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  1. Well, my lil one still thinks she isn't tired again yet lol. I would agree that the number of finds will ditermine how well you are. No argument at all there . I have no memory problems at all.... just get bored and read what ever I run across at the time. I either read over the rules and such, caches i want to hunt, threads, and so on. As I said I'm starting to re-read some things lol. I even go back to my finds and read logs made after mine.
  2. Can I ask an off topic (to this) question ?? Well I did make the thread.. . Does anyone actually think the forum post numbers tells how well you are at caching ? and the number of finds, I can understand they could... but how many people actually spends time day in day out looking into all the rules, regulations and such? I have a lot of time on my hands, being a stay at home mom of two and they play on their own alot, so i come here and read.... maybe not just this site (the forums and the caching information, plus the cacherU site etc etc), but other stuff as well (LOVE useless information).... I'm getting where I read everything more then once now.... Gotta get a new time killer.... Gotta say right now that I'm glad we didn't really "burn" each other, much.... Anywho Headed to bed soon (hopefully) , tomorrow's errands day so I will be on late... Cache (err umm Catch) ya'll tomorrow (Friday) sometime!
  3. Thanks, but it's really a 3 year old POS Toshiba 3.2 MPix DAryl Cool, still a REALLY good pic taker!! to show that much detail..... I think I'm gonna work on making that container... heck if i can get it sealed right I could just use it for an OVERLY large cache itself lol
  4. Hey yes, I have no personal qualms with anyone I'd just like to say. From a handful of posts ago, "If using a perfectly good hole is against the rules then I await the say so from a reviewer and will be more than happy to move the cache. No problem, no questions asked." If it is wrong to use a hole in this method I'll even appeal to have it specified in the rules. I will contact the publisher and post here when I get a reply either way edit just to add that I will put all perspectives in the email, not just mine. I think this is actually kind of important, no? I'll post my email to the publisher here as well. In the morning that is... I have homework to do now I honestly have to say that I was worried I'd get someone mad at me (perhapse I have) when I started this thread, but i didn't want it to keep going in the CCC thread, and I wanted to see everyone's actual thoughts and such on it.... I'm sure most of ya think I'm nuts, as i said I had fun with this one....... But all well lol. I'll leave it opened for now, and after you post the e-mail stuff I'll close it down. Hope ya'll have a good night! Sleep well all
  5. ok i looked at the two pics again.... I am tired, after not sleeping much last night, my lil one has her sleeping messed up... I'll have to look again tomorrow... may be seeing it strange....
  6. Spray it brown first to match with plastic enamel (I like American Heritage Plastic Enamel when painting our cameras), then use a silicon-based adhesive? aw cool, thanks i'll have to try that next time... the fishing line idea i did have didn't work....
  7. ok, call me stupid if you'd like but how can you be sure: is acurate <sp?who cares?> enough to even use? How do WE know you didn't modify it to help your point??? it is clearly DIFFERENT from the original picture as to the relationship of the ammo can and the hole
  8. not a problem... like i said i wanted to see all points, and get everything clear.... and i'm having fun... maybe too much?? *darned spelling again*
  9. can anyone tell me how to place pine bark (that fell off the old pine tree in my back yard ) onto a plastic (rather small) container that has a screwon lid where youcan't see any of it????
  10. Who's the troll? I'm posting technical data and you're name calling. [edit corrected to make plural since it is multiples there-of now. . .] aw didn't realize it was made before you got your reply done.... Not sure who the troll is hmmm lets think.... I guess in a way i could be.... depends on how ya look at it i guess
  11. getting a bit too high teck for all this aren't we? ****here troll troll troll, where ya at??? aw THER YOU ARE!****
  12. man looking at it again myself i see atlest 5 more spots i could point out that it could be at *man i swear i can't spell to save my a***
  13. Bold was added by me. No pointy thing was used in order to hide the cache. A pointy thing (if you call a flat shovel pointy) was used to dig a hole that had absolutely nothing to do with geocaching in the least bit. I made use of a pre-existing man-dug hole. I'm not trying to cover anything up that is wrong. If using a perfectly good hole is against the rules then I await the say so from a reviewer and will be more than happy to move the cache. No problem, no questions asked. I agree with your post Adrenalynn, end of dicussion (if it were up to me anyway ). So a shovel was not used in order to make the hole? Or are you saying the cache could have been hidden under the dirt independant of the hole being made? Prehaps by some magic-matter-displacement technology? Surely I can plant a few pounds of explosives in order to place a cache. Explosives aren't terribly pointy, generally... Man talk about being blunt, you missed the point entirely. (i made a funny) YES, A SHOVEL DUG THE HOLE, THE HOLE (DUG BY A SHOVEL) WAS NOT DUG (YES, DUG BY A SHOVEL) FOR THE PURPOSE OF HIDING THE CACHE (WHICH IS IN A HOLE, DUG BY A SHOVEL FOR A SEPARATE PURPOSE). And maybe you didn't even see the picture? There is no dirt on top of it at all, just some dead grass. Is camo not allowed now??? Please, review my pic again (again as i mentioned in the e-mail, I hope it's ok I modified your pic)::
  14. Thank you! But as you can see, saying that Adrenalynn is a troll is true.. scavok just agreed to what Adrenalynn was saying and then Adrenalynn just keeps it going... WTF!? *note to self wtf may be offensive to most, should use what the heck from now on*.
  15. No. Spelling, yes. please, tell me, by this, you mean I'm not the only one who forgets how to spell my name... what's sad is Wanda is my actual name.......
  16. Are ya sure? Naw sorry... it looks COOL! I may "borrow" that idea, if I could...... and Jeonlyep How can I make sure a skunk can't get in it? I thought they was kinda like cats.... Ya know? If they can get their Noses in they can fit? Maybe I'm wrong there, but I was also thinking about making it where you can see where the hole is, but placeing a door over it instead of leaving it all open.... You'd just have to be right up on top of it Edited to add: MAN! you have a WONDERFUL! camera I am actually able to see the fish line in the first pic. I had to move it up and down (the page that is) to be sure it wasn't on my glasses or the monitor
  17. No, it's not the end of discussion. That happens when either the OP or a moderator closes the topic. Until then, discuss on! Well, I guess I could close it, but I'm having fun.... is that wrong?
  18. That is ment at the time it was hid if something was used to make it... I kinda like the thorn idea... It would remind me of most of them I find around here ya ought to see my arms and legs lots of new "war"scares coming!!! **please note I am stating "That is ment at the time it was hid if something was used to make it." as that is how it was explained to me by a cacher that's been at it well over 3 years. thank you edited to add:: If memory searves me right scavok said a shovel made it, but it wasn't made by him
  19. LMFAO! *note to self lmfao, may be offensive to some, and should use lmbo instead*. Man oh man This is wonderful. Oh, Renegade Knight, I tried to move all the posts from the other thread, but the quote wouldn't work and i didn't feel like redoing it and was tired. So, instead I posted this link it's close to the bottom, but that's where it starts then goes on and on. then i started this thread in hopes that I could take this topic away from hijacking the CCC topic (hense the name as well). I'm also tired of using my microsoft word to do my spell checking because I don't have the deal downloaded for the spell check here so if i spell something wrong, please ignore it and use what ever word makes more since lol Any who glad to see you foud your way over here scavok, of course I'm sure I did blow this out a bit more then it shoulda been, but i truely wanted to make my point, understand everyone else's and say I agree with everyone.
  20. Ya know those big tubs you can get at Wal-Mart to keep stuff in? I've been thinking about taking one of them and cutting a hole into the side of it, putting a reinforcement of some kind in it, then taking it out to the woods somewhere and covering it up with dirt, leaves and the such. Then using it to hide the actual cache..... I have been a bit worried of something trying out their "squatter’s rights".
  21. I would actually be on the side more worried about option 2 than option 1. I do buy the hiders story, based on other things I remember seeing happen back when I was in school. I'm assuming the cache in question is located somewhere the school either owns or has permission from people to do the bio samples he talks about. I'm also one who understands the concept of placing an object (ie cache) into a natural depression and then covering it with natural objects around (ie leaves/sticks). With time, the natural objects start to look like real ground cover, and a "magical" perfectly fitting hole has been formed for your cache. The issue as I see it is that the picture really LOOKS like the hole was dug specifically for the ammo can, which could lead others (think Park Board members or certain governing bodies) to believe that ALL geocaches are placed in such a manner. Personally, if the hole WAS dug by others as stated, AND the cacher has permission to place cache there, I don't see a valid concern...only a perception of inpropriety. This does not however mean that I believe cacher A can run out and dig a hole in the woods while cacher B waits a week to then "discover" the hole and hide a cache there *sucks at lurking* Celticwulf I gotta say I do agree it may not be the best thing to do. I did find the cache (under scavok's profile). GCVBEX, well not gonna say for sure it is, but will say after reading it and the note posted by scavok i would bet it is. Anywho though. I do agree with you I actually agree with every one. Including myself. There's MANY ways it coulda been made and there's MANY things to say scavok dug the hole, but if scavok says it was there already, why not believe it?? edited to add: Headed out to play at the park with the kids, ya'll behave yourselfs
  22. don't forget this post by the hider.. Congrats on finding a nice rectangular hole already in the land that you could use! Thank you! It was kindly donated by the nearby school taking dirt samples. It is not a snug fit mind you. What's the dif between this and a fake drain cap for a below-suface-but-not-buried cache?
  23. this one (GCHZJ5 ) may or may not be in a hole in their yard... that don't mean i'm going to do the same thing... had 2 dnf's on it before I found it...
  24. And the world could end tomorrow.... ya never know, but have ya read my signiture?? Well said. Let one dingdong get away with it and a whole bunch of dingdongs will be doing it next week. I see your point as well, both of ya.. but if everyone reads the guidelines then why would they start digging holes??
  25. was bored had nothing better to do... trying to point out a few things...
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