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  1. I'm refering to the max return of 1000 caches by the each PQ. It's time that this is increased. 5 PQ's a day I guess is okay. But as GC is getting more and more users and more and more geocaches I can not see why this can not increase as well.
  2. With the increasing amout of caches that is released the co and d/t would be a very good improvment. Maybe other things is important to others (size....?, attributes..but the later would be hard with so many).
  3. I agreed with another topic that you should add CACHE OWNER in the notification mail and to that I would like to see the D/T. This must be a small improvment. I know many geocachers that would like this.
  4. It's so anoying that the maximum PQ limit still is 1000. This hobby is growing and the number of caches are too in a very rapid tempo. So what is the reason for the 1000 limit still ? Why not double it ?. I'm trying to keep my database with all caches for my country but the 1000 limit is killing me. I know there must be other geocachers out there that also want the limit to increase. I'm looking at my 1000 caches pq and they are under 1MB in size so that can not be the issue.
  5. Not a bad idea, but they don't seem to want to make the attribute list too long. Too long a list and it gets harder to search (for example, by overlooking the right attribute and choosing a similar one instead). Why not just use both attributes for a cache in between? Then in the description explain that it's a bit more than swimming, but full scuba gear isn't needed. Using both attributes would filter out caches for someone that excluded "scuba" caches because they weren't certified. I'd just use that swimming attribute and make it clear in the description that a diving mask and/or snorkle is required. Or use the swimming and "special tools required" attribute. Specify the diving mask and/or snorkel as the tool required. Have no problem with that I just thought is would be cool with a specific attribute for this. And by the way many of the existing attributes could be replaced with just "the special tool" attribute and a little text in the description. But that would make it hard to search for. But as I suspected it is hard to get anything new into GC. Thanks anyway
  6. Not sure how this works and if it's even possible to wish for an new attribute. But I would like a new attribute something between the current diving equipment & swimming attribute. A Diving mask only or snorkeling equipment.
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