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  1. It's because there's an unimported PDB file from GSAK waiting to be integrated into Cachemate. If you don't recall sending one, just cancel it and it should ignore it after that. If you did send one, you need to run through that import process to get it into Cachemate, so choose a database and category to which to import the PDB.
  2. Right now there's no good way. By wrapping the maps in a script on a different site, you can fake GMaps into putting pushpins where you want them (see GMaps-Standalone.) Via URL, though, the best thing you can do is get it to put a pushpin at the closest road to the lat/long you give it, like so: http://maps.google.com/maps?spn=0.040,0.04...2.6360833&hl=en.
  3. My office is buying me a Treo 650. Mmmmmmm. It's going to make my trusty Palm Vx look like an Altair.
  4. I can see I shall have to make an appearance at that event. I feel strangely drawn to it.
  5. Don't speak for me. I don't take it personally at all. Of course, I'm no longer on active duty, either, so perhaps things have changed. Being a member of the military does not automatically confer respectability. You still have to earn it by being honest and respectful yourself, and your knee-jerk reactionary comments are exactly the sort of thing that cause non-veterans to make adverse, stereotypical judgements of veterans. Until (and if ever) I meet the armed forces member in question, I'll reserve judgement on these matters. But people who've already earned my respect have weighed in and the balance is not initially good. His membership in the military has nothing whatsoever to do with the matter under discussion. To sum up, don't speak for anyone but yourself, unless you're in a position to actually know what a half million current and former veterans think.
  6. Pasha

    Wonky Pq Server

    I have no objections to the site's performance, and haven't seen any timeouts or errors on any operation, since the server work the other night... but my PQ emails, normally arriving in my Inbox around 11am on Mondays and Fridays, have yet to arrive as of now, 8:20pm. Blarg.
  7. When Madonna speaks, people listen. (that is Madonna, right?)
  8. It's actually easier than that. Assuming you're using anything Windows 2000 or newer: RUNPGM Pgm="C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" Parms="/C del /Q C:\Data\GSAK\Home\SNT\*.csv" Wait=Yes You run the windows command interpreter with the del command as an argument. The \Q argument to del is so that it won't ask you for confirmation when deleting multiple files.
  9. Right there with you. Since our corporate office moved to Kent (from Bainbridge) I've discovered that grain of truth in so many Almost Live! jokes i never understood before. For instance - across the street from my office is the "T&A Supply Company." I'm sure there's a nondescript reason for those initials, but it's just too ripe not to joke about. Sorry, OT. I love Halloween and can't wait for these events.
  10. The cm2gpx help file details exactly how to pull the categories you want from any given .PDB file. Using cm2gpx.exe -f DefaultItems-cMat.PDB will pull only "Found" category records, while cm2gpx.exe -C found DefaultItems-cMat.PDB will pull records in both the "Found" and "Unfound" categories, as it's searching for any category name with "found" in it, non-case-sensitive. There's a few other options for defining which categories you want to pull.
  11. Another "me, too!" on the congrats. Y'all are amazing.
  12. Renaming gsak.ini and restarting didn't help. I just sent a debug dump to you as well. Note that this is only on the actual Waypoint menu, and not on the right-click menu.
  13. Clyde, I just checked and I see the exact same behavior - Waypoints/Show Offline has an arrow to the right indicating a submenu, and when I mouseover Show Offline and the submenu pops out, it's the Custom URL submenu, and a new browser window immediately opens with the Offline copy of the record. No clicking involved, and the Custom URL menu choice does not have a submenu. I'll try the .ini file fix.
  14. I went to try to clear a DNF this morning and found a hive instead. Five stings and some madcap sprinting through the bushes later, I've decided to leave this DNF for colder weather. I had a fun time explaining to my office why my face was all lumpy.
  15. Pasha

    Google Maps

    Someone else came up with a way to put a pushpin in a Google Map via the URL, but unfortunately the pushpin gets shoved to the nearest road as it's part of the Directions logic. Can still be useful, however. Here's the the GSAK custom URL syntax: Google Maps Pushpin=http://maps.google.com/maps?spn=0.040,0.040&saddr=%lat,%lon&daddr=%lat,%lon&hl=en
  16. Logging DNFs is a pride thing for me. Log them and you'll feel better about yourself in addition to helping out the cache owner. I only have one cache hide, but I'm continually amazed by the number of times I get emails asking to confirm final coordinates or to ask for hints, without any DNF log. I'm starting to think I should take the advice of some other local cachers, and put "No DNF, no hint" on my caches.
  17. There's a cache in Tukwila, Washington where a local well-known homeless guy (called "Bicentennial Man") is one of the difficulty-inducing parts of the find - you have to find a time where he's not in "his spot" to get it, because his spot is within a few feet of where it's hidden. I had to go back 5 or 6 times, at different times of day, to find a time when he wasn't there. He's a pretty friendly guy if you happen to show up when he's "home."
  18. I have nothing but great things to say about my Legend. In caching with others I can say definitively that my reception is in line with everyone else's - it varies by tree cover and whatever else, of course, but not any more than my companions' units. I pay really close attention to the satellite page at times, and it's illuminating to watch that as you move... I can see that my own body and head block satellites quite handily, and can see satellites drop on and off the screen as trees or other obstructions are passed. In other words, taking into account the antenna type and terrain, it's exactly as accurate as I expect it to be. It's been immersed in water on a couple occasions, dropped from waist height onto concrete twice, survived two days loose in the trunk of my car along with two soccer balls and my golf clubs, and has yet to show any ill effects. I love the thing.
  19. 204 finds in 63 days, so about 3.25 per day. As was previously said, I'm slowing way down as the local area gets cleaned out and I have to travel further. No more lunch hour caching.
  20. GH, disabling real-time scanning varies depending on exactly what virus scanner you're using. Normally in the options under real-time scanning, you'll see something like "exclusions" or "do not scan these files" and if you follow that along you'll see how to do it. Alternately, if you're in a rush, you could just shut down your virus scanner altogether while you're getting GSAK going, and re-enable it after you close it. Once it's running, just import the GPX file directly using the File/Load GPX/LOC dialog. Navigate to your GPX file from there and accept the defaults. GSAK will read the native format right in, and you'll have a real pretty list of caches.
  21. It's quite fascinating to explore using this sytem; there's some well-known vacant lots/open fields around here and not all of them are owned, presumably meaning they're county land. It's also funny to think that some of these owned lots have just sat there, vacant and unimproved, for 30 or 40 years, right in the middle of housing developments and such. It's just a very nice resource.
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