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  1. Hot on the heels of Postie, Greenmantle hits 500 caches and has also put out some outstanding caches as well.
  2. Well done to Postie on his 700th cache. Wish our postman moved as quickly. Thought once over we might overtake him. No chance as we struggle 310 caches behind.
  3. Old enough to know better, 48 actually, Mrs Dan is a wee bit older but I'm unable to say by how much as she is watching me type this
  4. Away on our holidays so won't be able to make it . Have a great time and hope the sun shines.
  5. Mine is a character from a Newcastle United fanzine. Walker being part of Newcastle it basically has nothing to do with putting one foot in front of the other. As part of a comic strip it was sometimes more interesting and amusing than the football. Folk who've met me know I'm much better looking
  6. Walker Dan is/was a character in a Newcastle United fanzine a number of years ago, Walker being a part of Newcastle, so really has nowt to do with putting one foot in front of the other, although we do a fair bit of walking. The avatar is a copy of Walker Dan himself.
  7. Well done. Nice to see caches found across the country. Your petrol bill must be quite something
  8. Well done. Not only a quick centurion but some well thought out and strenuous caches placed as well.
  9. Well done. Looks like we've got some catching up to do. Scotland here we come.
  10. Think we will be able to bring the Camper Van along. Wherever it ends up if new caches are needed in the area we aren't too far away and can put some out.
  11. Haven't checked missing logs but since the update I haven't been able to log any finds
  12. A great day out - nice to meet some old faces (not saying whose was the oldest) and some new ones as well. Great venue and we will be back to try the beers we didn't get to today.
  13. Fine by me and the missus. Pity about the Toon being at Arsenal, might put a dampner on things. I do have Gunnersaurus travel bug - we could give him the ceremonial chop if all goes wrong for the lads, he he!!!
  14. I can confirm that ticks are not pleasant little critters. A friend contracted Lyme's disease from a tick bite 3 or 4 years ago and was seriously ill for a couple of months spending a couple of weeks in hospital. It took him nearly a year to get back to normal. It was a tick from Switzerland that caused all the bother but it is still contractable in the UK I believe. I think the best solution is to avoid being bitten in the first place. I have heard of a product called Tick Off (honest) but haven't seen it on sale. I suspect it may just be a Deet based insect repellant.
  15. Hope you haven't left all your regulars waiting for their mail or do you have a very big round now? Very well done as you have visited caches all over the UK and we're still waiting for a good day to visit the big un. Next year mebbes
  16. Well done. All those you have placed as well. Think we should have a word with your boss, as a lot of your work travel seems to tie in with caching
  17. Well done to yet another centurion. Drift has hit the magical ton. Best of luck for the next 100
  18. Well done, and not too many caches to the west of you.
  19. Won't be able to make it as the "Toon" are at home to Bolton that day unless Sky decide to change it. Had to delay the Honey moon as we played Sunderland on the Sunday after the big day, and we won 1-0, thank you Scott Sellars , so unfortunately, the footie comes first.
  20. Thanks for all your kind words ( there doesn't seem to be too many of those around just now.........again). I think we need to go back to basics and just go out and enjoy ourselves without interfering with anybody else or each other (oh er Mrs that doesn't sound quite right) . We have enjoyed all (well most) of the caches we have done and have enjoyed going to new areas of the country and going to parts of our own area we didn't really know. Highlights - the next cache as it is always somewhere or something different. Low points - the ones we didn't find when everyone else did (and said they were easy). I will be getting my eyes tested again very shortly. We have a good number marked down as still to find and hope everyone can find as much enjoyment finding caches around the country and are not put off by some of the forum posts. We soldier on and enjoy ourselves. [This message was edited by Walker Dan on August 01, 2003 at 12:07 PM.]
  21. Well done on a double quick century. Nice to meet you at Alston and hope our paths cross again.
  22. Just caching up after being away at the Highland Show since last Wednesday so a belated congratulations to you both. I reckon you're well out of our sights now, but we'll keep trying
  23. Well done folks, a fair handed approach from the BBC. Not sure if it was just our tele but the colours went a bit funny half way through. Nice of Chris to place his cache within 30 minutes of home, we hurtled up and beat the rush. Nice night for a drive out but Mrs Dan had to hang on going around the corners. Got there just before some locals, who didn't have a tele, didn't know anyhing about caching but dashed out when their mates told them about it. It's all go being a cacher
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