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  1. I hadn't had a booster when I had my appendix out at 16. The doctor gave me one (just because I had a major operation). A year later I poked myself with a stick, wasn't very deep, didn't bleed (at first). I went in sicker then a dog the next day (had bronchitis, not related) and the doc noticed the hole, asked me about it and gave me the booster again. I was told to get one again at 26. Saturday I turn 26, and next Tuesday I'm getting my booster. They hurt like a witch* but I'd rather have a shot then to die that way.....
  2. I am not saying if I can or can't do this, but i will say I have alot left to learn.....
  3. My only problem is the tracts. I love finding the cross necklaces, Jesus fish and the such. But, if you leave a tracts then it is pushing a religion. Not all are the same, by a LONG shot. I have NO problem with Christians, I am one, but I hate when someone tries to push their beliefs on me. I don't let the Mormons on my porch anymore, Nor do I let Jehovah whiteness in my drive anymore. I don't mean any harm or anything to those of you who may be one or the other. I'm not trying to flame or get flamed. I guess what I’m saying is the tracts are what bothers me
  4. My biggest problem was the small one I had on my property was muggled, everything taken... then the contents was left thrown around the area. I was able to find another spot (on my property) to place a new one, but could only do it as a micro this time lol. I used the log it and chose the add cords, or something like that lol. was pretty easy
  5. if it's a word that only has one meaning (such as rape or anything like it) I could understand someone complaining about it, but to jump on this is stupid
  6. I have done this before..... wasn't hard to get them sent to the right people just took an extra 5 days.... it really sucks for everyone
  7. i stand firm on the saying not to push your religious beliefs upon others.... i agree with you, i have found a few myself. i have no problem with church or anything like that, but as i said....
  8. lol i'm really glad that it is easy to do. other wise it'd been this weekend or next before i could of gotten it going again. i can do everything else, and now i know i can change the cords as well lol.
  9. We used to live in a real small town (less than 2,000) and that post office was a real pain in the but that had nothing to do so they would inspect everthing that ever came through, now in a bigger city they are much better as long as you follow the basic rules they give you what you want and quick. My PO resembles that... The Post master claims I can't insure or get a delivery conformation on certain things, and yet it says in B&W right one their site YOU CAN! I've even went as far as printing the page and showing it to her.
  10. It really doesn’t bother me, neither does the team or cache(s) everyone's talking about. Not everyone sees it as the rest. As been mentioned before, it's not any worse then they'd hear/learn in school. You ought to hear some of the things my 8yo has learned in 3rd grade this year. I have no problems explaining to either of my two children what F.A.G., Fag or anything of the such is. It may be a bit embarrassing at times, but really what's the big deal? Alot of children are non-the-wiser, some don't care, and alot don't know what it means. If You're asked tell then what it short for, not that it means gay. I mean really alot of ya'll have blown this WAY out of porportion. I really think too many it's inappropriate, but I also think in a way it's clever, maybe not original, but cleaver/funny in a way. To me the immature thing was even starting this thread. edited for spelling
  11. But they are all Disabled Fix em Ok I got This one going tonight.... will have other two going soon
  12. Thanks again!!! I sure am glad it was easier then I thought.... I wanted to show my hubby I could do it . I just hope, like me, you won't tell him I didn't do it on my own... I really shoulda been able to figure it out for myself, but the little ones have been running and screaming alot today and makes it hard to think.....
  13. OK, I got bored with this thread after the 3rd page.... I just wanted to ask if this means I shoul be offened every time I take my exit at Joplin Missouri, because this place has a sign right there??? I'll check back later to see if anyone has answered this.... PS I'm not trying to start anything.... Just think about it.... edited to add a PSS.... Google F.A.G Bearings... You'll find alot of interesting things....
  14. There is a new feature where the owner can post a note with new coords that will automatically update the cache. Just try it, it should work if you are only moving it 30 feet. Ok, thanks I'll try that here in just a couple mins
  15. what is the best way to redo cords on a cache? My Time To Play has been replaced (for about 3 days now), and it is about 30 feet away from old point... Sould I just enter the new ones in the page that says to add/edit them? Is there a different way to do it? Should I contact the reviewer and have him help me.... what is the best/easiest way to do it? edited to add the hyper link to my cache....
  16. You can also enter the coordinates for your house and it'll give you the distance from your house instead
  17. I'm pretty sure it means you've found it, but not where it's suppose to be. Say it is suppose to be in X cache, but you found it in Y cache, you'd use the discovered it..... but again I'm not real sure
  18. I was told by my doctor i could use vicks to make them remove themselves, but it could cause it to regurgitate. How ever the odds of getting it out whole and not get infected are much better using somthing like that.... or nail polish. Like HB said, though, you may want to look it up, they coulda changed their minds in the last 2 years. I'm a bit lucky in the fact I don't get them often (my mom always said it was cause of my blood, being thick or somthing). BUT, when I do get them it's usually under my *hmm thinking of a good word to use...* breast (only one I came up with, sorry) Or on my head.
  19. I don't live anywhere near ya (NE Okla), but I know they are worse here this year. I was over at my friend's house the other day and the wind came up strong. Her trees where "raining" ticks!!!! Her dad said its cause of the mild winter we had, and they're liable to get WORSE! I hope not, but I would bet they do.....
  20. Medieval torture dungeon? No, but that gives me an idea I'd lost this thread for a bit, but finally found it again!!!
  21. But they are all Disabled Fix em Two of them I just adopted and it's been raining too much to get to them... the time to play i am fixing to place prolly tomorrow (5-11)
  22. YUP THANK YOU!! lol I'd been looking for the same thing
  23. just a fast HELLO! and my 2 cents on the name, I like it lol
  24. aw I miss having chickens, geese, ducks and every other farm animal we had.... I really need to get out of the town and city settings
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