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  1. Ooh, you're in an area that I could actually (with a 3 1/2 - 4 hour drive) reach. You'll have to give me advance notice when you get ready to place that cache!
  2. That one was hidden by a 7th grade class, and it's not supposed to be in plain sight. It belongs under the side of the building, still easy but not as easy as THAT. (5 minutes from my house and my first find!)
  3. As a cache owner, I'd like to see DNFs logged just so I know that someone's looking for my caches. On one brand new cache a seasoned veteran cacher logged a DNF. My daughter looked at me and said, "It's got to be missing", and sure enough, it was. (My own brother had logged his DNF, but we dismissed his since he was a relative newbie!) As a cacher, I log my DNFs and add the caches to my watchlist.
  4. It disturbs me that anyone recognizes the mating habits of spiders! I carry gloves in my backpack.
  5. OUCH! A picture really is worth 1000 words. Hope it's healed soon.
  6. Yeah, you could send me one, too!
  7. My 15 year old daughter loves to cache. However, when it comes to crawling into really thick brush, she prefers to stand in the clearing and direct me in. She also is less than thrilled to cache in 90+ degree temperatures with 90% humidity - kids these days! That being said, I dragged her rear out of bed this morning to do a mystery cache. We had to match 8 photos of things in a New Orleans neighborhood to their coordinating points on a map in order to find the coordinates to the actual cache. There were 16 map points that needed to be physically checked, 8 being nothing relevant at all. We spent a few hours doing the cache and couldn't reach the final stage because the place was locked. I thought she'd be po'd, but she was just disappointed for us and the cache placer. She really enjoyed the experience.
  8. Henki

    Muggle ?

    She won't be a cacher until she cares about finding the cache!
  9. I agree. As a WWII buff who in no way supports Nazism (?), I'd be thrilled to find these if I knew what they were.
  10. Another hidden benefit of geocaching: My daughter can now read a map. We recently cached about 260 miles from home, not knowing the area at all, and she was my navigator. She also, today, helped me navigate the streets of New Orleans. My 2 sisters (ages 44 and 51) STILL can't read maps. ~sigh~
  11. A duct tape sit-upon - I guess you really can use duct tape for just about anything!
  12. In theory, I think it's a great idea. However, after Hurricane Katrina hit this area, some areas were closed to the public and caches couldn't be checked on. Most cachers chose to disable those caches (some didn't) until the areas were reopened. Surprisingly enough, many caches survived while nearby buildings didn't. There's a park in this area that was commandeered for recovery efforts and closed to the public. Parts of it just reopened this week. There are A LOT of caches in that park, and I know that at least some have survived.
  13. Katrina (no offense, but your name's a dirty word around here! - south Louisiana ) - Seriously, your kids will love geocaching! It's a great family hobby, gets everybody out of doors and away from video games and the TV, encourages both physical & mental exercise, and you can do it even while you're on vacation. My daughter's 15 and we cache together whenever we can find the time. How many parents of teenagers can say they actually share a hobby with their kids? Read up on the guidelines, set up a user account on www.geocaching.com, and get addicted like the rest of us!
  14. Go to the TB's page and snag it back from the cache.
  15. Seems like you've got some offers from these folks, but in the future you may want to find a Stargate cache. It's a way to get TBs sent from one destination to another quickly. Some of the Stargate caches are overseas.
  16. If it's several stages that aren't placed too close together, I like the idea of separate and distinct caches leading up to the puzzle cache, instead of making it a multi. I personally don't like a multi that has me running all over the city - unless you're purposely giving me a tour of the city. Here's part of an example of separate caches that lead to one puzzle cache. It got good reviews when I asked for recommendations for caching in the area, but unfortunately I didn't have time to devote to the series. Bo the Brown Buffalo Bruce the Brown Buffalo Bubba the Brown Buffalo Return of the White Buffalo final stage of puzzle cache
  17. Well, y'all put me to shame. I thought I was quite clever with "Johnny Cache", which is hidden near the restrooms at the beginning of a bike trail.
  18. The Myrtles Plantation Virtual Cache Pirate's Alley in the French Quarter - but it's a micro Pirate's Treasure - at Destrehan Plantation
  19. I do read the missions and try to comply whenever possible. However, many bugs are traveling alone without their mission papers. If I pick up a bug, take it home, then find out its mission is something I'm not able to do, I drop the bug into another cache hoping someone else will help it along. I've also printed mission papers for some of those bugs to include in the drop so the next cacher doesn't do the same thing I did.
  20. Henki

    Tb Sheet

    Is there a secret to typing the description on the Travel Bug's home page? I used paragraphs and everything so that it was easy to read, but it's all jumbled together. Any tips, or do I live with it?
  21. Okay, I'll move them as soon as I know I'm heading for a large cache. Thanks for the input!
  22. 6 views and no responses: Y'all don't know what I should do either!
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