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  1. Congrats to Steve, Dennis, CinemaBoxers and Mauison on their recent finds. Hope I did'nt miss anyone?
  2. Just got back and noticed there was a winner. Congrats Jug & Roon.
  3. I just noticed an add at the top of the page for Poncho bug repellent....... I hope that was'nt meant to scare the Geobug away...... That would be a shame....... Phewwww......It's gone now..........
  4. Congratulations to you, Tennessee Jed.
  5. Congratulations to you, 007BigD. Like the others, I want to add that the Geocoin Fairy coins will always have a special place in my collection. So many kids, grown-up kids and even animals have shared big smiles after finding one of these coins. Again, Little Fairy, thank you so much for all the joy you have spread around the world.
  6. Another big hefty coin. 1 Florida Shipwreck Decypher coin Ant. Copper
  7. One more today. 1 PDA Paperless Caching Assistant Black/Nickel
  8. Is that hooves I hear coming through the hollow.........
  9. Congratulations on your find, flyingmoose.
  10. Yesterday, but forgot to post these. Swag Bus set. Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Orange.
  11. Congratulations to 9key, 57chevy and Arthur & Trillian.
  12. Congratulations to AtlantaGal and danoshimano.
  13. Just noticed this when I got up this morning. Great looking coin. Congratulations to MustangJoni, Frivlas and AtlantaGal.
  14. Congratulations Team chelmo. Nice find.
  15. Just came in a little while ago from a caching spree. Noticed these new finders. Congrats to Anonymous' , deafhunt and Amagrud. Amagrud, that was a very kind gesture on your part.
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