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  1. Yes, that makes sense! Will remember that. i don't even really care what's in the cache. i took 2 things, including a TB and left items. But that's not the fun part for me. i'll probably wait a while before actually making/placing my first cache. At least until i've found 20 or so, so that i can get a better understanding and over picture of this game.
  2. Lol! i'm sorry. i just specifically searched for info on using peanut butter jar because i'm new and was impressed with the ones i found! i'll let it die again peacefully. TFTPB some are allergic to old threads bumped after 2 years of dormancy.... others are allergic to rehashing old topics in new threads... we might just be damned either way!
  3. Ok! i didn't know that! i found some soggy baseball cards in one yesterday but i didn't know to take it out. Will be aware next time. Thank you!
  4. i'm not worried about the peanut allergy. i don't eat dairy or eggs so i know that folks with allergies or food restrictions really take good care to watch out for themselves. So, i don't eat mayo! i'm vegan. i'll be sure to let bleach water soak in the PB jar so that the peanut smell is gone. i don't want to attract animals. i was just so impressed with the quality of the PB caches here considering we get downpours every day in the summer. They held a lot too!
  5. Understood regarding trash in the cache, or a bad container. Now, the owner of the cache can (and should) replace and maintain the container. Are they not allowed to get rid of any crappy or unsuitable items within the container? Or do those have to remain bc others put them there? What makes a bad hide then?
  6. New and having fun so far! i've read a bit on the forums and have come across something i'd like clarification on. i'm still learning the guidelines and rules of GCing. i saw the term "trashcache" when referring to someone hiding many caches.. What makes a quality hide? What makes something a trash cache, or bad hide?
  7. Interesting thread. Glad i found it. i'm still new, have found 7 or so caches, 3 of which were in peanut butter (JIFF) jars. After seeing how dry the contents were i decided to make my first cache inside a peanut butter jar. The ones i found were clean inside, dry and no peanut butter smell. i actually found one today that was covered in stinking mud but was dry inside! i think i will hand wash and then maybe bleach. Good suggestions. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info on this app. i am using BlackStar on my VZW 9630 now and will be trying Geocache Navigator starting Saturday (7 Day Trial). i like the idea of it downloading the 10 closest caches. B* doesn't do that. i have been using Bolt to look up cache locations and copy/paste info to B8.
  9. i have been using an app called BlackStar. It's free and you can add waypoints with details. i am new to caching and this is the only app (or GPS) i have used so far. Seems very accurate and i have found 7 caches with it so far! i like using my BlackBerry so that i have a camera handy to take a few pics. Plus i can BBM with my caching buddy. BlackStar App in CrackBerry Store
  10. i'm using BlackStar now. Seems like a good, free app. i'm new to caching so not sure what features the app could be missing. Any opinions on Geocache Navigator for VZW app?
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