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  1. There were already multiple requests for something like an XML interface to get cache data. Nothing so far from Groundspeak, but opencaching has an interface, not sure about navicache. About time Groundspeak also starts providing something like that, 'cause it's very useful for coding a variety of tools.
  2. Well, there seems to be enough spare money for marketing surveys. And coding features noone can use because the servers are unavaiable. This is not the weekend. And i'm in another timezone. And still server performance sucks. Groundspeak doesn't even catch the exceptions and generates an error page that tells me what's up, and when I will be able to use the service I pay for. And I'm not getting the impression that Groundspeak is really doing something. There was an update. Cool. Some cell phone feature noone really knows what it's doing, and something with the bookmarks. Oh yeah, and even worse server performance. Great.
  3. I know what you mean, sometimes you can't see the smaller reflectors 'cause everything around them is also just too bright =)
  4. I was out last night with one of these http://www.peakbeam.com/index.html and it didn't seam to help me The trick is to turn it on
  5. Well, I'm from germany, and I don't know either. But I also didn't know about the "typical german christmas pickle" (like every other german) ...
  6. Maybe this bookmark list helps: nightcaches Just look at the public bookmarklists at the nightcaches, there's probably several people who have nightcache lists.
  7. I don't think its a rotten thing to do. I place my caches to be found and I really don't care how someone finds out about them (short of breaking into my house and hacking into my PC). Its not a slap in the face or an insult to me. Actually I look at it as a compliment, that so many people are so eager to find my cache. What he says. You do hide the cache, so that someone else has fun finding it, right? I don't care when someone finds a cache, I hide it so it can be found! If you don't want someone to find the cache, then just don't hide it, and put it in your closet.
  8. Yepp, but caches on private property are not the normal everyday cache. If you go for a walk in the woods, and happen to stumble over a tupperware container with a geocache label, what would you do? By your definition it is no cache, because you did not know about it, right? Well, I know I would sign the log, and be happy that I found a cache that I didn't know was there.
  9. Too much rules lawyering for. First of all GC.com is not the only cache listing site. There are people who list their caches on pages that instantly publish the cache, people who publish their caches on GC.com later, or not at all. Or they just tell their friends early, who cares. So when is the cache 'officially published'? As I sayd, too much rules lawyering. For me this is about getting outside and having fun. Geocaching just isn't a game like any other game, your analogies just don't work.
  10. I really wonder why so many state, that they will delete logs of finders that found the cache before it was activated on GC.com? Why do you hide the cache? I want my caches to be found. I hide the box, and whoever stumbles over it can log it. I don't care how he got the coordinates, the cache is there to be found. And yes, it is a cache from the moment I hide it.
  11. Why would you be surprised? When I start something new, I know that I can't know all the stuff at once. And with geocaching there's no official rulebook you have to study first. So you're new, you might make a mistake. And when some helpful cacher tells you what you did wrong, you're happy that you won't make the mistake again. How else to learn what not to do, when nobody tells you? Reacting in a childish way is just - childish
  12. THANKS! I take pride in what I do... even if it's just for fun and no one would really see it. I didn't think this would be seen by many people, but I'm starting to get an idea of just how many cachers are out there. So, I'm glad that you like the site. This is off topic. I don't know what others think, but i personally don't like pages that open another window when you 'enter the site'. Using tabbed browsing, I have to close the window again, open it in another tab, and close the original tab. The page also doesn't look quite right with FF. Don't have Opera on this machine, so can't say if it looks better with that browser. Well, just some minor things, apart from that, nice page =)
  13. testing even more testing
  14. What about a hidingplace near something like this. Or maybe a smaller version like the ones children play with =)
  15. Well, still some operating systems left.
  16. Yepp. Google Earth only shows a limited amount of caches at the same time. In order to use GE you have to first install it. So you need a PC with a MS OS. Then you need a fast internet connection. GE can be fun to play with, and I like to watch my track logs in GE. But for doing that I have to boot Windows :/ Sooo, GE can be useful, but it's doing something completely different from what Buxley's maps do.
  17. Hehe, meeting aliens would probably make for an interesting log ;p I'm using my headlamp when i'm in the woods at night, so no attracting aliens. I'm not always using it when there's enough moonlight, but when it's really dark, or you have to leave the trails it's really nice. And it helps while logging =) Holding a flashlight, the log and a pen, and also trying to illuminate the log with the light while writing can be difficult. Especially in winter (frozen hands and/or thick gloves).
  18. I prefer to still be visible enough for hunters. So if you don't want to light your way, i'd at least use some glow sticks to be seen.
  19. No, it's not, that's why an interface to query the data would be nice for national sites so they can provide maps etc. That way they take a lot of traffic from the servers. I already read from several people that planning their trips without the german maps takes a lot longer, and involves a lot more browsing on gc.com. It's also way harder for newbies to get into caching without any maps.
  20. Sorry to disappoint you, but GC.com does not have an interface to query the DB. Since they also outlaw spiders there's no way to get to your data. Edit : well, you could probably use pocket queries. I'd really like to see a simple XML interface like on some other cache listing sites.
  21. ghazkull

    Cover Required

    Why does everybody always need guidelines? All those rules regulating everything ... Keep in mind that this is a family game, and use some common sense.
  22. Depending on where you live it's probably illegal. It's also not very nice for all those non cachers that rely on GPS receivers.
  23. Those cachers who used someone's internet connection did something illegal. (breaking into their victims network) I disagree. This Week in Tech just had a good discussion on the subject. There is no case law that makes borrowing Internet access through a open unsecured WAP illegal. How is one supposed to know when they find a unsecured access point if it is open for anyone to use (like a coffee shops and airports) or if it is a private network not intended for your use? Well, there certainly are different laws all over the world. Since I read news articles about americans getting busted while "playing" with WLANs they didn't own I assumed you would have similar laws than we have.
  24. You can set up the PayPal account, and pay almost anything you want with it. But to become a premium member you need a credit card. I don't know why, but it should be fixed. I had the same problem ... I had to send the money directly to the gc.com mail address, and then send another mail telling them that I payd for a membership.
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