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  1. I have yet to find a micro that could not contain a log. If I did then I would not claim a find because a container has to contain something to be called a cache by the definition of the word. It also helps that I can place my signature legibly within an eighth inch square, add the date and I still take less than a quarter inch square. It isn't a philosophy, one can call frog legs chicken all they want but it doesn't make them chicken. Ok, that makes sense. I didn't know what your definition of a cache was. I thought you were going way old school and wanting to have it as the original stash was.
  2. I like these litter challenges.
  3. For spontaneous caching or T1 through T1.5 I use my Android to cache. Any higher T and I use my Garmin. No way I'm risking damaging my $250 phone in the wilderness. Handheld GPS battery lasts longer, it is more durable and is less likely to break or get ruined from a fall on land or water. As well though, I log all my caches using my Android and c:geo, I use Google Navigation to get me to the area, I use Google Maps to look at trails, waterways and the terrain. My smartphone and Garmin are both needed for me to geocache. Each has their special purpose. I used my BlackBerry and an Otterbox Defender case to find over 150 caches. BlackBerry phones aren't smartphone though. They are to be laughed at. Get with it.
  4. I like your quote about the church. However, if you delete a log for being blank and the logger appeals to GS, it will most likely get reinstated.
  5. I can only control what I do. That's what I focus my energy on. I hope people had a nice time with my caches whether they tel me or not. Otherwise, I don't care. I enjoy long logs but I don't get upset. That someone even looked for it is awesome to me .
  6. I can never find nanos! I don't know why. I suppose they are cute because they're so little. They lack swag too which I love!
  7. Do you consider micro caches then? You have a strange philosophy. I would think only large container with items inside are "real" caches to you. Interesting.
  8. Some of my hides are within controlled burned areas. For those, I use ammo cans. they hold up VERY well. They generally make it through burns. I have seen burned ammo cans in great shape. Sometimes, like in Myakka Forest, I'll hide just near enough the trail to avoid the burn, but conceal from mugglers. Then I'll use a peanut butter jar. Lastly, some caches just have to be replaced because they were melted. There are a bunch ot caches here at the Charlotte Harbor Preserved that are disabled until the CO can replace melted ones. It happens. I've hunted caches right after a burn. It's fun and smells good. The charred area is cool. Vegetation grows back super fast too, so no need to archive the caches.
  9. If I dids em, I logs em. Doesn't matter when for me. It's not about time, its about the event. To me geocaching and challenges are about the experience; that's what I value most. Not numbers, not containers, not timeframe, not integrity, not rules, not wet logs. I don't care.
  10. I've found earthcache and virtual caches. I found the geologic formation of an earthcache, and the tombstone of a virtual cache. How is that not finding? I used my GPS to find both.
  11. Thanks. I'm from PA so I visit there often. Harrisburg and Pennsburg.
  12. I do not think that it is a minority. Try to see what happens if you open a new feedback thread and propose to keep counting completed challenges towards the found count (if such a thread does not yet exist - I have not checked) and see how many votes you will get. I'd surprise me if you reach a comparable number of votes as the proposal to change the way challenges are counted. I am a fan of virtuals and yet I prefer the challenges to be counted separately. So your theory is wrong. Cezanne Has someone created an opossig thread? Link? I'll go vote.
  13. I would assume so too, I sincerely hope so anyway. And I totally agree, they aren't finds, and so shouldn't be included in the grand total of geocaches found. When I look at my Geocaching Stats on my profile page, the three challenges I have completed are NOT reflected in the stats. It says I have 5361 caches on the stats page, and it says I have 5364 when I go to my Geocaching summary page. So, no need to worry about the stats page being off at this time. Issue resolved. We are at peace again. I don't see the big deal some are making.
  14. Ticks and mosquitoes. Vampires! I catch and release ticks. They do gross me out.
  15. LOL, my PQs are out of date also. That's funny. In any case, old guidebook always have the main landmarks. I buy updated guidebook and you can get them on Kindle now too. I see what you're saying. But if geocaching went all virtual or challenges, I don't think I'd continue. I would also stop eating so much peanut better.
  16. Then it's what Brian said, I'll just get a guidebook.
  17. I challenge you to complete 1st grade. Invalid challenge. It has to be: I challenge you to complete 1st grade in Red Hill, Pennsylvania. Ohhh, SNAP! Unless Red Hill has only one elementary school and bans homeschoolers, then it's still not location-specific! Double ohSNAP! There is only one school though. Haha.
  18. I don't like the virtual overload these days. It's too much, and doesn't seem real.
  19. I hope not. I like finding a container. To me it feels like someone left me a gift. Sounds weird, I know. But after hiking a while, and then find the exact spot where the container is seems like I was invited there and am not alone. THere's a satisfaction I get finding something physical that others have touched that I don't get with an earthcache or virtual. I like earthcaches and virtuals a lot too. They have their place. But I enjoy finding physical hidden treasure probably a bit more. Seems much more personal to me. The fact that physical caches take time, money, work and constant attention make them personal, and possibly better quality. I enjoy owning physical caches. I like maintaining them. It's neat to find weather resistant containers. I like reading actual signifies and comments in my log books. I like seeing peoples had writing. It is personal. Does that make any sense? Lol
  20. I challenge you to complete 1st grade. Invalid challenge. It has to be: I challenge you to complete 1st grade in Red Hill, Pennsylvania.
  21. Yeah, that's the problem I'm seeing. It isn't location specific enough because you never know where you'll see dolphins. You won't generally see them in canals. I know of an island where you're likely to see either every day. Dolphin and manatee sighing are super common here at all times. My goal with the challenge is to man a self propelled craft and view a dolphin or manatee. Too specific maybe. Thanks for the input, something to consider!
  22. I'm always delighted to find dry logs too. When I first started caching damp and wet logs bummed me out and I sometimesmes logged a NM. Now I don't. I log a found and mention the log condition. In fact, I try to mention the container, contents and log condition in all my logs, especially when the log is dry I make sure to say that as a kudos to the COs choice of container. I always try to sign the log, even damp ones. Especially in FL, we can take a damp or wet log and leave it in the blistering hot sun for 10 minutes and the log will be bone dry and able to be signed easily. Yeah, it will get wet or damp again but the next cachers hopefully will dry it out. Or replace. I rarely replace logs though, I just dry em. It is sometimes hard to keep logs dry in FL, as you know, since we get downpours all summer and tropical storms. We have to try and make our caches hurricane proof. I've even seen ammo game wet inside, so it can be a challenge. The longer I cache, the more I don't sweat the small stuff like a damp log. I mean, the cache took me to the destination. And the journey and destination are the real prize to me I sometimes look to see who signed the log last, and I like to read over the names. I never really audit the logs though and you really shouldn't be concerning yourself over policing another COs cache and logs. Maybe a group went out and they used a team name instead. Maybe they don't sign logs, maybe they signed another page. Sometimes a log is too wet to sign one day, and dry the next! It doesn't matter. How others play the game doesn't affect your game. Especially when it is not your cache. It's up to the CO how strict they want to be and if they want to audit their logs. Film canisters are the worst for wet logs down here by the way. If I see any mention of a film cam now, I will not hunt the cache. I find a lot of pill containers (not surprising given our demographic) and they are pretty water tight. Oh and I carry hand sanitizer too. Moldy caches gross me out. But I still sign! Lol
  23. Agree with above posters. If the place can hold a cache, place a cache. Even if that means you need to get permission. Challenges should not become the lazy man's caches. I'd only place a challenge where a physical cache would be impossible.
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