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  1. The clouded mind sees nothing, but the seeker who remembers and honors the past often discovers the treasures of tomorrow. What treasure lies beyond the gate just waiting for you this weekend?
  2. This Memorial Day weekend was a very good one for trailzeekers. While on their way back home from GeoWoodstock they stopped by Indiana Spirit Quest #412 Frontier Scout and are now the proud owners of Shadow Coin #24. Congratulations guys.
  3. There is still a nice supply of *The Shadow* geocoins rattling around in the pocket of my coat. Sources tell me there are some rather large events coming up in Indiana this summer. Might be a good time to visit an Indiana Spirit Quest or two or maybe a few dozen. You just never know what you might find.
  4. While checking out a few Ohio Spirit Quest caches, near the MWGB this weekend, I noticed a log by The Cache Reaper on one of them. Since it was late night, I had to wait until next day before I could investigate the given clues. When I arrived at the cemetery, I immediately noticed an unusual, eerie, mist, just holding in the dead calm of the silent early morning. Unlike any I've seen before, this strange mist snaked throughout the old burial grounds, seemingly with a purpose, or destination. Instantly, I knew this mist was the trail of The Reaper. I followed it, meandering along through the stones to the end, where it stopped abruptly at a tree. There beneath, I spied the treasure. Covering my face with my cloak, to lessen my exposure to this presumably deadly mist, I ran through it, scooping up the coin into my hand, without stopping. Passing through the mist was unlike anything I've ever experienced. An instant deadly chill, to the bones, and flashes of unworldly visions passed before me. Although my soul may have been marked, I'm happy to have retrieved one of these coins. Thanks....I think....to the Cache Reaper & the Bell Witch. The Shadow
  5. My congratulations to Are_we_there_yet?, Team CoyChev, and Crossroad Nomads for their finds near the MWGB. I heard of some pretty exciting tales around the Bash concerning the finds. My thanks to you for the logs and the stories. PRICELESS! I can neither confirm nor deny, that there may or may not be any coins left at this time. Although there is this larger Indiana event coming up..... The Shadow
  6. I'd love to report a find, but of the last 3-4 placements, none were logged out of the caches. One cache was muggled with the coin in it. One was found, admired, and verified to have been left in the cache and not taken. But no specific find logs were made. With nicer weather close, hopefully one will be logged out soon. My last inventory count shows I have six silver coins left. So this spring/summer will be the end of them. If any are still left then, the Midwest Geobashers MAY find something...
  7. I almost missed this one. We had another winner last week at ISQ #454, Rock City in Henry County, In. Coin #40 was found by IMA cacher. CONGRATS!
  8. Not that we are aware of. However, we hope that the ISQ series has inspired similar series elsewhere.(it has) And to quote from a cache page of a recenty placed ISQ,... "In just two years, the quest has grown to over five hundred caches hidden in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Ontario and the hiders have grown to over twenty five cacher teams, most of which are comprised of Dogs and their Humans." "If you are interested in spreading the Quest to your neck of the woods AND WOULD LIKE TO JOIN US, email SixDogTeam." Congratulations are in order to The Moops for their cache find during yesterdays outing. The Shadow geocoin #21 was dropped into the cache on June 19. A short stay, as others have been in caches weeks, before being found. I'm sure The Moops will enjoy the coin and I hope they, and many others continue to enjoy the cache series. The Shadow
  9. Congratulations to two caching teams that have found a Shadow geocoin recently. CandyMan & PussyKat found #49 in ISQ #450, in Noble County. SandVB did a quick grab on #19 from ISQ #452, in Allen County. Way to go Everyone!
  10. I missed a couple. Congrats to the Finder of #44!! Also last week, #30 was found in ISQ #420-Plum Crazy, in Allen County, by Comicgirl. Way to go Everyone.
  11. Congratulations to The 501 Gang for an outstanding weekend of winter caching + finding a Shadow geocoin in Noble County. A couple of quotes: "Just as we were starting to wonder if there really was a Shadow coin we found coin #36 in ISQ #397- Rev. Dominic Duehmig!" "Weekend Caching Totals: Gas= $60.00 Hotel= $60.00 500± Miles 3 reg. Caches + 28 ISQ Caches and 1 SHADOW Coin #36 = PRICELESS !!!!!!" Way to go Guys!
  12. Congratulations are in order to 4damFam for the recent cache find on the Shadow coin. It was in ISQ #349 in Miami County, in Indiana. Way to Go!
  13. The direct answer to this question is YES! A coin was found in ISQ #407, Sullivan County yesterday, along with bagging the cache as ftf. A double whammy. There are others already out there. Just go get them.
  14. Since one was recently found, you never can tell where the next is already located.
  15. Congratulations to 1markymark1 in grabbing an ftf, along with a Shadow coin on Saturday, 12-03-05. ISQ #402...GCRG75
  16. One was dropped over two weeks ago and the second one was less than two weeks ago. We always have one ready to go, after a find log......Better hurry..
  17. Rupert2 is quite correct in his prior two posts. The coins are dropped at random into the Indiana Spirit Quest caches, only. As soon as one is found, another is dropped. Presently, there are two waiting in caches to be found............somewhere.
  18. And we had another cache find today...................Who would have ever guessed that two coins would have been placed, back to back, in the same cache.
  19. ADAM is the #3834 most common female name. 0.001% of females in the US are named ADAM. Around 1275 US females are named ADAM! ADAMINA: Hebrew feminine form of Adam, "of the red earth." Some variants are Adamine, Adaminna, Adama, Addie, Mina, and Minna.
  20. A couple of examples. http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...31-8965106c7729 http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...dc-870c2211c19a
  21. The primary goal of this coin is to increase awareness of the Indiana Spirit Quest series of geocaches. A quantity of fifty numbered coins were made, most of which will be left, at random, only in ISQ caches. The caches currently number over 330, in 33 counties and have been steadily increasing. The coins are meant to be kept and enjoyed by the finder, as a memento of the cache series. These were made 1” in size, so as to fit in most micro-caches as well as larger ones. Although two metal types were done, only the silver coins will be placed into the caches. As it is a personal coin, I have reserved the first fifteen, that are in gold finish. The first cache find on this coin was done on October 1,at a small, rural site in Steuben County, In. The coin had been in the cache for only ten days. Good luck to those that seek the coin, and congratulations in advance, to those that find it.
  22. Hide seven more & I'll send you a gold one. Get 'um while they last. Fifteen were gold & set aside for active ISQ hiders. The remainig 35 are destined for caches.
  23. For all of you ISQ nuts out there, a cache find has been made on the first shadow geocoin, by MamaG. There will be more..............
  24. The auction is now closed and the high bidder paid $237.06, all of which has been donted to the Red Cross for Hurricane Relief. THANK YOU SHADOW! AWESOME!!! Hats off to THE SHADOW for donating that coin to help! Thanks everyone, but my part in this was minimal. All the credit goes to rupert2 for setting up & managing the auction. Without him, it wouldn't have happened. All of the bidders deserve a special thanks for making it a success, with an outstanding donation. I wonder if the winning bidder will come out of secrecy?
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