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  1. The Colorado 300 is still for sale if anyone is interested. Thanks
  2. I have a Garmin Colorado 300 in excellent condition for sale. This unit was stored in my jump pack as a backup GPS. It has been lightly used. It is loaded with the North American street maps on a SD card and has all of the current updates. It's ready to use. I'm asking $175 plus shipping for the unit. If you are interested please send me a message. PayPal only.
  3. If anyone is still interested in the Colorado 300 it is still available. $200 plus shipping. GPS has lived in a jumpbag most of its life. Loaded with entire U.S. City Nav North America map on sd card.
  4. Would anyone be interested in the Garmin Colorado for $200 plus shipping?
  5. I am thinking about selling my Colorado 300. It has barely been used. I bought it thinking I was going to use it as a back up gps. It's loaded with the newest maps for the entire U.S. It's ready for geocaching. All you would need to do is load it up with your gpx file and go. I would like to get $250 for it plus shipping. I don't think that is a bad deal considering the current maps of the U.S. are loaded on a micro sd card. If you are interested in the 300 send me a message. Thanks
  6. One of the most frustrating things about geocaching is opening a cache container to find everything wet and nasty. We have found some really cool containers out there, some better than others. Good container choice is key to having a successful cache with positive feedback. Find a good container then build off of it. Another good idea is to place the container in your backyard just like you want to hide it and allow it to stand against the elements, especially if it is a questionable container. If it stays dry and holds up then it should do well in the wild. Just remember this. If you spent all that time to construct a cache that you wanted to be an amazing find for someone else, wouldn't you want to build it to last the elements? Think about the cachers that will come look for the cache too. I would be disappointed if I found a cool container only to open it and find a water soaked logged. It may look good on the outside but the inside is well...... you get the idea. We should be creative but not at the expense of poor container choice. Make your first cache special and creative, but make it to last the elements too. You will have less headaches and maintenance issues as well. Just wanted to encourage you to rethink your container idea before it melts. I hope this is received as it was intended... to be helpful. Oh yeah... they idea looks great for a cache. Please post a picture of the finished cache.
  7. The New Louisiana Geocacher's Website is now up and running. Please come by and visit us anytime. http://www.lageocachers.com See you there!
  8. I think that is a really great idea. I have wanted to do the same thing but haven't had the time to venture into it very far. I thought about fixing a camera so that it took a picture as soon as the cacher opened the cache. I still haven't had time for that one yet either.
  9. I got inspired today and went cammo happy with 3 waterproof match containers. I have a couple more that are in the works. So, what do ya think about these? I think they came out looking pretty dog gone good.
  10. Can someone tell me how to add a picture to a post response? Thanx
  11. It looks like a pump or well house. Or maybe it's where his wife sends him when he's gone geocaching too much. The Geocachers geo doghouse.
  12. Thanks Master Yoda Jeremy. I guess it's been a while and with reading all the new stuff, well I guess we all have a brain freeze once in a while. Here's the FAQ pinned to the top. Read Me First!, Getting started with the site
  13. I don't believe this topic has been discussed. I'm pretty sure that I've read just about everything post on Waymarking since it hit the forum. If I missed it then forgive me for bringing it up. I really enjoy the the PQs on the other side of GS. I think they would be a nice addition to Waymarking as well. It is a very useful tool that should continue on here in the new world. What are your ideas on the whole PQs in Waymarking?
  14. I think the idea of having someone or something pick category managers and assitant managers is great. I believe it will help build new relationships along with cutting out the chance of cliques forming, thus making a more even playing field for everyone. I know this suggestion is not going to be a popular with some and it's nothing personal, just an observation. Many of our GC cache approvers have been stretched to keep up with the growth of new caches being placed. I think that GC cache approvers be asst. managers so that they wouldn't be stretched beyound what's on their plate all ready. I only suggest this because I don't want to see our approvers headed for burn out. Like I said, it's nothing personal against any of our people. I do think that there should be some limit to how much responsiblity should be given to any one person. For example 1 person could manage up to 5 catergories and help as an asst. manager for up to 10 catergories. This is just a rough number and could be 2/7 or whatever. I also think that the managers and asst. managers should be left to PMs. The exception would be to those who aren't PMs that had virtuals or locationless caches transferred over to Waymarking. By keeping these positions to PMs it helps ensure the commitment level needed for growth. It also prompts the advantages of PMs.
  15. I would agree that this is a global game; however, there is nothing wrong with having categories or subcategories that are localized. This makes the whole Waymarking game more interesting. Just because you don't know what a Plantation home is doesn't mean that they should be left out. Platation Homes are a surreal part of the southern U.S. They are land marks of what was the business empire of the south. You may not have Platation Homes where you live but you have somthing similar that is local to your area. It may be a castle or a hand laid stonewalls. Having catergories such as these will help people discover things that are new and interesting. You cannot "dump the commercial". Some of these have interesting qualities as well. I agree there are some locations that are mundane, but dumping them would take away from the intent of Waymarking. I would have to say dump a category call "Frog Poop" but a category called "Frog Ponds" or "Goldfish Ponds" would be interesting enough to list. Have you ever been to the "Mall of America" in Minneapolis? This is a commercial location yet it has a large amusment park that lay at its center. It also has some very interesting shops and eateries. Have you ever eaten fresh cheese curds? Some people don't know what they are yet they are very delicious. Cheese curds are localized to MN, WI and a few other places. It's just like maple syrup being famous to VT and NH areas. You just can't dump commercial. The catergories that I listed are just a few of my interest. I have more ideas just as others do. I want to see Waymarking work, and I am going to try to help out. Please don't get me wrong, I appreciate constructive criticism but it seems as if you are just trying to spin your wheels. Critics have something to say about everything yet you have made your issue with a list that I put together. Don't be cynical unless you are going to be critic to all who have suggested categories. If you don't like something that has been suggested then good. This is not the place to vote on what you like or dislike. Let's be productive not destructive.
  16. What did you make it out of? I looks like it may turn brown after it dies. It's an awesome camo job for sure!
  17. I guess you have to bring your on screwdriver and pen for this one. Do you have BYOSD in the log along with BYOP?
  18. Where's the cache??? I have studied this picture for a while and have no clue. Can someone help? Thanks
  19. Since we are on terminology, would this new game be considered Markism and we become Markist?
  20. I can't believe that some of you are getting caught up in the numbers. This is not about money or seeing how many miles you can log around your home town to beat your neighbor that lives 15 miles away. The fact of the matter still remains that if someone wants to cheat he's going to find a way to cheat. It's a basic principle of worldly situation ethics. Greed will always show it's ugly face no matter what's at stake. We should campaign for the "No Travel Bug Left Behind" act. Maybe if newbies took time to read the directions before playing the game then we might not have some of the problems that we do. Who wants to read directions? How many people sit down and read the directions for an item that was purchased with instructions? It just doesn't happen with most people. The same thing goes here too. Some people assume too much and that causes problems. When problems arise then one might say, "Maybe I should read the directions". I still think that "Hitch-Hikers" would be a nice addition to Waymarking.
  21. I really like the idea of having "Bugs" move around in the WM world. Having the ability to log these little creatures at places that were taboo before is exciting to me. I would like to see the new creation of a "Bug" called "Hikers" or "Hitch-Hikers" that could move in both worlds. Let the Travel bugs be exclusive for GC and the "Hitch-Hikers" be exclusive for WM but allow them both to log both worlds.
  22. Some how it seems that my questions go unanswered. I wonder why?
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