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  1. Some of wellknown manufactorers like Garmin and Magellan might be willing to rent/borrow (I doubt later one...) units for organizations. You could get in contact with them. I don't know how they actually do in these cases but it won't hurt trying. After all it's extra profit for them if you advertise their products to kids
  2. There should really be tool that would allow you to check whether there are other caches or WPs near given coordinates. This would make hiding caches lot more easy as currently we don't have any options but to use "Seek a cache" which (of course) doesn't show final locations of multi/mystery caches (which also count for proximity rule...). Problem here is that enduser who hides a cache does not have any possibility to really be certain that place he wants to hide a cache to doesn't have hidden mystery too close to it. My suggestion would be to make web based tool that you could input your coordinates tio and it would search whole database (including Hidden WPs) for caches and report whether you can or can't hide cache in that position. I can see the risk of this feature being abused to seek for mystery caches nearby without actually completing mystery (Give coordinates and if you can't create cache there's something nearby). My suggestion for this would be to limit queries allowed per user to something like 3-5/day so it couldn't be effectively used in this way.
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    Garmin gepsit

    Tarkkoja Topo karttoja ei toimiteta GPS laitteiden mukana vaan niistä joutuu maksamaan kyllä sen parisen sataa erikseen ostettuna. Hyvä ilmainen korvike löytyy kuitenkin OpenStreetMaps puolelta joka ei tarkkuudessa vastaa lähellekään Topo luokkaa mutta toimii todella hyvänä karttana ellei sitten aivan korpeen ole matkalla
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