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  1. That event sounds like a lot of fun. I'll ask my hubby and see if he has anything planned for the weekend yet (the 4th is our anniversary AKA our De-Independence Day!). Our GPS came in and we're trying to learn the ropes a little. We have two micro caches right behind us in Sunabe and while we were in the right area, our powers of observation aren't the best yet. Maybe we should start with the traditional caches instead of tiny magnetic ones. But we really didn't know what we were looking for either and just how sneaky we need to get. I'm going to try to find a normal sized one for us this weekend so long as the weather cooperates!

  2. Thank you! It MIGHT be in today. My husband is teasing us but it sounds like it is. We know there's a few right around our apartment area (Sunabe). I've never used a GPS before so I'm hoping it's pretty easy to catch on. My husband has used them for work when deployed so I'm sure he'll help. I'm hoping once we can get a map it will help us find some other areas on island of interest but at least now I know we can work on some in areas we're familiar with. We've only got about 6 months left on island (unless hubby's orders don't get approved for accompanied) so we'd like to explore a good bit while we can. Can't wait!!!

  3. My 12 year old has been after me to try this for a while and seeing as we leave here in 6-7 months I figured we should go ahead and try it so we can possibly find some more interesting places before we head out. We have a Garmin 60CSX on it's way to us so I'm hoping to find a map of the area that's compatible with it. We are completely new to this (I'm not even sure I'm using the forum right) so I'm sure it will take some getting used to. Does anyone have tips for us? Any help would be appreciated!

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