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  1. No luck. Tried this already and it doesn't seem to make a difference on the GPS (GPSMAP 62s). Not to worry to much, I am sure I can manage one way or another.


    Whilst I have your attention, would you care to recommend a few 'must do' caches in the Edmonton area. Would be much appreciated!

  2. Thanks you for your help with this problem. I now have ibycus maps installed on my GPS. The only problem I have found is that I need to zoom right in almost to the maximum level just to see the detail on the map.

  3. Thanks for the help.Just downloading the last part of this file now. Takes a while with this host.


    What do I need to do once it is downloaded? Is it straight forward?

  4. Hi folks, I am soon to be travelling to Edmonton (alberta), I also plan to take a road trip through the mountains (banff/Jasper) I am looking for a mapset that i can upload to my garmin GPS and will show me the terrain for the local area.


    Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  5. Hi there, I am soon to be visiting Canada for a family holiday from England. I will be based out of Alberta for the duration of my stay. I am wondering if someone could point me in the right direction to download some maps of the province to my GPS.


    Thanks in advance for your assistance.


  6. Then Let Us download a BIG pocket querry with 5000-25 000 caches in a 300 KM area THEN we will be able to work ourself with our OWN maping software... Google Earth/ Basecamp or any other...

    we live in a wide area with many caches... going to create many small pocket for a BIG area is NOT fun at all...


    This is a sad day for geocaching. It seems that all the options have not been considered and as a result we (geocaching community) are left with a sub standard product.


    I am a very dissatisfied customer at this moment!


    And if you click on the blue ribbon in the header, the list will be sorted by number of favorite points with the cache with the most at the top, etc.


    Sorry folks. Really not seeing this. If I got to Geocaches (yours) I get a list of all my caches but no favourite points column.


    The list everyone is referring to is accessed from your public profile, as opposed to your private profile. Here's how to get there...


    Go to your Public profile.


    Go to the Geocaches tab.


    Click on All Geocache Hides.




    The point is to do this requires from the geocaching.com mainpage 5 mouse clicks and 5 page loads. If the same information was available on 'geocaches (yours)' page then this would require one click and one page load.



  8. I like to travel around the UK whenever I get the opportunity. Whilst out and about I try to look out for good quality caches. I thought it would be nice to share our own personal favourites.


    To get the ball rolling my favourite caches are mostly local to me (East Suffolk). They consist of any cache placed by bassett4, although not listed but credit also goes to bassett5 for these superb hides. I think the favourite points these caches have achieved speaks for itself.


    Also on the list is one or two by 'the trekbuddies'. Namely S.o.d. GC2QBEQ. this is a tricky one to solve and a nice little field puzzle. SIDS GC2N731 a genius take on a simple concept. One other great cache from this trio is 'Pot of Gold GC2P5T8' which is also a joint hide with the bassetts a field puzzle with brilliant execution.


    One other noteworthy and Mr Lifeboat endorsed cache is 'The cave troll's lair GCTDF6' this is a very exhilarating cache with superb views of the South Dorset coastline.


    There are many truly great caches that I have come across as a cacher and I would like to thank each and every person who takes the time to place a cache and contribute to the game. I have been to some very beautiful places because of them. The caches I have chosen are simply what I consider to be the best of the best.


    Apologies for not hyper-linking any of my chosen caches but I have no idea how to do it.

  9. Just a little something that was made aware to me the other day. Genuine source although not sure that I should reveal how I found out. Probably a good time to take a caching trip somewhere far away. Read it and weep FTF hounds :) Email reads as follows:







    Dates: Between 19 and 23 September 2011 and between 17 and 21 October 2011 inclusive.


    Times: 19 to 23 September – between 0600 and 0900 BST and again between 1600 and 1930 BST

    17 to 21 October – between 0900 and 1730 BST.


    Location of MULTIPLE jammers: Land based within 5km of N52° 31.0’ E000° 45.0’.


    Frequency: A 24 MHz band centred around 1575.42MHz (GPS L1).


    Total Power: Up to 10 Watts EIRP.


    It is stressed that, as in previous exercises, Safety of Life operations will at all times take precedence over exercise activities.

  10. Go to the drop down menu 'profile'select 'quick view'. Underneath your profile tag on the right hand side is a long list of functions that are available to you. Look down the list, about halfway and there is an option for 'set-up Notifications' Select this. Click on 'create new' and work through the options available to you.


    You will need to set up a new notification for all of the types of caches that you wish to be emailed about ie traditional, unkown, event etc...


    Hope this helps

  11. I think that the term overlooked needs better clarification. Does passing cars constitute being overlooked? I have hidden some of my caches on nature reserves and there is no telling where a twitcher may be lurking with his/her telephoto lens.


    All in all the rule seems to be just and application of common sense. The people who care enough about geocaching will do this anyway and the folks who just want to get a cache published and move on will most probably never even encounter the GAGB let allow these guidelines.

  12. I just wanted to add my two penny's worth and say that blank logs suck. It takes time and money for us hiders to place caches and we all do it for different reasons. One of the reasons is to read everyone's stories from their caching adventures. It really doesn't take any time to type a short sentence, even from your mobile.


    Don't get me wrong, I don't leave essays myself, if a cache is a film pot in a hedge cash and dash then it normally gets a one liner but if the cache is special in my eyes then I go the extra mile for the log.


    Here is an example of how things could be. http://coord.info/GC2PDVP


    Groundspeak stop the blank logs!

  13. Ok so the directions are now cracked but I am still struggling with the location. I sort of know what the symbols are but just trying to find the correct type. As for the cache, I plan on driving out (approx 200 miles) as soon as i can figure this all out. You are all welcome to come along for the ride. As for Markwells comments well I shall never truly be able to rest until the whole worlds smiles back at me and yes this may take a while but what else am I going to do with my time?

  14. I frequently receive some side splitting logs from one of my caches. It is always a treat to see who has found it. The story uses the names from several local cachers so it makes sense around here. It might help if you read the logs from the bottom up. GC2PDVP.

  15. I know it is not the done thing to post puzzle caches and ask for help, but in times of need we must sometimes do these things. I have been beating my head against a certain puzzle and can not seem to even peel away at a corner of it. The caches is GC2GAMT and looks like one amazing cache to bag. I have some ideas about the co-ords but none that I can make stick. If anyone has any ideas or pointers then I would greatly appreciate them. I have run the cypher through the usual decryption programs but they just throw up blanks. If you do not want to post spoilers in the forums then please feel free to message me.




  16. I have been having a similar problem since the last round of site updates. I am running win7 with chrome and I find that my account doens't really log me out just my map session used for searching for caches expires after about 5/6 mins of being idle and no longer displays my finds or hides. The icons just reset to the normal cache icon and I can no longer tell the difference. I then have to go back to search page run new search and then select 'view using google maps'. It is very frustrating to have to do this up to 10 times per day.

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