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  1. quote:Originally posted by jeremyp: quote:Originally posted by Lost in Space:Heard pre Leeds game:- http://www.aouo29.dsl.pipex.com/mss-arsenal.jpg With a comment like that you're not an Arsenal supporter so you are either a) a Man U supporter which makes you a sad David Beckham groupie or some other team which makes you a sad loser. ------- jeremyp The second ten million caches were the worst too. http://www.gagb.org.uk It's about time Mr Wenger and Mr Ferguson are put in their place otherwise we will finish up with a league the same as the Premier league in Scotland, which will be well boring for EVERBODY. Can i suggest the following to make things fairer - Arsenal and Man Utd are docked 10 points every season for any of the following - whinging, moaning, bad losers, etc. etc. Personal recommendations - Arsene Wenger, a pair of spectacle to see exactly what happens on a football field, - how can he be a top class manager when he misses everything that happens on a football filed, sorry, he only misses things when Arsenal are in the wrong. Individual awards go to the following - Alex Ferguson, the happy cheery chappy award Martin Keown - the ugliest footballer Francis Jeffers - The I can't help falling down award Etc Etc If the word cup was played between Premier League teams I reckon the each club would be - Arsenal - would be Brazil. Silky smooth, streets ahead of the rest, but always with the possibility of a bit of cheating, for Rivaldo read Ashley Cole, Francis Jeffers, Dennis Bergcamp. Man Utd. would be Germany - arrogant but unfortunately keep coming through to win. Newcastle would be Argentina, quite often there or thereabouts but too often the bridesmaid and not the bride. Chelsea would be Spain. Often the darling of the pundits but flatter to deceive. Everton would be Denmark. Occasionally come good, but will always yo-yo. Liverpool would be Belgium. For no other reason that they are totally boring. Blackburn would be France. Won the big prize once and have some good players but will need to wait to do it again. Tottenham would be England. Think they are better than they actually are. Middlesbrough would be Scotland. Never won anything, never will. Charlton would be Norway. Always a pain in the bum due to team spirit and willingness to battle. Man. City would be Sweden. Neither nowt nor summat. Inconsequential really. Fulham would be USA. Tried to be flashy gatecrashers and did quite well, but don't know what to do next. Southampton would be Turkey. trying very hard to join the big boys party. Villa would be Holland. Once a big team but now just a team of huffers and puffers. leeds would be Italy. Sometimes do well but with a nasty and violent underbelly. Bolton would be Wales. Doing well to be where they are at the moment but will always struggle in the big time. Birmingham would be Ireland. A bunch of cloggers. West Ham would be Portugal. Can be pretty towatch but shouldn't believe the hype that surrounds them. West Brom would be Poland. Small and cuddly but simply useless Sunderland would be San Marino, Faroe Islands, Andorra, Liechenstein or Luxembourg or any other non entity. They simply haven't a clue. Rant over, hope I haven't upset too many people.
  2. Hearty congratulations. I have suggested to your superiors that you are given a bigger postal round as you obviously have far too much time on your hands
  3. Is it true that this is going out before the 9 o'clock watershed. I have heard there are some worrying characters to be seen. Our video is set but don't know if it will take the strain.
  4. Think we can get along but there is a fair bit of weekend working in the summer .
  5. There is always a balance between making things far too easy and impossibly difficult. Some folk seem to expect to be given a starting point and the exact location and for it to be 10ft from the road and a cast iron clue as well !!!. Do they want us to log it for them as well? We have spent a fair amount of time looking for some with obscure clues and not finding them but these are the ones you are most likely to remember. Yes, it can be annoying but so what, life goes on.
  6. We've only met one in 150 caches or so, but as it was Moss Trooper, quality is better than quantity. (Can't believe I typed that)
  7. Hearty congratulations. The second 100 might be easier, but at your age don't rush
  8. As keen walkers we like ones with a bit of a walk and a view and it gets us out in the fresh air on days we might not otherwise bother. If doing a few on the same day it's always nice to get one not to far from the car at the end of the day . Basically, as most have said it's location and it's amazing the number of places on our own doorstep we have been to that we didn't know anything about.
  9. quote:Originally posted by The Good Shepherds: quote:I was thinking about Gliders view, We had a strange feeling that might be the one! It's only a couple of miles from home, so I guess we wouldn't have much of an excuse for not attending... We can manage either weekend, just about, it's Mrs Dans birthday on the 20th and the boys in black and white have an engagement with the red and whites on the 26th. Should we ask Chris Jackson along with his merry crew, as he seems to be active again.
  10. I've just bought an Anquet map cd www.Anquet.co.uk for the north of Great Britain. I think it's possible with this to draw your route on the map 1;50,000 and then download this route and waypoints on to your GPS. I'm not too technical and haven't read all the bumph so I could be hopelessly wrong. Any techie folk who have used this may be able to enlighten me.
  11. A big well done from the Toon Army , and well done on the 400 caches as well, if you get my drift. Non football fans may not understand. If your football was as committed as you for the whole season they would have been promoted by now.
  12. Difficult to find something different for a cache as it seems a lot of us shop at the same place. Having re-visited a few of our own caches lately it is surprising how depleted some of them have become. On the otherhand some are in a better state than we left them. By the way, ?, I can recommend a good hairdresser if you're interested, if not you should be
  13. Well done Relics. Looks as though we'll have to get our skates on to catch you up . Got our eyes on four in New Galloway for tomorrow.
  14. Congratulations. Hope you've got a few more in you yet.
  15. Well done eh. I reckon by your logs on Gran Canaria you can walk further than you would like to admit, but i'll put a few short ones out for you anyway. Congratulations, one day we may even get 200
  16. Yes, the dodgy looking bloke at No. 4 is Walker Dan. I knew I shouldn't have taken the photo in the first place. I'm expecting the Northumbrian around with the Cow pie shortly.
  17. Have been away all this week which is why I'm way behind on everything. We have had the same message from Chris Jackson and assume it is for his regional programme.
  18. Went out this afternoon and picked up a bin bag of litter in a half mile stretch of countryside - crisp packets, cans, bottles, pizza cartons, fish and chip boxes, bits of plastic and other odds and ends and unmentionables (didn't include the sofa in the wood - too big for the bin bag) and didn't see a single cache.
  19. Congratulations to Travers who has hit the big 100. This may not have been the ideal week but your efforts shold not go un-noticed. Well done.
  20. As I have been away all week this will be my one and only post on the subject. I think we need to Live and let Live. I have no problems with any of the caches I have placed as they have interfered with no one and have caused no damage, despite some of the comments. We all have different thoughts on many subjects. In the heat of a football match I may (I will!!!) not like Manchester united but am quite happy to have a beer with their fans before or afterwards and life goes on. I have met a number of Iraqui's in my job and have found them kind and decent people but that does not excuse their ruler.
  21. Congratulations. Where you lead everyone else follows. Only we're all a long way behind.
  22. Best wishes to one and all. Happy caching in the New Year
  23. Well done Postie, nice to see you're still doing the rounds in this inclement weather, just like all good postmen .
  24. Tried one in Andalucia earlier this year without success, but would definitely give it a go as there are loads of beautiful places away from the tourist hordes. Caches a bit thin on the ground though. If anyone is willing to sponsor us we will go and do some good uns for everyone else
  25. Agree with the Northumbrian that the number on the trig point needs to be added to verify a log, however this would need to be sent somewhere and not shown on the log as then everyone would see it. A photo would then be the best confirmation of the log - show trig point and GPS and GPS and trig number.
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