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  1. I believe the gnome in question is actually a wizard.
  2. Well, only 1 in Louisiana, but we're cleaning up hurricane debris; does that count for something?
  3. . . . if you take 7 months to repair the hurricane damage to your home because you spend 1 day per weekend painting and the other caching. (At least that's what my husband says!)
  4. That's very common down here (the New Orleans area). One family lost their 4 children when the car they were riding in went into a bayou. I pass this area almost daily, and there's always something out there for the kids' birthdays, holidays, etc.
  5. If you'd pay the fare, I'd make the supreme sacrifice and transport the TB to each destination for you!
  6. All I know is that I read OpinioNate's post that the voting lasts for 3 days (subject to change at the time of the post), and that group officers will receive an e-mail letting them know if the category has been approved.
  7. Well, crud, I don't know what I did wrong, but I deleted the link so I don't confuse anyone else. You can check out the Literary Sites category (and other categories up for review) on the Waymarking Directory site, under Waymark Category Search - the link that says "Help us review new categories".
  8. Never mind! I just found the answer: OpioNate's post of 3/16
  9. I'm somewhat confused by all the group management stuff and having categories reviewed. I've already accepted invitations to join 2 groups. How do I go about having something I previously proposed (i.e. Literary Sites) approved as a category? Do I form my own group first, then submit the category? Or do I submit the category, hope it's approved, and then try to form a group?
  10. I want to see the architecture and hear the history of old churches, i.e. places of worship, definitely NOT limited to Christian churches and definitely NOT limited to the U.S. It doesn't even have to be a currently-functioning church. I do think the pre-1900 limit would be a good one. As you stated, there's already a category for places of worship. Presumably the point of that category is to located places to worship. The point of this category is more along the lines of history and architecture. As for abbeys, monasteries, convents, I'm interested in those, too. Perhaps that would be a good subcategory.
  11. Could it be one leg of a multi-cache that started at another location?
  12. Check out these homemade FTF coins by BillsBayou. I have yet to see one in person because almost every one has gone to the same person ~cough caderoux cough~, but they look pretty cool. BillsBayou's signature item
  13. I recently received in the mail from someone on these forums some homemade travel bug-type things. They were slices of tree branches with his website address and a tracking number stamped on each one.
  14. See Snoogans' TB Longevity Clinic at the top of this page for some pointers.
  15. I've actually started solving puzzle caches just to rescue bugs that have been stuck in them for months. I've now taken it upon myself to try to track the bugs within 30 miles of my house. If a bug doesn't move within a month or so and I can get to the cache, I'll retrieve it and try to get it moving again. I'm also quick to e-mail a bug or coin owner to let them know that their bug or coin is no longer in a cache so they can start the tracking process.
  16. I was in Girl Scouts for 6 years, and I was a Scout leader for 1.
  17. I couldn't find them at Michael's, but I did find them in the Walmart craft section (near the beads, I think).
  18. I've been thinking about what The Bean Team said, and I'm inclined to agree. My main reason for wanting the Old Churches category is to see some cool old architecture and to hear about some great old history. I initially was going to propose churches over 200 years old, but that would actually leave out the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans. If that's left out, the only churches to make it would be in the northeast. So let's revise the category. Should we limit it to churches that are at least 100 years old (which would in time incorporate more churches), or should we limit it to churches that were built prior to 1900?
  19. Shorelander - I think you're right, fictional works only. The more I consider what's non-fiction, the more I realize anything and everything could just about fall under that category.
  20. I like this category, too. I'm glad to see someone mention the Cigar Store Indians. I really liked that locationless cache.
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