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  1. I was very busy last month and did'nt get much of a chance to visit the forum. This morning, I notice a little mailer in my mailbox. It had no return address on it. Inside was a little note from The Geocaching Angel and a nice coin with a set of wings on it. B)


    I thank you so much for this beautiful coin, there are still wonderful angels out there. <_< This coin will be treasured.


    Congrats to all others who have received this coin.

  2. A little bit of catching up to do:


    1 Caching the Hemispere SE


    5 GCC ROT13 2008-01


    1 GCC ROT13 SE


    1 Crater Lake Nat. Park Satin Gold


    1 Crater Lake Nat. Park Ant. Silver


    1 Abomination Ant. Silver


    1 Sundial Two Tone


    1 Skunked AE


    1 Geocaching Jedi geocoin


    1 Avalanche 2008 3rd Edition Black/Nickel


    1 Avalanche 2008 3rd Edition Volunteer Ant. Silver



  3. Sorry if I'm a little late on this one. I was doing some volunteer work (actually play) at the Avalanche Event this past Saturday and caught a bad cold. Still a bit under the weather.


    Anyway, I was making hamburgers and hotdogs on the BBQ with a few of the guys and gals for the hungry crowd. When I got back inside the clubhouse, I felt something in my coat pocket. Someone had slipped a Geocaching Jedy coin in my pocket while I was busy on the grill. :laughing:


    Thank you so much for such a wonderful coin. I will treasure it. :laughing: Also congrats to all the past recipients.

  4. I also received a "Mystery" package today. :yikes: It had my name on the mailer and on the return addy tag with a note inside that said: "A lot of care and thought went into this gift, from someone who wanted to brighten your day."


    Inside, I found a Podcachers 2007 geocoin. :yikes:


    Whoever you are, thank you so much. :grin:

  5. ever open a cache only to find moldy mildewed trash that makes you wish you had a serious hand sanitizer in your caching bag?

    Okay, remember how that feels.


    ever open a cache and find a geocoin... an honest to goodness unactivated geocoin...?

    Okay, now remember how that feels.


    Do you HAVE to trade even/trade up?


    wrong question.


    What can I leave behind that will make the next cacher fall even more in love with this game and his fellow cachers?


    right question.



    now get out there and leave some kick-butt, do-unto-others kinda swag ;)

    Wow, Sunday morning and this is the first post I read... What a great way to start the day! It sure sounds like a really good geo-'do-unto-others'... :D . May I quote you please?


    feel free... uh, does this make me famous?? ha!!! :antenna:


    Well you have given us carte blanche B)....


    We have a newsletter coming out this week to about 450+ cachers and a website that some folks visit I think :antenna: ... plus we have an ad coming up in an international publication... I think it's gone to press already though :antenna:


    How famous do you want to be? is the more relevant question :laughing:


    Oh my God! Think off all the paparazzi........ :antenna: They'll be following you to all the caches, everytime you leave the house. Now that's what I call muggles......... B)

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