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  1. That was one of my thoughts but one that I saw didn’t seem to fit. It had 68 in the ( ) and 71 reviews. Seems like the first number should be higher then the reviews. What is the real benefit of having that number? Well, I guess it lets you know how many people rated it. I would prefer to have a total found number but I guess you could use the ratings as an estimate of finds.
  2. Can someone tell me what the number in parenthesis means on the start page. It is on the same line as number of reviews but comes bef it. Sometimes it is a smaller number than the reviews. I thought it might be finds but doesn’t make sense if reviews are more.
  3. I'm bumping this to the top in case you didn't see it. HARD RESET I have had to do this a few times on my 62s. Any of my friends who have a 62s have done it numerous resets as well. Thank you so much for this info. My pc wouldn't even recognize my unit anymore and would shut off almost as soon as it came on. I was ready to send it back for a refurbish one when I read this. I tried it and now it is working fine. It's amazing how it stopped working and even the firmware update didn't help but the hard reset did. Saved $110 dollars.
  4. Well one good thing, I haven't added anything to mine so I won't lose anything.
  5. Well at first thought it wasn't worth it but paid around 300 or so for it. It's an ok unit probably good compared to most. I can't get another gps for $110 and the cost is ok if the refurbished one hold up at least a year. I just worry that I will pay it then the replacement won't last much past 90 days. I guess it is just a gamble. My last Garmin nuvi didn't hold up long either had it less than 2 years before replacing. So sad that Garmin products seem to be getting less reliable all the time. Thanks for all your input.
  6. I help in deciding what the best thing to do about my gps. I have a Garmin GOSmap 62s and have had not quite 2years. Recently when I updated my caches from gsak and the unit was coming back on, it would freeze at the half way point and then fade out. Nothing I did helped. I even went online and updated firmware a d then it would load about 3/4 of the way and freezer. Then it stopped being by the computer. I tried more than one computer to make sure it wasn't the computer. It started freezing up almost the minute it came on. Garmin says it will cost $110 to fix with only 90 day warranty. Should I do it or no?
  7. I don't really hunt the caches with the 1490 but love to load all caches around my area into my nuvi so when I am out I can always route to one. My old 350 was great used the macro for gsak that used the 2.5 loader without any problems. It would put on my sd card and then show up on maps and alert when close. I can't do that with my new 1490. Have the new 2.7 loader even tried using the old one but it won't show upon map without routing to it. I can put them in favorite but am limited on number and it won't tell info about them. Has anyone had any luck with this?
  8. Thanks everyone for your responses. I will have to look into an update. Where can I go to get the FW update?
  9. Can anyone give me suggestion or tell me how to get more than 1000 caches on my pn 40. I know it can only hold 1000 caches at one time and sometimes not even that. This is a big problem if you are traveling over a large area. Is there anyway to store more caches to use later or to interchange out? Thought it was putting caches on sd card but it is always putting them on internal memory. May not be any other way but open to anything others have found to do. Thank you.
  10. Same question I had some time back. Let me say I have a Nuvi 350 and it is a pretty good car GPS. I did use it to find several caches but a handheld works much better. I have the PN 40 and the Garmin Cxs 60. I love them both. We find at times one is better than the other but not on a consistent basis so you really can't say which is the best. PN 40 does allow you to have paperless caching and that is really a plus. I really like some of the features on the PN 40 better than the garmin but the garmin does have a larger screen and other things I like. The PN 40 does eat batteries so make sure you have plenty on hand if you get it. I use litium in it and I guess they hold up longer but not really sure I am sold on that theory yet. The garmin will not use litium. I do like the topo map that comes with the PN 40 but not with the garmin. Recently Bass Pro shops had the Garmin Cxs 60 for 219 or somewhere around that amount and it came as a set with topo maps. That is an awesome deal bec the garmin topo is several dollars. We paid that price just for the garmin unit alone. My suggestion if you can afford it to have a separate car gps and then a handheld bec of limited space etc on each unit. Good luck on your choice.
  11. I have to agree with others who have posted. It is very hard to decide on a gps. Haven't tried the new Garmin 62 or the new Delorme PN 60 but can say I used the Nuvi 350 at first and it did a fair job but wasn't really that easy to hold in hand while looking for the cache. I do like an auto one for getting to a location then a hand held one for the final find. I have both the Garmin GPSmap 60CSX and I like it. I also have the Delorme PN 40 and I like it too. If you read other post re the PN 40 it does eat batteries. I used the litumin and regular batteries both and I can't tell much difference. Used the Garmin 60csx and I don't think I have replace the batteries yet. The Garmin is larger screen and that is nice. As far as accuracy, it all depends on where you are. Sometimes we find the PN 40 is more accurate than the Garmin and other time the Garmin is more accurate then the PN 40. I like the paperless caching with the PN 40. Both are good units in their own way. You can find both of these units on sale at times and that what we did. Good luck. It is a hard decision. We stressed for some time over it. Decided on the PN 40 first but after getting it, we found the 60csx on sale for a good price and bought it that way my husband and I both have a unit to use.
  12. We are interested in getting more detail maps for our 60csx but not sure how that works. I understand that the 60csx has no internal memory. If I buy a topo card how do I use it and download up to 1000 caches? Just not sure I understand how this works. Has anyone purchased maps for their 60csx?
  13. If you load it as a POI in the Nuvi and turn on alerts when you load it, it will alert you when you are near them. I have the alert set at 4,000 ft. Only problem is sometimes there are too many and then you would just need to pull over and pull up POI and see what is the closest from the list.
  14. Have the nuvi 350 and was able to load poi on the sd card and the unit reads them. I wanted to load regular waypoints onto card so they would show up on the map as I drove. POI don't you just get a tone when close. All I could ever do was load waypoints on the unit and it only gave me about 50 in favorites. Nice thing about POI is that you have all the info with them. If you find a way to put regular waypoints on the card then have the nuvi read it let me know. I got waypoints on the card but the nuvi wouldn't read it.
  15. I'm having the same problem. Trying to decide what to buy. Read reviews after reviews all have good and bad and each one I read. Don't have anyone I know to ask about and no way to try them out. I own a Nuvi too but it just doesn't work well. Fine for getting you to area but not good for finding GZ. Will use for geocaching only. Saw that many people have PN 40, gpsmap 60csx or or garmin vista. Really want to get something soon but hate to put a lot of money in something then be unhappy.
  16. Downloaded GSAK. Can I use this program to download info on caches to my Palm? If so, how?
  17. Need a better GPS. Have a Garmin Nuvi for the car but it doesn't seem to be very accurate at Geocaching. Read several threads but unsure if the Garmin 60CS x would be as accurate as the Earthmate PN 40. Found a good price for the 60CS x. Need advice. Thanks
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