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  1. If you put a cigar/film can/matchstick/pill bottle/or mag.hide a key inside a guardrail, lamppost, in someplace that makes me mad that I traveled to find it....then rest assured I'll put as much thought into the log as the CO must have put into the cache. None.
    While I don't necessarily disagree with your logic, I am concerned about your getting mad. If it makes you mad, why bother getting out and signing the log? Is it really worth it if it makes you mad?
    Also, I'm not a newb and I still use my smartphone for many caching tasks.
    I rarely find someone who is qualified to say they are not a newb actually saying it. :ph34r:
    Just because you're a cacher doesn't make you courteous.
    Trying to be courteous is the right thing to do, and to hide behind "I'm not courteous because I don't have to be" is a very poor attitude to take if you plan on getting along with others.


    Lol. Geocaching isn't rocket science. If you don't get it by the 100h find, you might be a slow learner.

  2. I agree C:Geo works well, but it violates the site's Terms Of Service, and Groundspeak can pretty much make it stop working any time. C:Geo's days are numbered (even though it has gone open source now) with the introduction of NeonGeo.


    I use c:geo, but I don't feel too bad about it since I shelled out the $10 for the official GCing app and didn't like it. For the money, I think the app should be better than it is. C:geo is much better.


    C:geo works excellent if you also download GPS status. Then you navigate to the cache using the radar option instead of the compass.


    There is also a geocaching plugin for locus that is kind of cool. The limitation is that you can only search for the caches near your current location, unless you enter the gps coords manually.


    It's easiest to navigate to the cache location with c:geo using Google Navigation. Have you tried that? Cache page, menu, map, navigation.


    Unless you man one you're near GZ. I still like the compass. Very accurate.

  3. I was one (of the probably silent majority) that wanted challenges to count in my total finds, not because I am a "numbers whore" as I and others have been accused of being, but because I like seeing a running total of my geocaching achievements.


    Do you really have that much trouble adding two numbers together?


    I guess it's just as difficult as subtracting challenges from caches found. But folks didn't want to do that either. Go figure.

  4. Maybe they used flashlights. Or "torches." :)


    It's the same with regular caches. I intend, and specify, a route to my cache that involves a great hike or paddle. Inevitably, someone finds the short cut way and misses what I wanted to show them.


    Oh well, their loss.

  5. Another option is to directly email cachers in your area. Check the logs, find a user, and send them a direct email. I know almost no one in my area uses the forums much.


    I've had cachers email me to cache. It's fine that way.

  6. It is the smart phone. Have you ever tried typing an elaborate log in with the i-Phone? On an Android, you have "Swipe" but it sill hard to do without constantly correcting typos....


    Basically, it is old school vs. newbies...


    This hasn't been my experience. I log all my caches, upload pictures and create caches all with my Android.


    I think it's the computer loggers. They forget about the hunt and cache by the time they get home to log. :)


    Also, I'm not a newb and I still use my smartphone for many caching tasks.


    Editto add: PS all my forum posts are from my HTC Thunderbolt.

  7. People keep them.

    People lose them.

    People don't properly log them.


    I have one TB going and on Coin that I'm sure is now part of someone's collection.


    I know as a CO you can mark trackables missing. I had to do it recently. Not sure you can do that as a finder.

  8. I understand your frustration about the cache that needs archived. It looks to me like it does too. Your email to the reviewer was a bait harsh though. However it seems reviewers do a good job keeping personal emotions and their reviewer tasks separate.


    I am surprised it is taking that long for the cache to be archived. I have experience what Robert mentioned with the reviewers down here. They poet a note to the CO to check the cache. If the CO doesn't, the cache is archived. They're on top of NM and NA logs here, not sure what's up with your area.


    Hope you get it resolved soon. I know geo trash is a pet peeve of mine too.

  9. Last few hours, all the caches I own or watch do the following..


    Location: Washington, United States

    found Peace Sign Series #18 - Anagrams, Yea Or Nay (Unknown Cache) at 8/20/2011


    It does not say who found it. Sure I can go into the cache listing and see it, but that is an extra step. This just a glitch? I tried to search the forums to see if this was addressed already and I did not see it. If there was a topic or place for this already or better, I apologize in advance.


    Strange they would implement a change at night like this, so I think its an error. Strange error though.


    Moun10Bike commented on a post on the website forum saying that he has notified the team of this issue. It's happening to everyone and being worked on. I recomend patience...


    ...ten years have got behind you.

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