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  1. [FEATURE] I wont list them all but I've listed a few requests below. I understand it was in the Planned stage on the Feedback site too. Do we have a Yes, a No, a timescale ? I think 7 years is ample time. Aug 2010 Aug 2009 Apr 2009 Mar 2009 Oct 2008 Jul 2008 Aug 2007 May 2006 Nov 2005 Aug 2004
  2. No doubt this will be a Challenge, but will it be a Souvenir ? Quite like the idea of Souvenirs, but Challenges... NO. Just the incentive needed to go out for a cache on a cold dark evening; now the clocks have gone back.
  3. My gadget of choice at the mo' is a HTC Touch 2, sensible sized screen and WinMo 6.5. I have MM loaded for when it's needed but run Cachebox which uses free maps. They're not always as detailed but they CAN do routing... As WinMo is obsolete they can be picked up for about £60 now, it also doubles as a phone [] I'm ready for the Android move with MM Tracker, a 3rd Party App for QCT files. MM have promised an App before Xmas, but I'm not hopeful... Cachebox is Geocaching Live enabled and on Android too...
  4. Should've been renamed LipService!!! Little or no progress was made and limited Feedback was received against those they did start... Top 5 requests... Solve a Mystery, Under Review. Nano cache size, Planned. Support Wherigo, Planned. New cacher Guidelines, Under Review. 3rd Party API, still waiting. Ask for Virtuals, get Challenges. Unless they Listen or at least give reasons for their actions it's pointless.
  5. Thought I'd have a quick Google and this is what I found.
  6. I sneak into the kitchen when it's quiet. They're free... Coords withheld
  7. SimplyPaul got banned for using the wrong avatar last year....
  8. It states "Spoilers included with permission of Owner"
  9. GCz is broken since the last GS update. Waiting for fix from Tom.
  10. Our intention is to eventually make the API fully public, but there are many steps between here and there. We have accepted around 150 requests for access at this point, so although a "closed Beta" we are not putting up too many barriers to entry. An update on the FEEDBACK site would be good, or is it only a one-way thing. An update once a month was deemed too much!! How about an update when it's affected by a site update. ANYTHING!!!!!
  11. What's the etiquette for finding an adopted cache. I'm passing all mine on, can I now log them ? PS I'm probably going to anyway, we all play the Game differently.
  12. Surely the best option is for GS to add it as a size. They've agreed to do it, but it's been in the PLANNING stage for over a YEAR. They don't want to break 3rd Party Apps, the one's that were re-written to use the UNFINISHED API; also been waiting over a year. Go figure...
  13. When nanos have a pen in them I'll stop using my stamp.
  14. I use something similar to this. No need to mount/unmount all the time. When you get off it's with you. Can tuck in coat for extra security.
  15. Bath sealant holds most things to most things.
  16. A DECLINED Feedback entry confirms my suspicions... Social pressure will force cachers to delete their unearned logs...
  17. As I understand it a Challenge is available until it's archived. Whereas a Cache isn't available until it's Published. If you Complete a Challenge which then get's archived, do you keep the completion ? If as I suspect the answer is YES, then this reduces somewhat the credibilty of Challenges.
  18. 10, that's ridiculous. 5 is acceptible, well maybe 4. 3?. Okay 2. 1 it is then...
  19. I'm in. If they don't sort this out pronto I'm archiving all my caches and moving them to Opencaching.org.uk Disable them until they have, I have...
  20. I cancelled mine when an Official App appeared and they started actively blocking any other software, but not supplying an alternative. I've disabled all my caches and will shortly archive them if no API is forthcoming. GS wont listn to their own Feedback comments, maybe ACTION SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS...
  21. There are 100,000 caches in the UK. If it bothers you, just ignore them
  22. Just because it hasn't been solved yet doesn't mean it is unsolvable. There are 100,000 caches in the UK. If it bothers you, just ignore the one or two very difficult ones. Rgds, Andy Who said it bothered me ?
  23. When does a good Puzzle become a bad Puzzle. When nobody can solve it... Caches are meant to be found...
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