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  1. I have put this on hold for just a little while longer. My husband just put in an order for some ammo cans. He was ordering himself some for re-loading and decided to order enough I could have some for caching. As soon as they come in (should be a week from today) I will get it ready and go talk to the caregiver (or at lest the person that owns the house behind the Cemetery). I think what I'm going to do is place it near the gates and place sandstone over it. Make like a little cubby and put one on top. I was weed eating and found I still have about 10 large pieces of it left by my mother-in-law's flower bed she took out when she moved.
  2. OKay, I've had to put getting the stuff off a week. But, I should have it this weekend
  3. I now have The Italian Job- Red... Is that the one?
  4. I would love to do one like this! Even if there's nothing left, I think it'd still be cool to go to. Like Lep said If I get a chance after you place them I would go
  5. Well, so far I see more that would like the idea, then not. I think we're going to try and find everything we need to get it done tonight (well, we don't have to get the crete, his mom has some she's giving me).
  6. ooo! Groundspeak has an army of admins now??? do they get to wear uniforms and go on maneuvers one weekend a month? does the initiation include the phrase, "thank-you sir, may i have another?" i wonder if there's a recruiting poster with a pic of signal the frog pointing that says, "we want YOU for the Groundspeak lackey army". sounds cool! how do i get to be an admin?
  7. As you can see with the posts in this thread, people feel differently about caching a graveyard. I'm on the fence with the idea but I really don't appreciate ending up in a graveyard without fair warning as I was on a cache hunt on Kauai recently. Put it right out there for folks to understand where you are asking them to hunt. You'll need to provide additional information about the actual hide if you are going to get help you are requesting with the material for it. For what it is worth, a fake gravestone would be bad form in my book because you'll no doubt have people doing things that could be considered disrespectful before finding it. No, not at all what I am doing. I'm going to make it look like a grayish rock, or sand stone way away from where the headstones are. edited to add: If you look over my caches you'll see that I state in each of the graveyard ones I have already placed that they are in one.
  8. Hmmm the map that the site (Find a grave) has the road listed as a county one... I hadn't thought to check that.
  9. I am still stumped on the cover for the container. I think what I'm going to do is make a holder, place a steel bowl of some kind (or a metal bowl of some kind) in the middle of it and then pour Quick-Crete over it. Let it dry, break off the holder and paint it. Then place it over the container go visit the people who live behind the Cemetery and talk with them about placing it just inside the gates of it. If nothing else they can tell me who else I need to talk to, but being they live right behind the Cemetery I bet they're the ones that own the pasture.
  10. There was a few that mentioned that in the last subject I started, before I planed my cemetery caches. I now have 4 and working on another 6. Most all of them aren't used often, or are, but the cache is near an older one. I was asked about the title of one (GCWR8X) of mine. I named it what I did, because of how old it is and the fact if you will look around, there's alot of unmarked ones, and a group of 6-8 baby graves that only have the date and the words "Born and Died" on them.
  11. I have always enjoyed cemeteries. I can spend hours in them, just looking at the graves. I usually always take flowers with me. If I don't know anyone in there then I place a flower (or two/three) on Baby graves. I take my girls with me each time I go (well almost every time).
  12. When my Brother (mudden) and I first arrived at the Cemetery entrance we didn't remember it at all having a cattle guard. Then we realized that the cemetery was on down a bit and we'd be driving through a pasture to get to it. I had already talked to many and knew it was a public cemetery. How ever mudden wasn't really sure about going on in. He finally drove on up. The way he reacted told me I may need to check and see if anyone else would be bothered by the fact that you'd be driving through a pasture. I didn't see any cows/bulls where we were, but there were signs that it is used at times (if you know what I mean lol).
  13. There's not really a spot I can hid the cache container, so I plan on making a casting to make a rock cover and not sure the best thing to use for it.
  14. I'll keep that in mind. I plan on writing about the gang on the cache page.
  15. I think alot will like it. In the log book, I'm gonna put the co-ords to the graves of the gang. I'm gonna place it close to the gates. I just wasn't real sure if the cattle guard would scare some off. I think as long as I get permission and tell them about it all would be fine. Before I go out to get permission, I’m gonna have it all ready to show the person I talk to what it’ll look like.
  16. I have a local Cemetery I want to place a cache in, because there's a famous Gang buried there. Well, I checked it out over the weekend... I hadn't been there in YEARS. When you get there you have to cross a cattle guard and pull through a pasture to get to it. I have been assured it's a public Cemetery. When you pull up there's signs that say to Please close all gates and not to plant Trees or shrubs. I think that I can get permission to do the cache there, but I need something I can use to cover it. I thought about Plaster of Paris, but was told it'll melt, and that Quik-Crete will work, so I'll probably do this. My question is, Would other cachers look for it, when I get proper permission, or would coming upon the cattle guard scare some/most off? I would put in the description of it and such. I just more or less want to see if it's a waste of time to make a cover to make the container look like a rock and getting permission before I do it...
  17. I think its fine to send an e-mail asking about it. I'll admit that there's been one or two I've held onto for longer then I'd liked to of. I make a habit of e-mailing the owner myself after a certain amount of time to let them know what's going on and when I plan to move it along. I always get a reply stating they usually don't get e-mails like that and thanking me for letting them know.
  18. I was hoping someone with the same point of view would reply. The first one I did in a cemetery I'll admit threw me off, but I did enjoy it after the actual thought came to mind that I could "kill two birds with one stone" I could find a cache and look at old graves/headstones at the same time.
  19. That would be very cool! I spent an hour and half in one today looking around and 45 mins in the first one. I placed caches in both of them. I just wanted to see what everyone thought of it before placing the others I have planned . The one I spent so long in today my Father-In-Law is buried in and the kids and I hadn't ever seen it, just hadn't gone before. We went and got flowers and placed them for him. We also, each (3 of use), placed one on about 20 baby graves while we was there. I always like to do that. I just wish I’d had some for the first one we had gone to.
  20. My wife and kids both enjoy cemetary caches. They go more for the history and viewing of different headstones and such more than the caches themselves. Actually, I usually end up looking for the cache while they are off wandering around the cemetary. So in my opinion micros are fine in cemetaries. That's what I like doing. Going for the History and all. I placed two today and thinking about a few more.
  21. This may have been talked about, but I'd like to see how many people like Cemetery caches... Is a Micro good, or do you like to find small ones?
  22. I have two (that I adopted) that's been down since mid-April. I just haven't had a chance to make it out to them to replace them. I plan on it every week and something comes up. I would send an e-mail to them and ask about it before doing much of anything. I would rather get an e-mail then a post on the page that it needs to be archived. I'd gotten one on the one by my house, and it really kinda struck me as odd. It'd only been down a month when I got it. I found out that the person was out caching and couldn't find it got home and found out then it was disabled. I won't say anything about my opinion on this, but like has been mentioned they may have other things come up and haven't been able to get to it, or other problems.
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