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  1. Now that is just freaky...I just finished listening to the song on the radio then read this. LOL You mean they actually taped us.......
  2. Make a new plan, Stan. You don't need to discuss, much...........
  3. Congrats on finding the coin, chillmama.
  4. A few more coins today. 1 Japan 2007 Gold 1 Alabama Redneck Riviera Event Bronze 1 Alabama Redneck Riviera Event Two Tone 2 Notorious Geocacher Ant. Bronze LE 2 Notorious Geocacher Ant. Copper Reg.
  5. Congrats to both of you, Shop99er and Tethys C .
  6. On the Quebec Geocaching Association forum, sadly, we just found out today that Sauterelle passed away from cancer this morning. He was only 49 and had a wife and two children. I just wanted to let people know, because in his profile on geocoincollection.com, he still had 50 each of his coins listed for trade. That account will probably be closed down as soon as the family has time to take care of things. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family.
  7. Only one mailer today. 2 MIGO 2007 Spring Peepers
  8. Everytime *I* see something big, it seems to rush AT me! Joe, you're going to have to stop wearing "Eau de Love" when you go out in the woods.
  9. Way to go, Beverly. Congrats. It's always fun to see wildlife while walking through the bush. I've been doing it for over 40 years and I still get a rush everytime I see something big.
  10. We know how you feel, AMMOMAN. We all feel a little weak in the knees after finding such beautiful coins. The "preeeeciouuusss"..... Congratulations on your find.
  11. CinemaBoxers, most of the codes can be found at http://www.coincodes.com , http://www.geocoinclub.com , http://www.oakcoins.com/activate , any others, anyone here can help you.
  12. Way to go, The Alien. Like you said, "what a way to start".
  13. Thank you all, it's a beautiful coin.
  14. Today, I received: 3 Cacher Needs Maintenance Black/Nickel
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