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  1. The 'top 5' have been the 'top 5' since last year.Surely one would of been finished by now... Leaving more time to finsih the more popular ones. The things that were going to be carried out anyway.If they were listening the popular threads would be finsihed first, therefore it's Lip-Service... In any case a monthly update isn't asking too much is it ?
  2. What is the point... The top 5 are 1 under review 2 started 3 planned 4 planned 5 started So 3 out of 5, nothing has been done. No. 2 Bring back Virtuals, is due for release in June or July, if anything changes we'll let you know. Due out today then!!!!! No. 5 3rd Party API, been waiting since Xmas, a monthly update isn't too much to ask is it ?
  3. For WinMo users there's Cachebox, which is being ported too.
  4. Aaargh, I went and clicked on your profile. NOOOOOO. Another one is GCStatistic Are they created on-the-fly, if so at least it tells you how mcuh of my life it's wasted.
  5. You click on a Users Profile page to email them or maybe just interested to see who they are and your PC goes away with the fairies for three minutes while it loads their profile page. AAAARGH... We (if your PM) now have a stats page so please no more..... RANT OVER...
  6. Try Cachebox, it uses open maps which are pretty good for 95% of what I do. It's like MM and cachemate rolled into one... Heard rumour it's one of the 'chosen' Apps for GS, not that they'd tell us. Still have MM as backup tho'
  7. I wont be buying any more MM stuff, their support is useless and their licensing outrageous.... There's an Official WinMo6.5 reader and an iPhone one of course!!!! But no WinMo7 or Android.... There is MMTracker on XDA tho' for the older Maps....
  8. In France I've found caches actually in the masonry of Roman Aqueducts (which I mentioned at the time, and was corrected), 18th century stone huts, dry stone-walls.
  9. Well, I'm not sure really. I started using a new gadget so it sat in the drawer for a while. Came to use it again and it wouldn't charge. So it could be the battery, the charger, old age.... Got a Smartphone through Work so it'll go in the bin... I work in MK so could keep it in the drawer, just email if you're passing...
  10. It's never put me off.... PS Saw you at the weekend, I had the Golden GSD near THE brick wall...
  11. Heard rumour that Geochecker had been cracked.
  12. Have you found it if you PAF. I think PAF should be a log type like FOUND and DNF. It's NOT a proper find.
  13. Well GS have our email address and home coords from our profile. It's GS who require the Feedback, so I presume Get Satisfaction would/should do it... Maybe we could rename it Get Lip Service....
  14. Looked further into it. There are a few in the area. Next year..... Via Ferrata page PS There's ONE in the UK, Honister Slate-mine
  15. This is going up not down but I saw this on hols. Via Ferrata PS I didn't do them.
  16. But this type is Twinned with Lahnstein, Germany and Partnerstadt: Kettering, Großbritannien
  17. Walking hols in Devon, it rained, not unusual. My HTC Touch II eventually gave up the ghost on a REALLY WET and MISTY day. Reset and it worked again but the SD card was U/S. 3 weeks later it started working again..... Units may not work IN wet conditions, doesn't mean they wont eventually work AFTER wet conditions.
  18. I've just counted the number of hairs on the back of my hand. I know what you're saying, pointless. It was 74 by the way...
  19. Yes. Import the GPX into MM on the laptop/computer, then export the Overlay to your gadget. Similar technique to a Map. PS Sending data to a Card is much faster than sending data to a gadget. Dunno why tho'
  20. I was very happy running a Ipaq 3630 (via Garmin) and later a Fujitsu Loox with Cachemate. Later I loaded MemoryMap, and reached nirvana. Due to lack of WinMo support tho' I have now cancelled my Membership....
  21. I changed my birthday round like you suggested and it worked. I am curious if anyone who was born before the 12th of any month if theirs registers either way? This seems to have been fixed now - it just rejected mm/dd/yyyy and accepted dd/mm/yyyy. DOH, there goes my chance of winning.
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