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  1. I have two meridian gold gpsr's and I was wondering if I need to change the north reference to true north for map(topo) work? I don't understand and I need someone to dumb it down for me. I realize that there is a difference between true north and magnetic north but what I don't understand is there uses. Will the topo map coordinates be easier to get with UTM and that's another concern? My gpsr also has military north and military magnetic north.



  2. Ernie has been stuck in "Between a rock and a high place" since January of 2006. I realise that this cache is out of the way but some how somebody has to help this poor fellow out. I no Ernie would be very grateful if someone would save him. Thanks!!!!!!

    Bronson, I have replicated your request on the ACT, Australia forums on GCA, as that's where more people would read your plea! :P

    Thanks for doing that!!!! How can I access those replies?

  3. I recently bought a new camera ( Canon S2-IS ) and purchased a battery charger ( Powerhaus Rapid AC/DC Charger with four AA 2500mAh NiMH Batteries ) and wondered if they would work in my Meridian Gold? would they be fine if I was using the Power Cable w/ Cig. Ltr. Adapter? Also can I use the same memory card (Dane 512MB SECURE DIGITAL {SD} MEMORY CARD )that I use for the camera in my GPSr?

  4. I would like to know if I can change the way Long. and Lat. are


    on the Google Earth screen to match my GPSr which is set for


    and if not how can I do this easily? Maybe that should not be my


    setup for the best results when navigating. If theres a better setup

    please tell me. Thanks,Paul(Bronson)

  5. Is there a way to make sure my GPSr is telling me the correct coordinates? If i place a cache how do i make sure i am giving the best coordinates for that hide? I'm sure this is basic stuff but i seem to be off by about 9yrds according to my reading over the spot of a cache. This seems to be consistant and i was wondering if it was normal.

  6. Neo Geo, (or anyone who can help)


    I also saw something on television about the launch of the first european GPS satellite and it seemed to me that they were launching that right away. I was wondering if that would have some affect sooner than we think?



  7. I am not a computer guy so please try to make your answers as simple as possible.I read on one of the posts that the accuracy of these units is going to get way better. I have a Magellan Meridian Gold and i was wondering if this unit will get this accuracy or will i need to buy a new gpsr. Maybe i could be doing much better now with another unit but i like the big screen and i'm used to this one. Is there something i should keep an eye out for?

  8. We are from the States and are taking a trip to New Zealand in about two weeks. We are flying into Christchurch and renting a car. Our route will be from there to Timaru, down to Queenstown, and then up the west coast to Greymouth. From there, we are taking the train back to Christchurch. We'll be there for two weeks. We would like to do some geocaching along the way. Any suggestions/advice for good places to go that incorporate some good hikes along the way? We are new at this but we think this is a lot of fun. Also, have any suggestions for some good sites along the way? ;)

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