulars, I'm sure Clyde or someone will correct me.
  12. I'm caching on Saturday this weekend, and have promised Sunday to the family for putting Xmas lights up on the house and so forth. So I'll hopefully remember to come in the house at the appropriate time.
  13. Ya, the Nightmare Before Christmas setup at the Mansion is great. Our last two visits have been in early winter, so we've been getting our fill of Jack Skellington and Zero. Lovely stuff.
  14. Yeah, the Golden Horseshoe Saloon. That's a fun place; we went for the first time on our last trip. I'm shocked we never went before.
  15. We were just down there a month or so ago, 6 glorious days. I dunno if I can wait two more years to go again (that's been our pattern over the last 15 years or so.)
  16. Pirates is our first stop, followed by the Haunted Mansion. So y'all almost have it right. Shop99er, I feel it would be the most fair if us Kitsap residents get a 5 minute headstart. I mean, really, how many of us are there? Remember, you've got to deal with us at gatherings and stuff in the future. We know where you live (well, generally speaking.)
  17. Yes, tell GE to save your temporary locations if you want them to be there next time you open it. USAPhotomaps is awesome as well; I use both it and GE almost interchangeably depending on where I'm looking.
  18. I know I just said this in email, but I wouldn't change the pricing model significantly. I think it's about perfect at $25; it's low enough that most people won't balk at it paying it for a program that's been recommended to them or that they've played with themselves for a few weeks. The thing is, people don't realize how useful GSAK is and how on top of things you are in terms of upgrades and patches and fixes until they've used it for an extended period, and at that point I think most registered users honestly feel like they're getting something for nothing. I know I do. Thus, I don't think an unobtrusive Paypal link on gsak.net that says "if you think it's worth more and want to contribute further to development, feel free to click here" is the same as asking for donations.
  19. Note that you can right-click on any cache record, and choose "Show Current Row Number" to get this count. It sounds like you'd have better results by coming up with a filter that fits the criteria you want, and then saving that filter so you don't have to check the numbers every time.
  20. I think the only way you could do that short of code changes on Clyde's part would be to use the macro language. i.e. if the date format is 12/02/2005, you could use $mydate = LEFT($d_LastFoundDate, 5) to get just "12/02". Or perhaps $mydate = RIGHT(DateToString($d_LastFoundDate, 4)) to get just "1202". The macro language has evolved so much over the past few months that there's not much you can't do.
  21. This is from the GoogleEarth.txt macro that Clyde provides on his Macros page, and is an example of calling a custom export from a macro. Pay special aattention to the MACROSET, EXPORT, and <data> commands. Hope that helps. # set up absolute paths to required files $KMLFile=$_Install + "\Exports\FromGSAK.KML" $GPXFile=$_Install + "\temp\babel.gpx" $Babel = $_Install + "\gpsbabel.exe" # set up $custom export $Custom = $custom + "edtBabelOut.Text=" + quote($Babel) + " -N -i gpx -f " + quote($GPXfile) + " -o kml -F " + quote($KMLFile) MACROSET Dialog=Custom VarName=$Custom # Export to KML EXPORT Type=CUS Settings=<macro> # Open the file in Google Earth OpenFile File=$KMLFile # Cancel the UserFlag filter CANCELFILTER <data> VarName=$Custom [TfmBabel2] edtProblem.Text= edtFormat.Text=%name edtMaxGps.Text=100 edtWaypoint.Text=%name (%dif/%ter) chkDebug.Checked=False <enddata>
  22. Another thing you can do when/if this happens is: Alt-Tab to the hidden application (it won't make it visible, but it'll give it the focus.) Alt-Space to open the application's context menu. M to choose move. Use the arrow keys to begin moving the application. You can now continue moving the application with your mouse to bring it back to your primary desktop.
  23. Just bought a brand new, boxed 60C via eBay yesterday for US$299. I would've waited or bought yours directly but I already own Mapsource and some other mapping stuff with which I can populate the new unit. Best of luck on your sale!
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