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  1. I changed my birthday round like you suggested and it worked. Maybe it was a Test, and we're the only two that passed. Quick delete the logs.....
  2. FYI When/If you sign up, the birthdate has to be MM/DD/YY not as the site suggests DD/MM/YY.
  3. Surely, isn't part of setting a cache removing it once it's archived.
  4. Their Constitution says "The funds of the group including all donations, contributions and bequests, shall be manged by the Chair." Hopefully this is a spelling mistake. manged /mahnjd/ [probably from the French "manger" or Italian "mangiare", to eat; perhaps influenced by English "mange", "mangy"] Refers to anything that is mangled or damaged, usually beyond repair.
  5. I would of thought AdBlocker was against the Terms of Use
  6. No, on a calculator enter 1+2*3 what answer do you get
  7. Is the Title slightly non PC or am I misreading it ?!?!?
  8. You mean the sort of thing that GS could of done in the past 10 years with your Membership fees. What exactly HAVE the Romans done for us.
  9. Ipaq RX5935 which has a 2G internal memory and a SD slot running MM and CM. HTC Touch II running the same. The screen is smaller but better quality. I bought the Ipaq, got the HTC through Work Both are great. I cancelled my Membership because of the lack of support/blocking of WinMo Users. PS HTC HD2, gimme gimme....
  10. Pah, you lot too scared to talk
  11. Is it possible to get data relating to which hardware cachers use ? Our profile shows our current kit, I would of thought it would be quite simple to collate. The Review data is handy but obvioulsy shows previously owned possibly obsolete kit also. Would be interesting to know which OS is most popular. I recently received a Questionnaire from GS asking why I didn't renew my Membership. One question was; What Hardware do you use? Nokia, BB, iPhone and every type of GPS you could think of was listed, even Android. Why no WinMo.... Is there a conspiracy ?
  12. I thought GC claimed copyright on the word Geocache and therefore placements on other sites would NOT be Geocaches.
  13. Thanx for that, I'll clear the cache then
  14. I recently found a cache not knowing it had been archived. I also have a CITO geocoin I need to place. I thought I would kill two birds with one stone and clear the archived cache and place the coin in a nearby active cache. My quandary is this. Leaving the cache in situ would/could tarnish the name of Groundspeak, therefore it should be removed. Ground speak don’t allow the adoption of a cache without the Owners consent. The cache is still the owner’s property, it follows that if I remove the cache, and it would be theft? If the cacher does not respond to emails, can we assume he has abandoned the cache and therefore, it could be removed? If it’s allowable to for it to be removed, could it not be adopted?
  15. Anybody remeber those shoes that had a compass in the heel.
  16. They're probably encrypting all the data so that it only works with GC Apps like Trimble and the iPhone one.
  17. It was some homely Americans out caching, think it was on a sort of Public Access Channel. May of been called Rural TV; on Freesat it's a couple down from Men and Motors which is 450.... I think I've still got it on the DVR, if I have I could probably put it up on YouTube.
  18. For my sins, I video the Tractor Pulling on some Satellite channel. Sometimes the EOP markers don't work and you get the next program too. A couple of weeks ago, this happended and it was a program on Geocaching. Anybody see/wnat to see it ?
  19. Cachemate too if you using a PDA version..,.
  20. User Manual Quote... Up to 2.0 GB flash ROM for persistent storage, depending on model
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