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  1. Ha! I grew up east of New Orleans and used to think that interstate overpasses were 'mountain-like' land formations (and in my early years I thought they were naturally formed, not manmade ). Our house was surveyed at 12 ft above sea level. I'm just slightly west of New Orleans and technically my house is on "high ground" - 14' above sea level. (Tell that to the 3 floods I've had!)
  2. A local cacher just posted about Permethrin on our LA caching site. He's trying it out on his Boy Scout troop's tents. He also swears by taking Vitamin B1 to prevent bites, something he got out of Robert S. Wood's "The 2 Oz. Backpacker" - “A dosage of 200 milligrams/day of vitamin B-1 taken orally will make your perspiration repellent to mosquitoes and thus keep them away. So will the heavy consumption of garlic.” I haven't tried it yet, but I intend to.
  3. We're doing more Waymarking this summer than caching. Way too hot and humid down here, and mosquitoes everywhere.
  4. Dark Trail of Bureaucracy is a local nighttime cache. It's a members only cache, so I don't know if you can read the cache page or not. Basically here's what is posted about the material used: new EXTREMELY STEALTHY 3-M markers designed to NOT be found during daylight hrs (the darker the better). It is VERY important to shine your light (preferably a led head lamp) at YOUR eye level. I haven't searched for it yet, so I can't give you any other pointers on it, but you could probably contact GatorGrl & BF (cache owner) through their GC account.
  5. So we can expect a 2007 Jeep named after Louisiana's Driskill Mountain (elevation 535') ? I'm below sea level; until I did a Google search, I didn't even realize a "mountain" existed in La.
  6. The recommendation to move him to the land of fun & sun came after the cacher stated that he was going to bring the TB to Florida. Why he didn't do that is beyond me.
  7. This would be a good Waymarking category. We had great fun finding the hidden Mickeys back in '99, and it kept the kids occupied while waiting in all those long lines.
  8. Thanks! I finally found it under EDIT GROUP. I had been trying to edit via the category description, which was (of course) the wrong place to try to edit the group.
  9. It's been pointed out to me that the Murals group looks like it's up for adoption because Adopt Me is listed as the founder of the group. As leader of the group, there's no way for me to change this. How can we make it look like we're not up for adoption?
  10. TBs are not ordinary swag, and therefore should not be under the rules of any cache owner. TB owners want their bugs to travel, not sit in prison for months on end.
  11. Henki

    Tb Ideas?

    It sounds like a cool idea, but I can see some problems on the horizon. As mentioned above, it would get rather bulky and cards would get rather worn. How would the cards be attached to the bug in such a way as to not get torn off during the travel process? Once the bug starts accumulating cards, people would have to flip through to see if you already have their state's card. This would, of course, lead to more wear and tear on the cards. Also people might just attach a card without going through the trouble of checking to see if their state's already attached. In that case, you could conceivably collect more than 50 cards, leading to more bulk, etc. A big bulky bug might not fit in many caches.
  12. There's a cache that's not far from my house which also happens to be at a tourist attraction. Most caches around this area are small, but this one's large and therefore happens to get a lot of bugs deposited in it. The problem is that these bugs can sit for months before another cacher happens along again. I make it a point to keep an eye on this cache to make sure that bugs don't sit there for too long. Bugs are meant to travel, so I doubt any bug owner would squawk about you moving his/her bug along.
  13. I just followed this article last week to use Cachemate and my new PDA for the first time. Print out the article and follow everything step by step, and you should have no problems. I love paperless caching!
  14. I think it would be a pretty cool trade item!
  15. Wow, this is the first year that people down here are reporting seeing ticks. I had never encountered them until we went caching in northern MS in February; the pooch picked up a few.
  16. Taliban Hunter - Congratulations to Benny, Jr. for meeting the President and receiving such a prestigious award! Please give him my thanks. I love to hear about kids volunteering in the community; it gives me great hope for our future. And congratulations to you & Mrs. TalibanHunter on raising such a caring young man. Wouldn't it be cool if your coin showed up in the Smithsonian presidential collection? (We just saw it this past weekend.)
  17. Well, we're back and had a great time, but, man, are our feet killing us! We only got to do 5 of the virtuals, but we saw some great stuff. I do have a suggestion for those of you in the area who are also into Waymarking. I noticed that there are very few waymarks in the area, but that most (if not all) of the museums would fit the bill. I created waymarks for the Air & Space Museum and the American History Museum, but lost my coordinates for the Natural History Museum. If anyone wants to add that the History Museum Category, it would be a great addition!
  18. We just got back from D.C., and I was surprised by how much that's there ISN'T listed as waymarks. I just created waymarks for 2 of the museums, but I lost the coordinates for the third I was going to create. Many of the memorials and statues don't seem to fall into any other category, either. I think this would be a wonderful and helpful new category.
  19. You can copy and paste the coordinates into Google Maps, then zoom into the area. It'll show you the actual street names and the block it's on. OOPS, editing to say that the cache page actually has a Google Map link. Click on that and you don't have to type in the coordinates.
  20. If you can, take lots of photos of it in and around Disney to upload to the bug page. I love photos of my bugs, and I'm sure the owner of this bug would love to see them. If I had the bug and didn't hear back from the owner before heading home, I'd probably take the bug home with me. That would give the owner a little more time to respond. If no response was received, I'd release the bug in a cache near my home. That would give the bug more mileage and allow it to make the trek back to Florida again.
  21. ~sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong I attended my first event in February, and it was great to meet other cachers and discuss various aspects of the sport. I noticed you're in WI and that there are 4 event caches planned for July. I have no idea how close you are to them, but you may want to check them out! 7/4/2006 July 4th Geo Party at Harrington Beach by EnergySaver 7/13/2006 Perplexed Puzzle Cachers Unite!! by Cache_boppin_BunnyFuFu 7/14/2006 Ice Cream on the Lake by The Cheeseheads 7/29/2006 Camp Cache-n-Jam by DarkBeforeDawn
  22. The only problem with PQs for waymarks in your area is that you'll get every McDonald's, every church, etc. in your area popping up in your PQ and subsequently your GPSr. I'd go for a PQ for waymarks if we could pick which categories would pop up. Currently it's a bit of a pain to click on each category and search it by your zip code.
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