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  1. Agreed. I usually receive the emails containing the PQs on my Smartphone, save the PQ and then fire up my Geocaching app to update caches from the ZIP file. I'm usually not logged on to geocaching.com on my Smartphone as it doesn't make much sense on the small screen. Would be nice if premium members could at least choose between email attachment or download link.
  2. Definitely not. gc.com announced the end of the maintenance via Twitter at 9:06am CET: #Geocaching is back! I logged at 8pm, that's 11 hours after end of maintenance. And the counters are still wrong.
  3. Same bug here (Germany). Logged 16 caches yesterday evening (8pm CET). That's 13 hours ago, but "Stat Bar" and logs still show old count, while login box shows correct count. Logging off for 20 minutes this morning didn't change the counters.
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