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  1. Thanks for the idea for the series. I'll look at the caches you mentioned and at the last one's hider's other hides.
  2. hell i thought it was normal...... but have gone after plenty that has good hints. I usually decrypt it before I even decide to worry about the hint (before I printed out the paper). Now I just use my Pocket PC and get a bit frustrated when it's not a true hint, but then again i don't really mind...... (there's a neat program you can use for free that decrypt it on you PPC really cool, but don't help if there is no good hint lol)
  3. I have noticed there are not very many Multi caches in my little corner of Oklahoma. In fact the closes ones are 23+ miles away from me.....Which isn't bad I know, but I am thinking of setting one or two up here close.... I would like everyone's thoughts/ideas on an idea I have to do.... I'm wanting to have a multi with about 6 stages that go from one town to the one I live in (it's about a 10-13 mile drive from there to here). Then have a regular sized container at the last stage. Then I was thinking of having one that leads from another town to here, but have the last stage the same one. I am planning 10 different small-regular caches from here to the second town (so cachers would have others to go after on the way), and some of them will be placed to have newer ones between me and the first town. I am also going to have a few more in my town and a few more in the second town (first town already has ALOT of them lol). Also wondering if there's a rule that I haven't found that says I can't place a regular cache in the same area as a virtual....would it be the same .10 rule or different? I have also consider haveing the last stage of the two in diffrent areas, but was wondering what anyone thought about them being the same. I have two spots picked out for it, I guess though someone could actually count both when they'd only done one and would be best to have them in different spots..... I'm sure this isthe way I'll do it (different last stages).
  4. I've done this.....So, I just started putting my name at the end anyways (well most the time), then I put the date (Hopefully I remember the date, sometimes I do sometimes I'm off by a few days..a week once.....), then I lightly outline what I put down.
  5. I don't know about you, but I have to ask permision to have a beer.....and I'm almost 26, but that's off topic and another story all together.....
  6. Son of a...I always forget to do this because I'm so psyched to get going. Hmm I always just set a waypoint before leaving the car if it's gonna be very far...........
  7. I have a habbit of putting the wrong date on the first one or two I do....
  8. I have one that's located between my property line and the park's next door. When the park was put in it was stated it was for all public use.... I didn't ask to put it there, mainly cause it's mostly on my property and the park said it is for all public use
  9. Boy, I think I've been VERY lucky so far.... The worse I've had is an arm full of scratches (because I haven't figured out to look around to see if there's a different way through instead of walking in the middle of a thorn "forest".....) Funny thing is, I usually don't wear pants when it's warm, and last year my arms where still the only thing that got bad. I've also screwed up my leg and back a couple times, I have a problem with arthritus <sp?> and tend to stemp on rocks in the oddest of ways, but for that all i have to do is take about 5 ibuprophine <sp, again?> and am good to go (200 mg each, and I've had the 800 mg suckers so many times that just one or two of the 200 ones don't do the job at all, and if I can take 2 of the 800's 3-4 times aday, I'm not worried about getting too much....) Oh and last weekend I was coming back up from between a road bridge and a walking one and hit the sign right there and got a BAD bruise on my shoulder....
  10. I've found sig items before, but always thought best to leave in case the owner would like them to collect... how ever, i'm happy with what ever. I don't care if i do trade or if I TNLN lol. I'm happy just getting out..... I had an awsome find the other day when we made a trip to Ark just to say we'd cached there. I found a geocoin, and thinking it was "alive" I traded some magic cards for it (I've been told by many I don't have to trade for trackables, but I do anyways, either another trackable or somthing neat). Well, when I got home and went to log I found out it wasn't a "live" one after all it was left for the next finder (it was left shortly before we'd gotten there lol).... If i'd known that I woulda traded something ALOT nicer/neater..... Now my question is, when stuff like that is left and it says it can be tracked on geocaching.com would you activate it and use it (or send it out) or keep it?? lol
  11. honestly a psp could probablly hold up to out door use better then alot of pda's out there..... but that's my opinion, and i could be wrong.. wouldn't be first time....
  12. Left a bit out... I understand there is a ceratin spot it is to be in, but if the cach isn't there, should they count it?
  13. I have No problem with them posting a DNF it's the ones when they post it found, but state in the log they didn't... go read the Logs, and you'll know what I mean GCHYG8 is the waypoint.. There's been a few say they didn't find it, but are going to log as found anyways. these are the ones I'm wanting to know if it'd be ok to delete. i can understand going out to find one and it be MIA, hell I have about 25 DNFs the one on 11-12-05 is the one I don't get......
  14. lol Ok now that we have that cleared up, should I post a note saying I am in the proccess of adopting them (on each of their pages) and will be disableing them for about a week or so while i replace them, after it goes through? and would it be right if after i have them adopted I delete the Finds, but Didn't finds? I don't see it's fare they went out and they was MIA and couldn't log them that way (From what I understand it's easy to see where they was...), but I don't see it's fair for those to do that when there's been a few that logged them as MIA and DNF (in other words both of them there's been some that has logged them as found, but says that they are not there, clearly, but since they found where they should be they're logging them as finds...)
  15. not a problem... i have alot going around my mind today and hadn't realized it's disableing I need to do lol typos suck sometimes.
  16. BEcause they are MIA I'm also confused. If they are MIA and you're replacing them, why the heck would your archive them? ok i used the wrong term apparantly, i will be "Disableing" them for a week or two while I fix them.... Is that a Better term?
  17. cool, thanks Fox-and-the-hound, i did e-mail him back and asked him to go to the page (was even nice and gave him the waypoints, so it'll be easier for him to find them to enter them lol. He hasn't had much time to cache in the last year, and hasn't been able to maintain them. I picked these two cause they are MIA and people are still counting them as a find!
  18. BEcause they are MIA I do plan on opening them back up as soon as i get them replaced
  19. Holy cow! Have you followed up with Groundspeak? I've always gotten my order within DAYS. In fact, that last batch was so fast, I couldn't figure out for a moment what that package was on my doorstep. my husband just got me 4 of em and the tracking number tells me they're on their way, will be here tomorrow, I'd diffantly would check into it
  20. From one obsessed girl geocacher to another - SEE YOU THERE (GW4)! I currently have more finds than my husband & he was the one who got me Geocaching in the first place! Boy, I swear he changes his mind on what we're doing for vaction as much as most (not all, but ALOT) of women do about what they're gonna wear! lol I really hope to make it, but I dunno lol.
  21. Lots of people do just that -- it's a tedious process, but if you want to do it, you can. Just log a "note" rather than a second "found it" for each of your old finds. Set the date of the note to the date that you actually found the cache originally, and for text put something like "Tracking previous cache finds on my personal TB" or something similar, so that the cache owners realize what you're doing. You can then delete those notes from the cache pages just to reduce the clutter. OH COOL!! Thanks for letting me know that! My Husband had said the same thing (that he wishes we could track the already found ones) I told him about this thread and that I was waiting to see If anyone says anything, and if not I was gonna start a new one. Thanks again for letting me know.
  22. Not sure where to post this question..... I got e-mailed back today about 2 caches I'm wanting to adopt. The owner gave me permission to adopt them, but what do I do now to get it to go through? I did e-mail him back and asked him to go to the adoption page and put in the information, and gave him my name on here, but was wondering (incase it's a while before he can do it) if there's anything I can do instead? Can I post a note saying I'm in the process of adopting them and once I do I'll archive them and go replace the caches?
  23. As an early Birthday presant my Hubby bought me 4 TBs (UPS is dropping them off TOMORROW!!! ). I plan on sending 3 of them out on "missions" and one of them I'm gonna keep, and use it to see just how many miles I get before I stop doing caches (which I'm betting is going to be a LONG time from now lol). I think it's a good and really neat way just to see how many miles you actually travel while caching. And, yes, I'll admit, I got the idea off of some other people's TBs. When I decided I was wanting to get some I went through looking at others to get ideas of what people are doing for Missions. In a week's time I looked at about 3500 different TB pages. This is how I got the idea of tracking myself. I just wish Ii could "dip" them into the ones i already done, but i don't think it'd be right, as I wouldn't be finding them again.
  24. OH MAN! I was looking at some the other day, (I use Mozilla, instead of IE..) and had like 20 tabs opened up to look at them (20 different caches). All the sudden I hear music. I didn't think anything of it, until my 8 yo brought me her radio to show me that the music I was hearing wasn't her radio, that she had actually listened to me and turned it off 2 HOURS before (she had been sent to bed in trouble, so she couldn't listen to it that night, and like many 8 yo's 2 hours later she was still awake giggleing reading a book... ). It DROVE ME NUTS!!!! until I figured out it was one of the cache pages I had opened.... To this day I hope to NEVER run across another one that plays them!
  25. just to add my 2 bits.... at a place i worked at a few years ago a good friend of mine had a heart attack half way through our night shift. the first responder (who worked there as well) that treated him on sight had to come into my department where his mother worked and get her permission to treat him, because he was unable to respond, but wasn't passed out. he said since he is a first responder and there was a family member that worked there as well, he HAD to ask her permission because my friend couldn't comprehend what was happening and ok the treatment
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