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  1. As the placer of the relevant Northumberland cache I can confirm it wasn't there when I placed the cache , although did drop off another duck TB in the cache. Spooky or what. Perhaps they're breeding up there. It's certainly wet enough at the moment.
  2. Very well done. I can remember the days when strange cache logs appeared from some character living somewhere over the border. We've got a wee bit of caching up to do but are hoping to make our own cross border raid shortly.
  3. Thanks for the congrats. It's only taken us four and a half years I reckon the next 500 will be a lot quicker with lots more caches out there and lots of areas we've yet to visit. Looking forward to hitting a thousand some time in 2009
  4. You need to remember that cattle that have been inside all winter do get a bit frisky when they first go outside for the summer. They'll often charge around for a day or two but soon settle down. Anyway, now we've got cattle out of the way the most serious animal in a field is a horse. They can really be nasty or so Mrs Dan says, just remember there's no such thing as a nice horse
  5. Well done, thought we might just beat you but I see you are now seven ahead. I think it's our turn to get to 600 first.
  6. Very well done Greg, we're only 500 or so behind now
  7. Yikes, there's now 100 in less than 5 miles from the centre of Perth (GCV4V7). What's going on? Pick up anything round here it's likely to be a cache . Getting to be overkill methinks.
  8. Just a note to say Anquet Maps are offering various packages on Anquet Map software and Mio201. I have used Anquet Maps for several years and found them good on the pc and also on my pda, not a 201. I'll let you make your own mind up see http://shop.anquet.com/acatalog/Pocket_Anquet.html
  9. Hope to get across. I expect we'll bring the camper van over and probably stay in Keswick and get the boat across, not a rowing boat Will need to check they've got space.
  10. As caches numbers continue to increase, has anybody any idea where in the UK are the nearest 100 caches? i.e. I reckon that from the centre of Perth there are 100 caches within less than 6 miles. Is there a higher concentration anywhere else and are we set for some cache breaking record finds in a day this summer?
  11. Very well done. You certainly have a good knowledge of the best places and are constantly maintaining all those caches as well
  12. I reckon you need to get close enough to get the Trig Number. Did a one the other day, which was just behind a hedge, the challenge was getting near enough to get it's number. We did one in Shropshire a couple of years ago that was in a thicket but still needed to get through to get that number.
  13. After the couple i've deleted I note he is back on 98. Cue Groundhog day
  14. Santa bought me an Acer N35 for christmas. Haven't been able to work out it's finer points but certainly works well in the car as a GPS. Then it's back to the Etrex for the close up work. As we have most of our maps from Anquet we haven't been able to work out how to use them as a detailed walking map solution. Anyone any ideas, or anyone else out there use Anquet?
  15. Very well done. What do you do for the other 6 days of the week?
  16. As I'm looking to make a similar decision the suspense is killing me. What have you gone for and is it any good?????
  17. The Aldi gear looks alright but no idea what make it is or how good it might be. Some Aldi gear is good value though. I've been reading PDA Buyer, PC Pro and oher magazines and am now totally confused. Welcome to the world of the bewildered.
  18. I'm in the same boat as The Golem. I've £200 to spend (or a bit more) and having read through the replies I'm none the wiser. Is everybody a closet politician? Please answer the question and give an actual model and details. I use Anquet maps on the pc and find them useful but don't have much idea (basically no idea) how these might/might not work on a PPC or Palm. If anyone out there can help please post a reasoned argument why any specific system is best. No waffle, techno babble please.
  19. Slightly off topic, but I'm looking to invest in a PPC or Palm and can stretch to £200 or so. I currently use Anquet maps on my home pc and have a good number of maps. Has anyone used Anquet software and any advice or suggestions on a suitable system most welcome.
  20. Well done and you all managed it around the Northumberland Get together. We'll have to watch those two catching us up again.
  21. Did someone mention beer. Hopefully we can make it if we can find some public transport, hic.
  22. Took one book from a cache a couple of years ago under the book crossing site. Book was a load of rubbish but it's still a good idea.
  23. Makes us feel a bit feeble having only done half as many as you. Well done.
  24. We would have found lots more but have spent weeks of our time looking for some Travers caches Still, not to worry plenty more out there but so little time. Thanks for all the congrats
  25. After years of trying we managed to overtake you - for about a week. When we started caching yours were the main caches around this area. Keep up the good work.
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