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  1. Ahhh, sweet relief. The seller did indeed forget the Setup disk and already shipped it out. Now I have to cross my fingers and hope it gets here before the weekend. Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. Running setup.exe on "Disc 1" starts the install, all right, but promptly returns an error message stating "Please start this data CD install from the setup CD". I've removed my older version of Mapsource (Roads & Rec from about 1999) completely, removed all registry entries, restarted, and tried it, and get the same error. It's definitely looking for a disk that I don't have. As I said, already emailed the seller and hopefully he can find it and get it to me. I was just hoping someone would be able to say, "oh, no, just fiddle the snacklefratz and that'll do 'er!" It's not crucial - I already have the older maps and such. It's just so aggravating; I don't want to wait another week. Edit: also, just for giggles, I tried installing it on a couple of machines at the office, and got the same error. There's no setup.exe on Disc 2. Pretty definitely missing a disk.
  3. I bought City Select V6 via eBay at a pretty good price. Verified it had viable unlock codes and so forth. Finally received it today, but unfortunately the seller did not include the Setup disk, just the two Data disks. I'm hoping it was an oversight and have emailed to have him send the missing disk, but if it's not an oversight, or for whatever reason he can't send it to me, I guess I'm just screwed. Anyone have any ideas for getting this installed? This always happens to me. It's always something. Nothing ever just works out, first time. I must've stepped on too many bugs as a child or laughed at my friend Carl too often in elementary school. It's karma for something I don't remember.
  4. I'm sure Clyde will weigh in shortly, but don't count on a Mac version any time soon, if ever. Just not enough of a userbase to support the development time.
  5. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what you're asking, but that macro shows the percentage of each category in your GSAK database of cache records. Hope that helps!
  6. On your first question, check out the "Waymarking and Geocaching" section at the bottom of the Waymarking FAQ. On the second, this post is your friend.
  7. Synchronizing GSAK in this manner is easy - do a database backup on one machine, restore that backup on the other machine. I use a 512MB USB keychain drive to store my GSAK backup; that way it's with me whether I've got my laptop or my desktop machine. Backing up the rest can be done in the same way - just put everything on a USB drive and then you'll have it there regardless of machine.
  8. Your chain has been yanked.
  9. I find that puzzle cache hints are the only ones I end up decrypting on the site (for obvious reasons). The rest are in Cachemate and can be decrypted at the touch of a button when I need them at the GZ.
  10. I still have a GPS12 as well, and it has a special place in my heart. Never owned a 76 of any kind so I have nothing useful to add to the conversation. I just like my old 12.
  11. Yes, Virginia, there is a way. Actually, there's two. The easiest way is to set up the export dialogs the way you want, then save these settings using the "Save" button at the bottom of every export dialog, then reference those saved settings in your Export command in the macro. See the Export help and notice the "Settings=" parameter. There's another way that allows you to set these options from within the macro. However, it's fairly intricate if you're not comfortable with the macro language. See the MacroSet command in the helpfile for details. Basically, you go to the export dialog, set the checkboxes and fields the way you need them, then save those export setting with a special name. This name can then be used to pull those settings out in a format that's usable in a macro. Details are at the above link. It's actually pretty simple once you see how it works together with the existing macro functionality. Hope that helps.
  12. One of you snazzy greasemonkey-capable guys should take this post and run with it. I've always hated that about hint decryption.
  13. IMO none of them should have been moved. In the first case they were trying to be helpful and I can excuse that, but the point is that the cache owner put them there purposefully. Regardless of the finders' feelings of inappropriateness, it's not their cache to move. The difficulty ratings have nothing to do with it. At most they can mention their feelings, about safety or otherwise, in their log or via email.
  14. When using a serial/USB adapter cable, it appears to the PC as a COM port, even though it's plugged into a USB port. USB is only the mechanism by which the serial connection is made to the PC. GSAK shows all available COM ports in that box (normally I'll only see COM1-COM4, but when I plug in the serial/USB cable from my eTrex Legend, COM5 magically appears as well). If none of COM1-COM3 are your adapter's address, then I think the problem lies with the drivers for your serial/USB adapter or with something else using the COM port that those drivers have set up.
  15. I can understand the frustration of those in SC, dealing with this sort of thing. Having legislators spending their time worrying about cachers, as opposed to any of a thousand issues I could name, has to be aggravating in the extreme. It would be like the US Senate holding hearings on baseball rules. Oh, wait. Anyway.
  16. Edit: removed possibly personal comment
  17. I shall now, instead of "smilie", refer to the icon received when posting a Found It log as a "Ceip." "Hey, I got 14 Ceips today in 6 different graveyards! Just look at the smile on my face." Edit: removed possibly personal comment.
  18. I think graveyard caches should have their own icon, perhaps a skull & crossbones, or maybe a solid-looking but tasteful headstone. That could be just reactionary sarcasm on my part.
  19. There's lots of things that could be at fault. The first thing to verify is that you've checked the "Use USB" box in the GPS Setup menu, in addition to choosing "Garmin" as the GPS brand. I assume you're not getting any actual errors when sending to the Legend? It appears to complete successfully but there's no waypoints when it's done? How are you checking to see whether the waypoints are there?
  20. Already received my super special exclusive neato keeno silver coin - thanks, y'all! It's even nicer than the pictures suggest - the finish is more satiny and the relief and casting are first rate. Zowie. Well done.
  21. Blargy blargy. The part that really burns me up is that I've read that before. However, I was trying to do exactly that a few weeks ago (export the route from GE and then use it in GSAK) and completely forgot the part where GPSBabel converts the KML file. I spent 40 minutes writing regular expressions to extract just the coordinates in the correct format, and eventually decided that those instructions must work only with the Pro version of GE. This whole "memory" thing just gets more and more difficult. Hey, where am I?
  22. For shorter trips, I've used the free version of Google Earth to find turn coordinates, and manually typed the coords of reasonably simple routes into the GSAK arc/poly filter box. If you can simplify your route to just the main sections, then perhaps expand the filter to a couple miles to either side of the route, you can get a reasonably accurate and usable list. Alternately, you download the GC networked KML file, open it in Google Earth, then just pan along your route and bookmark each cache that looks interesting, using the built-into-the-KML popup "Bookmark This" link. Then you can generate a PQ from your bookmark list. There's lots of other ways to go, and I'm sure someone will post a better method than these two, but without being able to automate the route generation it can be difficult.
  23. And, of course, the Boy Scouts don't have someone here asking, whereas you are. If I had an extra unit, I'd send it along.
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