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  1. On your query page, which day did you select under Days to Generate? I can usually click on today's date and have the e-mail in my inbox within the hour. And yes, if you look at the queries on the web page it's only in .loc.
  2. I mean the one in the French Quarter.
  3. Henki

    Bookmark Lists

    Definitely a stupid question since there's a FAQ topic at the top of this page! DUH! The bookmark feature showed up on my account page after I logged off and logged back on.
  4. Henki

    Bookmark Lists

    I want to start a Bookmark list of cache ideas I may want steal borrow. Naturally I want to keep this list private so as not to give away what I'm considering. I went to a cache page, clicked on the Bookmark button, and the thing was supposedly created. But now how do I find it? I know it's probably a stupid question, but I'll be darned if I can find the thing through my account page. Thanks for any help!
  5. You could send a nicely worded inquiry to the cacher in question. It's possible it's a new cacher who doesn't know the proper procedure for TBs. Or you could contact the owners of the bugs, tell them that their bugs aren't in the cache but believed to be in the hands of said cacher, and let them handle it from there.
  6. Very good article, but it contained a spoiler to a cache I've been planning to seek!
  7. Then I would contact cachebuddies - run the 2 words together, no spaces. Since they're relative newcomers to the game, they may just have forgotten.
  8. Thanks for pointing this article out to us. I just e-mailed Louisiana's Dept. of Tourism with a link to the article and the geocaching site, and asked them to consider doing something similar.
  9. I don't see anything in the online logs about someone picking up your TB. Did you e-mail the owner to verify it's been picked up? There is a cacher named cachebuddies (no spaces); I'm not sure if this is who you're looking for. According to their online profile, they've only got 4 finds and haven't been on the site since November.
  10. Our CITO was today, and what a great day for a CITO! We helped to clean hurricane debris in New Orleans. It was pretty stinky and disgusting work, but very rewarding. I hope you all experience the same satisfaction at your CITO events! Springtime for CITO in New Orleans
  11. There are caches at LSU, planted by students who don't live here year-round. There was a question whether or not one of the caches was missing while the owner was home for Christmas holidays. He temporarily disabled it until he could get back to town, but a local cacher went to check on it for him. I think it would be fine to place the hides. Should a problem arise when you're home for the summer (or whatever), you could either temporarily disable the cache or e-mail a local cacher asking for assistance. There are tons of caches on college campuses, and I'm quite sure they weren't all placed by year-round locals.
  12. Geez, I really need to learn the lingo. When I read your question I thought, who'd be affected by 3.14159265? It took me a few minutes to equate PI with Poison Ivy; I'm having a dense day today. I've never been affected by poison ivy, but since I've gotten older I seem to be sensitive to things that never bothered me before. Because of that, I still try to avoid the stuff.
  13. We've just DONE all that. We just finished our hurricane repairs; carpet was the last of it, and it was installed on Monday - hallelujah! I actually had to skip a few weeks of caching to get the repairs done, but most of the repairs took place one day per weekend so I could cache the other day!
  14. Wow, glad you sent me that e-mail so I could see what you were seeing, or not seeing as the case may be. Definitely NOT what I'm getting when I log onto the site. My shouts to you on the home page are now acting really weird, too. I get the Page Cannot be Displayed message, and then when I return to the site, the shout's been listed twice.
  15. Well, I take that back. The forum text looks the same size, but the home page text DOES look smaller. Hmm. . .
  16. Baralak - It's not tiny on my computer. I did notice the new colors, but the text size looks the same to me.
  17. I do hope, for your sanity's sake, that the whistles are taken away when you're home! Great advice on carrying whistles; I'd never thought of that before.
  18. I'm a woman cacher, too! My husband is not at all interested in the game, thinks it's a royal waste of time. My caching partner is my 15 yr. old daughter, and sometimes we cache with another woman cacher who lives not far from us.
  19. Hey, your darling daughter can be in the photo! To upload the pictures, go to the travel bug's page. You can write a note stating something about the photo and upload the photo with the note, or you can add the photo to the log entry you made when you picked up the bug.
  20. I see nothing wrong with brainstorming on puzzle caches. I've actually been looking at puzzle caches around the country, that I'll probably never get a chance to find, just to see if I can solve some of the puzzles. If the puzzles you're talking about are Skin Guy's, I'm afraid I have no help to offer. Those have left me scratching my head and wondering how in the world anyone's figured them out! I'm still willing to try, though, so if you want to e-mail me, I'll do my best!
  21. Hey EPMinnesota, One of those, the Hurricache Bracelet, is our TB. We were excited to see that you picked it up to bring it all the way up to MN. If you get a chance, please upload a photo of something beautiful for us to see; we've always wanted to visit Minnesota! Sorry, I can't answer your question about the tag, but I'd be interested to find out where to get these, too.
  22. In the Harry Potter books, it's someone who's not in on the secret world of magic. In geocaching, it's someone who's not in on the secret world of caching.
  23. I don't know of a list of extreme caches, but I do know there are 8 caches at Antarctica. I'm sure one of them would fit the bill.
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