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  1. I am after a bit of inspiration. I am hosting my first event over the Easter weekend and I would like to have a few GPS/Orienteering games that don't involve searching for caches.


    One idea I have is to give a start location and then instructions to follow e.g. head North 15 meters, head East 30 meters. Once they are at their assumed finish spot they place a flag in the ground with their caching name on it. The winner is the closest to the actual finish which I have previously measured out.


    I am sure that other people must have similar games when attending events but having only previously attended one event my experience is lacking.

  2. Before the update on the beta maps. Here in the UK we had an option of viewing the beta maps using bing/ordnance survey view. This gave us an incredibly detailed view of any area of the UK. Since the update this seems to of disappeared. Does anyone know the reasons why?

  3. I don't spend hours gazing at the caching maps but I like to ponder over them from time to time and try to figure out where the next days caching is going to take me. The trouble is I find myself unable to view any of my finds or own caches if I leave a map unattended for more than 20 mins on the old maps and about 7 mins on the new maps. Refreshing the map or adjusting the view does nothing.


    When this happens I have to close the browser tab reopen a new one go to geocaching.com, go to the search page, re-enter search area, adjust map to exact location and continue my head scratching.


    Does anyone else suffer my anguish or is my case simply unique and my chrome browsers way of smiting me?

  4. I have been using the 62s for a couple of months now and this function has always been there for me to use. As far as my experience goes, as long as the caches are loaded on the GPS then when viewing them on a map just hover over them using the cursor and the cache name apears at the top of the screen. If you push enter when hovering over then you will be shown the cache info screen and can then opt to navigate to it. I hope this helps with your question.



  5. If it was your cache then do as you wish with it. If it was another cachers nano then you could email them and see if they would like you to send them a list of the finds or dispose of it for them.



  6. Well I for one am not the best puzzle solver around, so although I might try to solve a few I would only get fed up in the long run. I think I would plan a series/trail of caches trad/multi that would test the most experienced of cachers with a few easier ones to keep the newer members happy. I would then sit back and watch the frustrated comments and DNF's come in. With this in place I would be tempted to encourage others locally to attempt geocaching, with the hope that some folks would get the bug and eventually place more caches locally. Then I could head out to find them. This is assuming I had lots of time on my hands.

  7. Unfound caches are stored as .gpx files inside the garmin/gpx folders on either the device or the micro SD card if you have one. All you need to do is simply delete these files. A tidier way to manage these files is to use the pocket query function on geocaching.com. This allows you to create 1 file for multiple caches based on a user defined search criteria (all unfound caches around your home address for example). Then all you need to do is delete or update one file on your GPS.


    Hope this helps.

  8. I'm looking for some advice from some more experienced users. I bought myself a Garmin GPSMAP 62s for Christmas and I have been slowly working myself through all of its functions. One thing I would like to know is if anyone could recommend any good open source (free maps) preferably contoured and also specifically for the United Kingdom. I have skimmed through this forum for similar posts but have found nothing to answer my question.


    Many thanks


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