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  1. That's what I figured. I'm putting new batteries in the GPSr tonight!
  2. Right now we're trying to decide if we can still pull off this trip with all the flooding going on up that way. We're scheduled to fly out there on Friday, but we've had enough flooding to last us a lifetime! If we make it out there, we'll have 3 days for seeing the sights. Since my husband's not a cacher and can't understand the obsession my daughter and I have for the sport, our caching will more than likely be limited to the virtuals at monuments we'll be visiting anyway. But I do have all the caches loaded into my GPSr and my Palm just in case we happen to be steps away from a cache. The Awakening is one that was recommended to me recently. I don't know that we'll get over that way, but I checked out the cache page and photos and would love to see that one in person!
  3. I couldn't get a quote for next May, but using July of this year, the best price I got from New Orleans to London is $1,185.00 per person.
  4. Now that's a TB with a story to tell! Is it possible that Mama Osprey's geoname is Boomer 1?
  5. Here's one that one of our local cachers helped to reach its goal. Pretty interesting bug that started out in Oregon and reached its destination in south Louisiana 2 years later. Lil Red Stick
  6. --> QUOTE(R.O.B @ Jun 25 2006, 11:00 AM) 2302763[/snapback] I was able to help this TB on part of its goal. One goal was to visit Hollywood. Oxnard Hamster Travel Bug .. It feels pretty good when you can help a TB on a goal rather than just moving it from cache to cache. Oxnard belongs to one of our local cacher's daughter. Thanks for helping him with his mission!
  7. I think these are really cool little pieces of art and would love to see this category become a reality. Anyone else interested in being an officer?
  8. We're considering a short trip to Washington, DC for the 4th of July weekend, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend "must do" caches in the area. We probably wouldn't have much time for caching, but I'd like to hit at least one. Thanks for any recommendations!
  9. I think the auto-approve should be ditched. As an officer in a few different groups, I've run across some submissions that weren't quite complete or didn't fit the bill at all. I think we need the human touch when it comes to approving waymarks.
  10. Your alien friend looks much more at home in container #2.
  11. Okay, now I have a question. I've had a Waymark waiting for approval in the Farmers' Market category since 6/12. There is now a group in place for this category and I'm now an officer, but my submitted waymark isn't showing up as awaiting approval for this group. For the other groups I'm in there's a "Manage" link, but not for this one. Will this be corrected or will I have to resubmit the waymark? It's still on my list of owned waymarks, but it's not in the category's list of waymarks awaiting approval.
  12. Ah, if they were fire ants, you'd know it as soon as they bit you; they're painful right from the start. Sounds like it might be chiggers.
  13. If they were fire ants, you'd probably have noticeable pustules that look like white heads. I got attacked by ants while caching on Saturday, and today the back of my hand is covered in these painful little things. Scratching makes them worse, of course, but something like caladryl lotion should help with the itching. Mine don't itch so much, but they're very sore. If it's chiggers, generally you don't see pustules on the skin, but you itch like crazy. Chiggers get into your pores and hair follicles and release enzymes which cause the itching. When I got them a few years ago, my dad told me to paint my legs with clear fingernail polish. This seals the area off from air and keeps it from itching so much. Caladryl lotion is also good for this.
  14. Hmm. . . My initial reaction was the same as IV Warrior’s – WHY? But after reading Escanaba’s post, I realize how valuable a tool this could be to me and other genealogists. I spend a lot of time in cemeteries researching my own family and as a volunteer for Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness. When someone asks me to take photos of a particular gravesite, I also send along directions on how to find the grave once inside the cemetery. With time the landscape of cemeteries invariably change and engravings on headstones wear off, making it difficult to locate a particular grave again. It never occurred to me that I could/should also send GPS coordinates. This could be a very useful category. If approved, it should also be mentioned in various genealogical circles where I’m sure it will be of some interest.
  15. I agree with the others. And after having the photos deleted, I'd include a note on the cache page advising that spoilers in logs or photos will be deleted.
  16. When I found such a coin, I had to contact the owner to ask how to log it in.
  17. I'm in the New Orleans area; I'd be willing to release one here if needed.
  18. You could try posting this on the Midwest forum, which covers MO, or on the SLAGA site for St. Louis area cachers, www.geostl.com. When my bugs were stuck in MS, I posted on the MSGA site and someone rescued them for me.
  19. I'd like to also suggest something that helped us TREMENDOUSLY in our CITO event. It's a flat plastic thing designed to hold open the trash bag while you're filling it, a handy little thing called a Kwickan. They were donated by a local hardware store and were very easy to use; some people even used them as large dustpans.
  20. The bug owners that I've e-mailed about missing bugs don't seem to have an active interest in removing them from the caches, either. Should we really contact Eartha about these?
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