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  1. The app can be very frustrating with finding things that should be easy and obvious to see.
  2. spokexx

    Gadget Caches

    Yes. I guess as an attribute. Basically when I go to create a geocache or search on the map for one, I can select "Gadget" as a type in the filters.
  3. spokexx

    Gadget Caches

    Has it ever been discussed about adding the selection of "gadget" as a type of cache to hide or search for? The caches built by WVTim and me would be an example. I would love to see this so I and many others can specifically search those types of caches rather than just ammo cans or lock-n-locks or bison tubes ? Much appreciation. Spokexx
  4. Você é de Portugal, RuideAlmeida?
  5. Yes!! Ive come across a few unsignable logs. So here's a scenario I came across. I found the first stage of a multi cache the other day. It had a logbook and coords to the next stage. I signed the book and added the log into the app but then I went home, too cold. I figure ill get the rest of it another time. Now, when I eventually find the final stage, I'm sure there will be a logbook to sign, but will there be something else to log in the app or on this site? I guess it's up to the cache owner? That looks like a twin 2 stroke Suzuki you have there.
  6. I admit to finding a couple caches in the beginning without signing the log. I'll have to remember which ones they were. I didnt have a pen with me. In the future if i find a cache and I dont have a pen, is it OK etiquette to take a photo of the cache container or paper log in my hand and attach it to the log in the app? Much appreciation, folks. This is all good conversation.
  7. Ive brought along my Garmin Zumo 660 gps on recent hunts. Even though it's primarily a motorcycle gps, I can use it in pedestrian mode. Is it more accurate?? It seems, but it doesnt have a compass built into it.
  8. Ya know when I saw some of the caches placed around me have been there since early 2000's, I thought "How? The iPhone and apps have only been around since 2007??" And then I realized that back then people were using handhelds and this website. They must have written them down on paper and then headed out. Geez, i'ts SO convenient now. Open the app, zoom out and see what caches are around you. Even the digital compass built into the app is easy.
  9. OK, good. I don't like cheaters or posers. However, has the idea of digital verification of successful cache finding ever been discussed for the app?
  10. OK. Im learning people. Im learning. So if I find that some users haven't signed the paper log but DID click "found it" on the app, I can delete those??
  11. I'm new to the Geocaching app and site but I've managed to bag 30+ caches in my first month of Premium membership. I love the hunt and find, but I'm curious, does it boil down to being honest if you've actually found the cache or not? Could one just merely sit at their phone for an hour and mark as many caches 'found" if they felt like it? When I go to place my own caches, I for sure want people to log "Found it" only if they actually have. Is it possible to create a cache where the hunter/cacher must take a photo of a QR code or enter a numerical code(posted at the cache) for the cache to be officially found? Much appreciation, SpokeXX
  12. Howdy people. I'm finally a geocacher member and I'm hooked. I've known about it for years and even played a similar game in the ADV motorcycle community called Tag O Rama where you take a foto of your bike next to landmark. The next first rider to make it there and snap a foto of THEIR bike gets to choose/shoot the next location and so on. I've already found 32 caches and I'm super stoked to get placing my own. One Eyed Willy would approve
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