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  1. Bravo to you for having the waterproof boots; I should've added them to my Christmas list. I can't tell you how many pairs of squishy sneakers I have! I keep a few towels in the car to keep from tracking the mud into it. (Okay, it's really to keep DH from having a cow that I tracked the mud in!)
  2. I agree. Unless a school cache states that the school has given permission for it to be placed there, I'd steer clear. Besides the bomb threat thing, as a parent, I don't like the idea of people lurking around kids.
  3. I don't necessarily care if they're Members Only or not, I just didn't know if I was missing out on some caches in my area. I have read some forums where folks were complaining about caches being stolen, and the suggestion was to make them Members Only to prevent just anyone from having the coordinates. I agree that I prefer caches that AREN'T members only, and I've certainly benefitted from them, but whatever the cache owner decides is fine with me. I'm just appreciative of anyone who takes the time and trouble to hide a cache!
  4. Ditto what everyone else said. And here's a tip: Until you're more experienced, don't try caching in a big city. Yesterday in the French Quarter my teenager was exceedingly frustrated because the signals bounced all over the place due to the buildings. We ended up sticking with the virtual caches in the area to keep her from being TOO discouraged. Good luck, and enjoy the hunt. It's addictive!
  5. Ah, so I just didn't go far enough out. Thanks guys!
  6. We're in Louisiana, and we have 1 dog. <-----------------He looks like our avatar (Finnish Spitz). Good luck with the project!
  7. So you're saying it SHOULD have shown up, if there were any there to begin with? Hmm. I would've thought there were some in the New Orleans area, but maybe not. I'll try the pocket query. Thanks for the info!
  8. I've been caching since February and just became a Premium member. How do I go about finding out which caches are Members Only? I see the Members Only icon listed, but I have yet to see a Members Only cache listed. I disabled cookies, even turned off the firewall completely, logged back in to the site, and searched within 100 miles of my house. With 33 pages of caches listed, none are Members Only. Knowing the LA Cachers, I find this hard to believe. It wouldn't surprise me if I were doing something wrong, but what is it? Thanks for any help!
  9. Ah, thanks, I thought I was doing something wrong, too.
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