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  1. Unit473L, so glad that I stumbled upon your answer as I was coming here for the answer to this very thing. We've never had our own trackables, but just bought a few and honestly didn't want to send the originals out in the world. I've read they easily go missing, which is sad.
  2. Thank you everyone for all your input. I kinda figured there were 'things' that people carried around with them, and now I see I'll have to make me a shopping list.
  3. I apologize if this question is asked somewhere else, but I tried searching with GeoTool, Geo-Tool, Tool, Tools, and found nothing that seemed to answer specifically. In this post City Limits - East (Salem, OR), or if that link doesn't work, perhaps this will GC209P1. The post basically says this: "A quick find and retrival using my geo-tool. TFTH" There are a couple of posts I've seen referring to Geo-Tools, but this was just one I picked for the question. Is there a list somewhere that explains what this means? Thanks for helping out one of the Newbies.
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