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  1. Work around------------- After the "download" quits with error, click menu and Map view. Wait a while (it seems that there is some more stuff to download. If you continue to soon, not all the data is available for some caches). Turn on airplane mode. You are set to go as long as you don't get out off the app. Funny thing, c:geo downloads offline data very quickly all the time.
  2. Yes I've been doing this for years, but it DOES'NT work most of the time any more!! Android 11
  3. Yes, but that wasn't my question. I'm (and many other people) are having trouble downloading "lists" create from PQs in the "official" App. There seams to be a difference in lists created from a map search and a PQ No?
  4. So how do i get a PQ into the app for offline use? Step by step please. thnx
  5. WiFi will work also. Downloading lists on Android has been problematic lately GS doesn't want or can't fix this!
  6. Found a work-around that works for me After Download failure, go to Lists, click the menu circle for that list Select Map view The Map and caches will show Set phone in airplane mode You are now set for the day as long as you don’t switch to another list. You will not be able to zoom close in the map. Download the offline Google map and switch to it.
  7. Having the same issues, not downloading, aborting partway through or very slow download. 2 different Android phones and 2 different networks. Couldn't get anything to download 2 days ago and today everything is fine.
  8. I did an AL where, in order to find the bonus you had to follow/find road signs that were show after solving each sequential stage. Very difficult if the stages were not sequential.
  9. Not true! I only have WiFi and it works fine when I get back to within WiFi range. It is annoying when the owner has made the AL sequential. I know, that is sometimes needed for a bonus cache, but when it is done willy-nilly NO!
  10. Wifi is not needed immediately to log a find. The app remembers you were there and you supply the answer later when you have WiFi or cellular access
  11. I'm a Garmin user and use Basecamp. I create a waypoints for all points in an AL on the map and enter them in my GPSr together with all regular caches in the area. Easy, no manual entry with Google Maps or Earth.
  12. As long as you try to answer the question, the location sticks and you can input the correct answer later from home. This has always worked for me since I use a phone without data and wifi is usually not available. This doesn't work with fixed route ALs, since you have to answer the question before you can go to the next one. Another reason not to have a fixed route bonus cache associated with an AL.
  13. I use my phone to have the information on hand. I create PQs and download the data in the GC app for offline use. This way you can use your phone for offline use. If I need info about a cache in a foreign language, I copy from the web, run it through Google translate and paste into a word processor and print. I also load the PQ into my Garmin, just in case the phone app doesn't work.
  14. If i want to add a new cache to a downloaded PQ the PQ doesn't show in the "add to", only lists that i have created. I can create a list at this point, but that doesn't really do what i want. I don't want to have numerous list in my app. Can anyone help me with this?
  15. My PQs don't show in the list of lists, only lists that I already have created. I don't want to create a new list each time I'm adding a cach
  16. I create PQs and download to the app for offline use. I'm online and a new cache appears in the same area as my downloaded PQ. Option is "add cache to list". But my saved PQ is not a list! Help please.
  17. I download a list for off-line use. Go to airplane mode and then map view. Click on a cache and I have access to off-line data. Good, no surprise. Now I click on the new Clue in the cache data. Error "This content can't be accesses offline" Now I can't access any info about that cache until I access another cache and come back to the previous one. Very annoying
  18. That's just it. I don't see my active list when I wan to a cache to it, even though I see it when in the menu under lists.
  19. .. the new cache must show separately in the app. Does that mean that I can't have the list loaded ithat I want to add the cache to?
  20. I have PQ loaded for of-line use. How do I add a new cache to that? I'm online, a new cache shows up among all the other caches on the map. I select that cache and in the menu select Add Cache to LIst. On the next screen all my lists show up, but the active one! What gives? thanks for any help.
  21. Souvenirs are now listed alphabetically. This is confusing since GC keeps changing the names of recurring events/souvenirs. I have some requests: implement a search and/or change the name of some souvenirs to be by date. If by date at least, you can find the most recent ones easily. It would be nice to be able to download the graphics easily i.e. a direct link. Just some thoughts.
  22. Same problem with my Oregon 650. Win 10 V1607. Latest Garmin Express ( Tried with IE11, Edge and Chrome. Garmin express says "uploading", but no caches in device. It works fine with Basecamp. Solved! The download did work, but didn't show up in Basecamp right away. I had to unplug and replug the Oregon before the caches showed in Basecamp.
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