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  1. I have a lovely 2" scar near my elbow from injecting myself with a tree branch that I didn't see in my quest to find one of my first caches, and I gored myself on a palm frond (or something like that) yesterday and bled like a stuck pig. Oh, and I bent back 3 fingernails trying to open a really tight PVC cache last month. I feel like such a wimp compared to you guys!
  2. I agree completely. I logged so many DNFs on one particular cache, that I almost sent up fireworks when we finally found the blasted thing.
  3. To be an official travel bug and therefore trackable on Geocaching's site, you would buy a travel bug tag (sold at Groundspeak) - this is where the serial number comes from. You buy the actual tags, and can attach them to anything you choose - a keyring, stuffed animal, etc. It's perfectly acceptable to give your travel bug a "mission" - a destination cache, or various places and things to do along the way. Not everyone will pay attention to your travel bug's mission, but some will. If you want to see an example of a travel bug, click on my user name, then click on the TRACKABLES tag. Click on the Travel Bug icons, click on the name of one of my travel bugs, and you can see what my bug looks like, what it's goal or mission is, and where it's been.
  4. I live in hot and humid south Louisiana. There are some micros (including one of mine) that use velcro, and so far they've done well. These are all in areas not directly exposed to rain, but still in the heat and humidity (which is everywhere). Mine's underneath a wooden structure, and I superglued the velcro to both the structure and the container. The superglue holds well. I actually glued myself to the first container I tried to use it on, and for a while I thought I'd have to wear the container to work the next day.
  5. I'll make that same offer for the New Orleans area. If you have one stuck down here, let me know.
  6. Can you get in touch with a TN geocaching group and find someone close to the cache to rescue it for you? I did that with a few that were stuck in a seldom hit cache in MS.
  7. Sounds good to me, and I'll bet the kids love it. When my daughter was younger, we had treasure hunts for her and her guests at most of her birthday parties. My brother got bitten by the geocaching bug in November. For his Christmas present, I wrapped up what looked like an official cache page entitled Working on Christmas. He had to find 3 legs of a multi just to find his actual Christmas present from me. The present was geocaching supplies and travel bugs, of course. The whole thing went over pretty well.
  8. Are the compasses marked in any way asking the finders to post about their travels? Many cachers don't read the forums. If the compasses aren't marked, they'll likely be mistaken for swag.
  9. Literary Sites is now listed in the Waymarking Directory. Thanks to all who voted for this category, and thanks to whomever suggested adding a place for the ISBN. It's now an optional variable on the page.
  10. voir à l'arrière de la feuille de log look on the back of the log sheet
  11. La forêt comporte une multitude de chemins, vous n'aurez à aucun moment besoin de rouler sur la route qui coupe en deux la foret (il faudra juste la traverser 2 fois). The forest contains a multitude of roads, you will at no time need to run on the road which cuts the forest in half (it will just be necessary to cross it twice).
  12. Lil Devil, you're an angel!
  13. le contenant est une boite d'épice the container is a spice bottle de gros travaux sont en cours aux alentours a lot of work is being done in the area
  14. Pour la 2ème étape, veuillez vous rendre au Lieu dit du "Croisement des chènes" (N 47° 46.627' - E 7° 15.899'). For the 2nd stage, please go to the place called "Croisement des chènes " (N 47 ° 46.627 ' - E 7 ° 15.899 '). Vous vous trouverez devant un arbre à 3 troncs You will be in front of a tree with 3 trunks
  15. 1ère étape pour trouver les coordonnées, il faut vous rendre au point ( N 47° 46.714' - E 7° 16.415'), vous pourrez voir un panneau du Club Vosgien, avec plusieurs déstinations. 1st stage: To find the coordinates, you must return to this point ( N 47° 46.714' - E 7° 16.415'), you can see a plaque for the Club Vosgien with several destinations.
  16. Did you click on the Recalculate Distance button on the upper right side of the screen on the bug's page? That's the only way I can get mine to update.
  17. One of our local cachers works for a large company who has already donated T-shirts for everyone participating in our CITO event. They're also working on getting us gloves, dust masks, and trash bags. Companies can be pretty darn nice sometimes.
  18. Gee, I could've written that post! I'm trying to keep an eye on the TBs in this area to keep them moving, running PQs, keeping a spreadsheet, etc. And if I visit a cache where bugs or coins are missing, I post a log on the cache page and e-mail the owner of the bug or coin. It doesn't do any good, though; the bugs or coins are still listed on the cache page.
  19. The folks in North Louisiana are a pretty active group. They just started a website; you may want to post your message there. NELA site
  20. The estimate is that it'll take 3 years to process all the debris! (The abandoned cars are another story altogether.) Thanks for the well wishes, and I'm sure we'll have fun; we have a fun group of cachers in this area.
  21. When I click on your category or the Michigan Historical Markers category, the only 2 new categories for me, it says I've already voted on those categories. But I haven't, they're new categories.
  22. I checked on categories for review, and 2 new categories popped up - Michigan Historical Markers and Civil Defense Shelters (or something similar). When I try to click on the link to view the category details, it says I've already voted for that category - but I haven't voted on either one yet.
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