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  1. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I want to create a challenge involving Kayaking or canoeing either into the gulf, intercoastal or mangrooves here and getting a picture of either the boat, GPS or cachers with a dolphin or manatee. How can I make this location based to fit the definition of a challenge? Is the challenge way too difficult? How to prove it was done? I went out Kayaking for the second time ever yesterday and I saw dolphins and thought of this challnge. Input please. Thanks guys!
  2. So far I've been really impressed with earthcaches. They provide a lot of interesting information. That's why I'm getting into them. As I understand it, it takes much work to create and have an earthcache published. Strict guidelines and reviewers. I cam only hope that any geological challenges will have the same quality as the earth cahes I have done, and plan to do. If not, I'll skip them.
  3. That's why you're not supposed to leave a knife as a trade item either
  4. What 10 essential item does a day touring kayaker need?
  5. Jeremy is capable of responding directly but politely. He merely choose not to do so in many circumstances. I don't see anything wrong with this response. Good reply from Jeremy. I didn't find his other response rude. It was stating a fact. You don't have to play the challenges game. You have the ability to view cache count without challenges. If you don't like challenges and don't do them, you won't have them added to your total. Easy enough.
  6. Me too. Nudecacher I will do this as a challenge. Need one around here!
  7. Email the CO and describe the container. I have let online logs stand when the finder stated they didn't have a pen. I have also been penless. However I always have my phone so I take a pic.
  8. I just got it yesterday! I rented a kayak a whike back to get 2 caches. My mom and I have a canoe together that we usually take out in canals. I used that to get two other caches. Where is the rainbow river?
  9. I'll complete challenges retroactively if it makes sense to do so. For example, I have about a billion pictures of me hiking. I was just hiking Tallulah Gorge SP, the day the challenges were released. I wasn't on the forums to read about it but I always take self pics of my hikes. So two days later, I saw the hiking challenge and uploaded my least hiking pic. Seems ok to me. Same with the flora and fauna challenge. I had a picture of me in saw palmettos because they are always around when I cache. So I had to upload that pic and look up the scientitic name. Again, seems ok. I'm not going to go outside and snap yet another pic of me with saw palemttos when I have billions already. Now, the litter pick up challenge I will wait to complete until I go do it again, after I saw the challenge. That challenge has a purpose and I can understand that purpose and complete the challenge when I have achieved the purpose.
  10. I agree that challenges are half good and half lame right now. There's one near me where you have to be in a restaurant, make your server male a funny face. And take a pic. I did thumbs down it. I wish there was a review process for challenges. I volunteer to be challenge reviewer for my area. Then again, my challenge got 4 thumbs down too! Lol. Mine is to take a picture with your GPS with the sun setting over the gulf on Englewood beach.
  11. I got a Necky Manitou 14, dual bulkheads. Good price T5's, Here I come!
  12. You note there that you don't care about the numbers. Does that mean that people who do enjoy the stats part of the game are wrong for enjoying it? That seems to be the implication of many posters. For me, I do go out and find great caches in beautiful locations often (Check my cache finds from the last month) and occasionally hit some urban caches when traveling there or after a haircut or whatever. Even a couple of LPC (Although a tiny piece of me dies every time I do). I also enjoy stats. I like knowing my FTF %, and comparing it with my other local FTFers. Is that so wrong? For me numbers do matter, mine and to a lesser extent others. But how much do they matter in comparison to the experience? Not a large amount, but its still definitively matters to me. I would hate to see stats eliminated. I was thinking about this today up at GC300N0: Mission 9: Tunnel of Light during the big event. I have a lot of people who complain about it being nothing like the original. It's NOT the same as the original, and never will be, but again its a question of degrees. Same container with the same stencil, exact same location, same coin type attached to the lid, copies of all the original documents and the same experience getting there. The only significant difference is the Icon. I would love to hear from some of the people saying that stats are meaningless. I believe many are the same who still bitch and groan about the missing Icon. If it's about the "experience" exclusively then why did I have logs like this: "Nice to see that this was honored in some way even if its not really the same or nearly as special. TFTC." Why must we try to define what's special to others, or denigrate what they find enjoyable. Many people at the event had an amazing experience, and having never found the original, this is the closest they will get. The ones who had merely a meh experience in most cases have had there expectations skewed by longer term cachers who are bitter and always ready to try and negate any pleasure someone may get that is different then theirs. In fact the loudest complaining has been from long term cachers who have found it long ago and if people can't enjoy it the exact same way they did, they may as well not experience it at all. (For the record I was a vocal and strong proponent of not archiving then unarchiving the cache. In fact I would archive GC300N0 without a thought if GS said they changed their mind, which will not happen in this universe unfortunately.) (I am using the Royal you here, not directed at SOTW)Same with stats, some people enjoy them, and if you think stats are meaningless, then it doesn't affect you. Then why worry about it? Not all stat lovers are sitting inside trying to find the best path to 1/1 LPC caches to up there numbers. Some are like me and after an 11 mile hike with 3,300 ft elevation gain after writing their logs enjoy running their StatGen and seeing which spot in top elevations of finds have moved. To be fair it sort of works both ways, there are stat nazis out there that allow stats to override the experience. Thankfully I believe them to be a small minority. Anyway I hope I made at least a little sense. I think I'm suffering mild heat stroke after hanging out at the Cache all day. I see, and understand, your point. That's why I said I don't care either way. If others want them separate, and I can see why, that's fine too. I won't be opposed to it. I'm not sure how they'll decide what most want. It does seem like most forum members want them separate. That's ok with me too. I also can see how number runners enjoy that, and stats. I went out with a couple that do numbers run because I wanted to experience it. While it's not my thing, I enjoyed the challenge, the company and the number boost since I was a newbie! So I'm not dissing anyone's way to enjoy the game at all. All ways have merit.
  13. Signing into the app also signs me out of the geocaching.com website. That bug needs to be addressed.
  14. I'm sure they'll fix the site. On the plus side, the app works as the site is working this AM! Good app! Thanks, Groundspeak!
  15. There is an update to the c:geo app today in the Android Market.
  16. That's probably because the web site has been down most of the day. Gotcha. That makes sense. Thanks. I'll try the app again today!
  17. I'm really starting to love earthcaches. There's not many near me so I'm going to plan a trip to complete some. I recently did an earthcache where I'm not sure I got the answer correct. I didn't hear back from the CO. I'd sure like to know the right answer. The problem is had to look at rock formations while on a very high suspension bridge. Well, I'm terrified of heights and it was all I could do to just get out ok it, look at the gorge and take a few pics. I was shaking too much. I explained this to the CO and so far my log has stood.
  18. Ugh, yes. I'm not enjoying the broken geocaching.com site! Fix it!
  19. I just tried the app. I can't login either. Just get a white screen. I'm sure it will be fixed soon
  20. I like the flora and fauna challenge! Neat to find scientific names.
  21. I agree that calling them challenges doesn't quite fit. Mine isn't a challenge, it OS a virutal cache where a physical one cannot be placed.
  22. What Android are you using? I'm on an HTC Thunderbolt
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