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  1. I talked to my better half (Jerry) and he said we might make it to the geowoodstock
  2. LOL not to mention it's a rather LONG one, topk mea while to look at it all. I can't think of any unusual containers i've found, but i did learn the rock ones are fun. i stood on the one i found for a couple mins a few times...
  3. Okay, how about anywhere within 20 miles of NE Okla??????
  4. I grew up in the woods, in Missouri. I lived in a hilltop valley not far from Mark Twain Forrest, I can't remember at this time how many acres where around us exactly (It's on HWY 248, just past Jenkins's Quick Stop <or is it Jenks...> for those who know the area, it's called The Oaks... I think my dad said it was Mark Twain's Forrest that wasn't real far as the crow flies...), but it was ALOT.... Anywho, I spent my summers going down to the bottom of the Valley every day... NEVER seen anything, NO snakes, No bears, No lions, No wolfs etc etc; and yet there was proof (and sightings) to show they was out there. I was a BIG tomboy. I climbed on everything that didn't move, Loved trying to make it across that shiny rock in the bottom of the river (can't remember, but think it's lime stone??). I have to say the only thing I'm scared of while caching is a muggle seeing me and taking the cache. I can honestly say that the only thing I am scared of are BIG spiders. I live for the day I find a cache that I can actually go off into the woods to look for. Now granted I've been a little ways into the woods a couple times, but I don't call them this, cause it's all flat lands and very little actually coverage by trees.
  5. I'll have to look at it and see where at and when it is. We're planning a trip in May (my B-day and our anniversary are 3 days apart in May lol, PLUS mothers day )
  6. That's cool to meet and get married! I honestly can't remember for sure, but I think the WG site is how i did find out about caching....the first time... I'd mentioned it to my hubby and we never looked at it.... then he'd read somthing about it in a magazine of some kind or another... maybe a booklet on the GPS he'd gotten to do his Ham Radio stuff, can't remember. Anywho that's how we ended up starting was the artical he'd read. We're both ham radio operaters. For those who may read this thread and are also our calls are: Jerry's kd5mlw and mine kd5mlv
  7. Just wanted to pop in and see if there's anyone on the forums from the Miami/Welch area... or even Afton, Vinita etc etc lol. I know that there has to be some here (somewhere....), as I have found ALOT around Miami.....
  8. it's not really he don't enjoy them (cahes) he just doesn't seam to want to go out... i guess in a way i'm being a bit selfish, as he works 10 hours mon-fri and sometimes 6-8 on saturdays..... days off are wonderful things lol. but, honestly IMHO doing caches are funner and more enjoyable then sitting here in front of the computer during the time he's off work lol. we haven't been at it but just over a year. i bet he'll be more apt to go out when we get more done lol I think it's mainly i'm home alone (with the 2 girls) most the time and want to go out and find some, but decide not to for the fact that most we haven't gotten are a ways off and the thought that it wouldn't be fair lol.
  9. OH My i didn't think i'd get this many replies lol. I'mglad to know that i'm not the only one that LOVES to cache that is female.... My Hubby is a bit more interested since we started using his Pocket PC..... I think maybe time has a lot to do with him going. I wouldn't say I'ma numbers person, how ever I do grin BIG when I see how far ahead we are from His Buddy! They've always been competive. Thanks for all the replies, and i hope I get more! Oh, and he suprised me today with an early Birthday presant... 4 Tbs, some geocaching stickers and the such!! Wanda PS I think i'll lerck around tomorrow and see what I can find on our local forums. Just to see lol
  10. I am wondering how many women there are that enjoys this hobby. I find it hard to get my husband to go out as often as I'd like (I'll prolly get in trouble for this post lol, not really). I see alot of guys on here saying that they have problems getting their wifes to go out. I have a close friend that I just can't get very interested in doing this. she says I should go out on my own, but I really don't want to. It's funner with Jerry and IMO I think it's easier in a way to have two lol. I'm not saying I'd do it without involving Jerry if I had someone to go with me, I don't think it'd be fair in a way lol. I guess all in all I'm just wondering how many women there is that enjoy going out (maybe even have a "passion" for it lol) as much as i do.
  11. Not to mention that one of these days one of them could be voted in.......
  12. I'm fixing to get one of the shirts to wear while out caching...... I haven't really been asked before. I was coming out (or going in, can't remember) from one spot a cache was at. I carry the gps down to my side at most times. i seen a man and smiled at him. He seen I was holding something and asked "You taking pictures of birds too?" I just smiled again and said yeah. I still wonder to this day if he was a cacher as well, but didn't stick around to ask lol.
  13. hmmm what is the milspec number?? I have an old one (from 1954) with some numbers on it.... Gonna finish the rest of the thread.... you can e-mail me directly if you'd like therough my account....
  14. I think it'd be a cool idea. and really if people would look and see (most gift cards have a number) on the back they can call and see if it's still loaded with money or not. and if not then they know they can't buy anything. of course you could also get an e-mail stateing it's empty (from the last person to find it) and you'd know to have it sent on home or refill it asap.
  15. Aw yeah I hadn't thought of that. I prolly won't do it that then, just be sure to have it on the non busy side an dcovered with rocks. thanks, headybrew, for pointing that out.
  16. Thank you. I don't think the rocks will too bad. I plan on making it where there's only one that has to be moved... well wait may make it two smaller ones so they don't wiegh alot. Gotta see how it turns out lol. I had been thinking about if htey'd be too heavy. So far I haven't found alot of caches, and only two where ammo cans (that I remember) and they where covered, but not by rocks. i'm really excited about getting this done. I should have all I need soon, and will be ready to present it to the owner of the yards and the mayor.
  17. Thank you. I'm hoping they will make it all over, but diffenantly want to be sure the one for my cousin Jay (the one I'll be giving to the daughter) makes it to Cali and Org. Two of his favorite places. My other one only distination is going to be Cheyene Wyoming (probablly spelled that wrong?). My cousin Justin was in the Rodeo and rode in a lot of them. I'm wanting it to hit as many states, but then want it to be sure to make it there as well. As I've said, I've read about ALOT of TBs. So far I hadn't seen one this idea. I could be wrong, there's MANY out there lol. Thanks for the reply. Wanda funny thing when i checked earlier i only seen one reply lol and this one is before the other.
  18. Thank you. I really think the one I'm doing for my cousin that I'm going to give to his daughter would be a good momento. She was only four when he passed. I've been trying to think of a "mission" for a TB for a while now. I even went as far as reading about (close to) 2500 or so lol..... Yes I have alot of time on my hands some days lol. The other one I'm going to either keep or give it to my Aunt and Uncle.
  19. OK, I had one put in this little town I live in that a couple cachers found (4) but the last two didn't put on the site they had. Well, I always checked to be sure it was covered back up after the first two found it and planned on it every time. Well, it didn't get covered back up and was found by 2 boys in town..... I'm sure you know what happened.... Anywho.... Ok, I'm working on a cache that's going to be a tribute to Johnny Cash, cause of what he did for this small town. (I realize locals read these and not too worried about the spoilers I'm fixing to put in) http://www.geocities.com/potatochippers/Onepiecestory.html for more information. *** I am not sure, as of yet how much truth is in the online story.*** I am going to spend the next couple days/weeks finding out. I am going to include the story in the cache. Okay, the location I'm going to put it is a public place (in the works of getting it OK'd... I think it's actually private property... in a way... it's a stockyard). Keeping in mind it's going to be OK'd (HIGH hopes ) this is my thoughts of hiding it. I'm going to get one of the 120 mm ammo cans (or a flat one of any size really). I have ALOT of extra sand stone laying around my house (I have 8 fish tanks I use them for caves and such lol). I'm going to take 4-5 pieces of the larger ones and place them beside the barn, and leave them for a week, so the Farmers will be use to them being there. Then place the cache under them, and make it where it can't be seen. Would any of you have a problem of having to replace the rocks, as are? I'm also going to be sure to have it on the less busy side of it. There are sales every Thursdays so I'm going to put it would be best not to do it on a Thursday. There's also a small cafe inside the barn that's open daily (well atlest Mon-Sat). For a FTF prize I'm going to include a copy (either CD or tape, not sure which yet, inputs welcome on that) of Johnny Cash's "Walk the Line". Wish I could afford to put the movie, but anywho.... I'm also going to use a sharpie to put the cords to a house he owned a bit outside of town (heard his brother now owns it, but not sure). For those who would be interested in seeing it. I'm going to try really hard get ahold of a few more things of him to include for trade, but am not going to be picky to where if you trade it has to be a Johnny Cash item.... some of those are fun (themed ones) but some aren't. Any ideas of neat stuff? There will of course be regular trade items included as well. When I place the cache I'm going to let the couple that runs the cafe know one is there, the owner of the land know, the mayor know, and probably the local law enforcement. Just to make sure, ya know? Anyways let me know your thoughts on all this, please. Any suggestions on how to place it is welcomed as well. I will take the cache it self to those I'm letting know it's there, so they know what it looks like. Also, would it be inappropriate to have a combo lock on it? As long as I make sure the combo to get it open is in the page? This way it won't be as easy to get open for those who aren't cachers. Thanks in advance Wanda
  20. I have two cousin's I was very close to that's passed away. I'm going to purchase 2 TBs (one each, of course) and send them out with a Mission. With them I'm going to include what that Mission is, and that it is in Memory of said cousin. I also want to include a log book for one of them, for those who will to sign and put some thoughts in it. It will be given to my cousin's young daughter once I get it back home..... Also would it be inappropriate to ask that once it's met its goal to contact me so I can send them a postage paid envelope to send it back to me? I'd much rather do this if it is okay. To better insure it of getting home. My aunt (mom of the cousin) thinks it's a wonder thing to do for my little cousin, and I want to be sure I can give it to her. Thanks for any and all ideas, comments. Wanda
  21. I'll send ya message shortly on this thanks!
  22. That's what frustrats me is the fact it's on MY land. Before the park I had only had people cut through my side yard to get from their house to a friends. Now I have ALL kinds of people (MOSTLY kids) in all parts of my yard. Anywho, sorry again for ranting I am taking this up with the city council at the next meeting..... I think what I'm going to do is nix this one compleatly, like ya'll have suggested and place a new one in a spot that isn't so highly traveled. Also, I'm going to make it a bigger one lol. I have an old 50 cal ammom can that I'd bought a while back (that's suppose to be new, but I'm still gonna clean it...). Thanks for all the replies, and any future ones!
  23. I hd my cache hid very well, covered and everything... One of the boys here in town found it (I have it down to two as being the ones finding it...). When it was found in July I checked and the two who found it had covered it back, and everytime it rain I'd add more leaves and old grass/hay, and it was hard to see it was in the spot (If I hadn't placed it I wouldn't have know it was there at all). I had two who had found it and not logged it and we hadn't had any rain to make me check in on it. then I seen a broom over by where it was and sure enough I looked and it was gone. Almost a week later my kids and I was visiting the little park it was in and after one of the two boys (the one i really think took it) came by and was talking to us, and then his sister came by and was talking with me as the girls where playing (I live very close to the park..) I was sitting out there brakeing up old branches and stuff for my dad to use with his wood stove this winter. About half an hour after both boys had been there and gone my 4 yo came up and said "look moom, writin." I looked and she had my log book. I asked where she found it and she took me to her tricycle and showed me 90% of the stuff from the cache and I found (what i hope was all of) the rest of it spreed out across the park. I am at the park nearly every day, I sometimes miss one or two days. I guess if I replace it (IF) I need to just be sure to recover it every night, well check on it every night. I haven't gotten all the ones I am wanting to put out and hope to soon.....(in fact this had been the only one I had gotten put out) This is very upsetting, but I am not mad at the boy(s) who took it.... I am VERY glad they returned what was in it. I just wish I woulda checked it more often, cause then I coulda covered it and it wouldn't have been found.... It was in an old filled in cistren for the house next to the park (my house) and covered with grass, twigs, dead leaves and hay. I will say however I am in wait for the privacy fence to be placed between my house and the park. I am getting tired of all the families thinking it's ok to come into my front yard and get my kids bikes and tricycles and let their kids play with and tear them up!! anywho sorry for that rant.....
  24. That's what i was thinking. I'm pretty sure since it's a stockyard it would be private property, and there for i need to ask. Thanks
  25. OK, I didn't get a chance to put my other caches out this weekend, I had a family thing i had to do. Anywho, One of them i will be caching will be in front of a Stockyard. I'm wondering who I shoulda ask about placing this one, or if I need to. It's a sales Stockyard, and they also have a small cafe there. Should I just go in and talk to who ever it is that runs the cafe, or atlest let them know about the cach being there and what it looks like, or just place the cache? It wouldn't look strange to anyone driving by, someone looking for the cache, but it may look strange to somone inside. Also Thursdays, and special occation days are the bussiest days, so I will probably put in there to use cotion on Thursdays and any other day it looks like anyone is there (I guess Wed and Thurs. would be the busy days, as all the farmers are there the day before also, well a lot of em are).
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