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  1. You've been banned from having birthdays. A new rule has been made, signed, sealed and delivered by the local Fire Brigade........... Happy Birthday anyway, both of you.
  2. Just got back last week from a 3 week trip in the bush and had forgotten about this one. Congratulations to all recent finders.
  3. Ooohh! That's a lot of Grolsch lager..........
  4. Today, I received: 1 Canadian Forces Geocachers #7 1 Spud502 Micro 1 Mother Nature Watches Us CITO
  5. I've done so many trades over the last few years, I've lost count. On a couple of occasions, I've traded up to eight coins at a time. Only once when I first started trading did I not receive my trade after I had sent mine. If the person has a few more coins that I am looking for, I don't mind doing a multiple trade as long as that person is reputable. If it is someone new, I,ll start with a single trade and see how that goes. I say be honest with the people you trade with and that honesty will go a long way. When I receive coins, I always send back an e-mail thanking the person and letting them know that their coin or coins have arrived and I enjoy receiving one also. Sometimes, mail is slow and it takes time for the package to arrive. If a person inquires on a late arrival, I make sure to let them know that if after a reasonable time, the coin is actually missing, I am willing to replace it.
  6. Just put in my order for a few. Nice penguins, Chantal.
  7. Congrats on your find, LoriDarlin.
  8. Just got back from a 3 week trip in the bush and found: 2 MIGO 2007 Summer 2 MIGO 2007 Fall 1 CoinPal Blue 1 CoinPal Green 1 CoinPal Orange 1 CoinPal Orange Glitter LE 5 GCC 10-07 Sputnik
  9. Je reprend les même messages que les précédents, Habot. Ce fut un plaisir de te connaître sur le forum. Bonne chance dans tes projets et amuses-toi bien.
  10. A few more, today. 1 Cache-Aid Kit Gold/Green Camo 1 Cache-Aid Kit Black/Nickel
  11. Just in today. Idaho 2007 Ant. Silver Idaho 2007 Black/Nickel
  12. Congratulations to Castle Man and WWC on your finds.
  13. Congrats to UOTrackers and lyonden_ut on your finds.
  14. Congratulations to Team Honeybunnies on your find.
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