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  1. How are lame challenges any different than lame caches? You can't tell me you have never logged an uncreative cache, a lamp post hide. Why are challenges different than the virtuals and events you logged AS GEOCACHES? Why not exclude those too?
  2. You can log a note instead of a find on the non geocaches you've found. That way you can still access them and keep the non geocaches out of your find count. How many of the challenge complainers are going to to back and do that so they're consistent?
  3. Neither are earthcaches, nor events, nor CITO...yet we all log them.
  4. Give the whiners a forum of their own! I'd like to discuss challenges without having to wade through all the crying.
  5. That's the one thing I hate about most photo challenges, an ACTION attached to them. There's already a category for that, not surprisingly called Action Challenges. I think Challenges was a poor choice of words for this new activity. It should have been called Tasks or something similar. Now a lot of people are crying because they're not challenging. The idea was to do something at a location. That something didn't have to be difficult. While I appreciate the suggestions I received, I disagreed with them ultimately. For me, it is about the sun setting, not doing some mundane action. I added to my challenge write up, but there is nothing to be done except take a pic while the sun sets over the gulf. That's the treasure.
  6. Yup. I rarely know what my find count even is since I use the Android app to log.
  7. I don't care if they do count or don't count. Get rid of the numbers altogether for all I care. It does nothing for me. I enjoy getting out, seeing stuff, learning, doing things. So, whatever. Why does it matter to know if I've found 500 caches or 5000 caches? It doesn't matter AT ALL. I enjoyed myself and that's all that counts. I agree with the poster that observed the "numbers don't matter" crowd is very vocal about challenges jot being included in find count. How hypocritical. I've looked at many of the profiles in this thread and all of them had either virtual, earthcaches, web cam, or an event logged as a find. That's also contradictory.
  8. https://market.android.com/details?id=com.eclipsim.gpsstatus2 When I use my Thunderbolt to cache I notice I have to have the screen on and unlocked for a little bit in order for the compass to work.
  9. Download GPS Status & Toolbox app and reset your GPS. This should fix the accuracy problem.
  10. Yup. As stated you need to download the opensource c:geo app. I used it today, and the last few days, with success. Works great!
  11. I'm surprised at how many people are so into their numbers. Even the ones who claimed they hated PT and LPCs. I wonder if getting rid of stats altogether would improve the quality of caches. My new favorite are earthcaches. These actually have work and thought put into them and I learn somethings! Awesome.
  12. Disagree. List the size so those of us that dislike micros can filter them out. I searched for an hour for one of those that was listed as other. Cache page said ammo can so I figured they made a mistake. I was really annoyed to find a micro ammo can. It wasn't fun.
  13. When you guys did the Route 66 power trail didn't you miss a lot of nice scenery to look at film cans?
  14. Oh, waving hello! We have had to cover our feet and legs because of bugs. I love Columbia shirts and tevas! Oh yes! I have been drained by mosquitoes! Hate them! I lather myself in OFF! Deep Woods bug spray! I don't care how gross it feels, I can't stand the biting buggers. What coast of FL are you on?
  15. I haven't seen any reported problem regarding uploading pictures to logs... as yet. MrsB Thanks for the reply. I'll try it a few more times, then report it as an issue.
  16. Challenges are going to be like caches, lame and good ones. I hope we can keep lame ones under control.
  17. I'm also getting an error when trying to upload a picture to a TB log. It's happening consistently. Is this a know issue?
  18. I cache primarily in Florida and have waded through canals, standing water, march etc and have run across snakes. Haven't had an issue yet. I usually cache in teva sandals. Just try not to step on sales and you'll be fine. I sometimesmes wear hiking boots and capri pants if I'm hacking through saw palmetto. I'm not afraid of snakes and I carry a snake note kit. Someone on here told me kits were useless but I carry it anyway.
  19. I like that idea. I wish we could list coordinates for challenges, instead of the location outright. That would make it more geocache-y. So far, I like challenges and completed one, created one.
  20. If they take me somewhere interesting, yes, I'll do them. Same as how I Geocache.
  21. VZW HTC Thunderbolt and c:geo app (free) works great for geocaching. I use it to log all my finds, upload pics, search for caches and hunt non hiking caches.
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