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  1. Not sure if it'll help bu tyou may check this site out.... http://www.geoplane.com/trimble/geobeacon.html
  2. I think that would be a great idea. I have a couple around here that are marked at a regular one, and after reading through it you see it's a night one.
  3. When you go to Wal-Mart (or any other place you like to buy shoes and clothes) just to get some caching clothes for your up comeing caching vacation.. OH! and don't forget a nice pair of Hiking type shoes/boots for you and the kids!!!!! **We did this today! ** edited for spelling.... hope i got it all
  4. *Is wondering if anyone is ready to argue yet...* I've decided to ask for permission before I start anything any more. Anyone up to it?? LOL just kidding sorry.... I can't stay silent forever on one of my "favorite" threads.....
  5. In Michigan's UP.......that water was very cold!!! Besides, Mrs. Geek understands about shrinkage..........alright, alright we'll stop there
  6. well, there were at least two. I hope it wasn't rude of me to look for them.... heheheheh naw not at all rude... heck I didn't even notice the "bitting" being spelled wrong......
  7. Really? And you still haven't spotted the typo? Impressive! lol glad you pointed it out.....
  8. ***hmm am wondering if i should say sorry for anytime i have been/will be rude... would it do any good??***
  9. didn't want to start a new topic for this question... hopefully since this one is still new maybe i'll get it answered... Ok I bet i'm over looking it or you can't do it.... Can you add pics to your gallery other then when you log a cache or TB?
  10. i like looking at pics, just to see what ya'll look like...... sorry just had to throw that in... I can still look even thouhg i'm not "looking" right? better stop there....
  11. I am quickly loosing respect for you Lep. Ironic that you've managed to accuse me of stuff several times already in a thread with this subject, as well as attack me personally in other threads just today. You even read the forums on the "other site" and bring them up in the discussions in a backhanded way. Unbelievable? What is your user name over there anyway? No more posts from me in this thread. I'm very sorry to you all that it got derailed. My comments were meant to be constructive. aw but you do bring up some good points now and then....
  12. Considering the thread is about "Rudeness in the forums", I would say it's pretty much on topic eh? LOL ok i'll give ya that..... BUT still.......
  13. hmm maybe we should keep on topic... maybe start a new thread to talk about agreeing to disagree on the one thread??? edited to add:: Just don't let it end up as mine did when i was trying to futher talk about a disagreement..........
  14. I have one we named time to play can ya guess what it's near to???
  15. I am hopeing to get it and the two i adopted replaced soon so i can get them off the disabled list..... plan on the two i adopted this weekend..... hopefully it by then....
  16. To address goldfishy (hope i got it right, if not sorry) the original one was taken by some local kids... read my rant here. I disabled it for a while, and have been thinking of a way to replace it.... I should take the pics and ask Mystery Ink if he'd still want to help me think of a container, but it's been soooo long ago lol (if ya read this MI I haven't forgotten your offer, just never got around to it). Any who... I wouldn't mind to much of people looking around. and it would suggest not looking after dark, unless they don't mind barking dogs, but it could wake a nieghbor or two or three up. After looking for this one I think it'd be funny watching people looking for one lol. I may still think about covering it with some bark off a tree in my yard that fell off (like I had mentioned in CCC). I also mentioned it to my hubby and he's not to found of the thought.. so I may change my mind lol. edited to add: It will state it's in my yard
  17. heheheheh sorry didn't mean to laugh...not and seam evil anyways . I'd have to say I agree with ya though!
  18. I am trying to think of a way to replace my cache that is at a local park... it happens to be next to my house.... I found a really good spot, but it's actually in my back yard.... in a way..... It's next to my "junk" shack... We're in the proccess of claning it out lol. Anywho.... if i mention it's in my back yard would there be a problem? I'm sure as long as my reveiwer knows it's in a yard and it's MY yard it should get ok'd.... what do YOU all think? would it be a problem? Would you search for it? It's NOT in the shed, but close by it.
  19. for some reason the internet brings the ugly out in everyone. just one of those things i guess. i'm usually a very nice person despite anything said to me, but there's those buttons that are a bit easy (maybe too easy) to reach.... alot of times on here (and I bet this gets flammed like you wouldn't believe) someone that responds nastily because they think they are either 1) better then the person in one way or another 2) know more then the person (for what ever reason) or 3) just for fun.. sad as the latter maybe.
  20. lmao and i thought i was the only one (everything sounds familure, except spending that much on a gps and hadn't been out yet... the honeymoon thing and the wedding/reception.... how ever i have a wedding i'm going to on my B-Day... wonder if the reception is in the same place or a different one.....)
  21. eh, growing up in a family of mostly men that go "hunting" many times it's just a cover up to go out and get drunk... aw heck shouldn't of said that... Not meaning to start anything there.. or am i?? lol Good luck with your hunt! edited to add:; Errummm search** not hunt*** lol
  22. That is what we use with out Meridian Gold. It's a bit slow. But works fine
  23. I've gone after 2 that i woulda sworn were missing, but get home and see someone found it the dame day.... Now that I've been at it longer and have done more it's a bit easier to find some, but there's still one that after 3 tries I haven't found... Then again, I think it's actually gone, cause the last 4 are DNFs as well.... On the hider not getting it by the time the reviewer OKs it.... I've only hide one, workng on a few more, waiting for an ok from locals to do one... But I placed it and then waited for it to be OK'd figured if it wasn't ok'd I could go get it and rehide it someplace else... Should I not do this??
  24. haven't read all the way through, and probablly won't... wanted to know if anyone's brought up that some gas stations may not be opened. I found this site a while back and one of the stations listed for around here isn't opened and haven't been for 2-3 years... So, ya gotta consider that before heading out to the station....
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