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  1. My log was only edited for spelling. i left a nice Found log right before. If he would look at my (newb) logs, i'm never mean or rude. That's just me. But this does teach me to carry cache supplies in my backpack. Since i haven't hidden any yet i just didn't have anything for caches other than a pen and trinkets. i'm just going to go by what i'd like for now. When i hide i'd like to know of any issues because i take pride in keeping my things nice and purposeful. To each their own. i guess i felt picked on for having only 30 finds, but oh well. Have to start somewhere! i'm having a blast still. Lots to learn though about geocaching activity and community! Yay
  2. That would be a great feature. i thought there was a find cache by owner option...in my town i started out finding caches by a couple that has a good reputation. That way i knew the caches would be there and in good shape bc they check on them. Then i branched out!
  3. Ha! Not a bad idea. Actually i may just avoid their caches so i don't waste my time. Finding the cache is great fun, but i like to at least sign a log. This specific location isn't out of the way. i'd been there twice before cache hunting. One for the tour, then on a trolley stop. If this CO doesn't care that the logs are trashed they may as well just leave an empty container (which is just trash). i will start to carry extra paper (little ziplock bags) and some emergency cache repair supplies. i just don't expect to fix every cache i find! Ha
  4. i may do that from now on. Make a note in my Found Report. Many others did that on this cache and since it was still wet i figured the CO didn't notice. That's why i did the report. Oh well, it's noted for others.
  5. Ok, thanks. i'll search for that thread now and read it. i'll likely log Needs Maintenance reports if needed, because i would appreciate if someone did the same for my caches (when i place). i didn't mind the flaming so much if i'd been mean about it or was nitpicking. But being rude to those new to the game is lame. i like this community so far and i've only encountered really nice folks so far. So i'll just let this go. They can smack me in real life if they're really that upset about being notified of a soaked log.
  6. Ok, thanks. i thought i'd made a faux pas by reporting it. It's not like i report minor things. Oh well. The more experience i get, the more i'll know what is acceptable.
  7. So i did some caching out of town in St. Augustine. Found some good caches, mostly 35mm film cases. The locations were fun! i came across two caches that needed repair. This specific one had water in the bottom of the film canister and the previous log and geocache paper were soaked and stuffed down into the bottom, nearly disintegrated. The other log was wet too, i tried to sign it but it was so wet it got ripped. i logged a Needs Maintenance report and was called a newb who needs to be slapped. Wow. Harsh. The CO stated that it's just how Florida is. This is untrue as the other 5 caches of the same type were dry. i though CO liked to hear how their cache is doing and that they are supposed to keep it in usable condition. Am i wrong? What's the point of signing a log if it just will be thrown away because it's not readable and in a wet ball? Here's the report and snide comment: http://www.geocaching.com/seek/cache_detai...ec-7ab257a51b69 i may be a newb to geocaching, but i have common sense...it doesn't take years of experience to know a log is too wet! Thoughts? Should i not log maintenance reports? Does it just make CO's mad?
  8. NOT TRUE! I know a guy, who said he knew this guy, whose neighbor knew this guy, whose veterinarian's landscaper knew this guy, whose second cousin read on the Internet, (so it MUST be true), that some guy was out caching, and met a guy on the trail who said he knew a guy who had an adverse reaction to peanut residue from a PB jar cache container! So there! Meanie! Uh... Er... Never mind. (Note to self: Always read the whole post before replying) EEEEKK!!! (Little Girlie Scream) Whoo Hoo!! Got it on my calendar! i'd like to come search too! i keep reading about 35mm film canisters but haven't come across any yet... Maybe when i go caching in St Aug this week there will be some since it's more populated.
  9. Take the papers with lewd comments and phones numbers out asap and trash them. Items/materials that are obviously inappropriate is unacceptable. Having that stuff in the cache is against guidelines and it tarnishes the reputation of the game and its players. i like geocaching partly because it's a fun, innocent activity. i think you should then email the CO and let them know that their cache was muggled, because he may want to post a warning for finders to keep an eye on cache contents, or CO may decide to move and hide the muggled cache elsewhere.
  10. @IceCreamMan, Hey, those look awesome! Did you just use regular spray paint on them? @Clan Riffster, i like the idea of being able to tether a cache so it doesn't float away! Thanks for the idea!
  11. Hilarious and informative thread. Subscribing. Thanks for the ideas! i've has zero muggles around so far because i live in a small town. In St. Augustine next week i'm sure there will be many! i'm going to bring a trash bag, camera, act bold and talk into my GPSr. Luckily i use my BlackBerry as GPSr!
  12. This is what i was thinking. The photos aren't displayed in my log, you have to click the link. i know that i don't look at the logs or hints until after i've found a cache or if i couldn't find ir and need clues. i took a pic of a well hidden/camouflaged cache today but i won't post that. That's the hardest part of the search for that one.
  13. i thought one of the guidelines was that caches couldn't be covered with anything! Am i mistaken!? This may explain why i am 1 out of 3 today! Any advice is good! Thanks.
  14. OK, thanks for the advice. i will stick with close ups that won't give the location away. i may delete the Wally World one. However, that's the only place the cache could be...but maybe it's too much of a givaway.
  15. i guess only experience will tell. This cache i found today was another peanut butter jar (signature container of a certain group) and it was in the woods for 3 years i believe. Looked great! i don't think there are bears when i am. i suppose the area will help determine the container! The more i find, the more i will know what containers are good. It made the summery. I was thinking more about animals finding something that had food residue and some COs believing that they can somehow get all traces of the scent out of the food containers. And some CO's know that their attempts to remove the smell also ends up making it smell undesirable even if the original food scent isn't completely removed.
  16. Hmmm, good point too. i'll keep that in mind!
  17. Gotcha. That makes sense. Fortunately, the last one that i left a bit of red lid exposed won't have muggles around. Was a pretty deserted area. i will definitely take your advice though and be sure to conceal with the concerns you mentioned. Thanks.
  18. Thanks for this thread! i was wondering the same thing! This leads me to another question about replacing cache. i didn't do what the OP did. i found a cache to be partially out, so that i saw the red lid right away. It was in a really muddy area and mostly hidden under pine needles. i figured since the difficulty rating was a 1 that when replacing the cache i should leave the lid a bit exposed like it i found it, so that it is an easier spot. If the difficulty was a 4, i would have replaced it and hidden it better. Is this the correct way to act, or am i over-thinking it?
  19. Uh oh. i'm a newb. i added photos of the cache to all my finds. i figured that that was ok because you have to actually click on the link to open the pictures. Since it says something about 'spoilers' before entering the logs, doesn't that mean that there's a possibility that the log descriptions will give away the locations? Should i delete my photos? Any insight is appreciated. EDIT by Mod. Sorry, rather than replying your post, I accidentally edited it. Luckly I was able to restore it
  20. The reason i looked up this thread is because i found 3 caches that had PB jars as a container. i was really impressed with how dry the contents were, even when the outside of the jar was covered in mud. i found a plastic lock container and the log book was damp. The PB jars that i found were the big size and held items and a good size log book. i'm just looking for a good container for SW FL, where we get downpours and areas flood easily. i also like the idea of "reusing" a container instead of buying something new. The PB jars i found were really clean inside. Probably since i'm new, i also liked that i could spot the PB jars red lid. 2 were hidden really well and all i saw was a flash of red! In any case, it's what i decided to use and i got some good tips such as filling the jar with bleach water. It's fun seeing the different containers folks use. Good to know which are best in specific areas.
  21. i found my first TB yesterday! Very exciting. i looked up its log and was surprised to see it only traveled 10 miles in a years time! Seems strange as i live in a SnowBird state and many residents (and cachers) have homes up North too. i'll be taking it across the state next week, so it will finally get some miles.
  22. Interesting discussion so far. Personally, swag isn't what i'm interested in. i like looking in the container out of curiosity because i haven't been geocaching long and i don't know what to expect. i've left items in every find so far, but only took something out of my first one just for the experience. i also like signing the log a lot, and reading the other names and dates. That's the cool part to me. Eventually i'll probably stop leaving items unless i think maybe kids go to the cache. They might enjoy that aspect. When i place my first cache, i'll probably put a gold dollar and TB or something to start. If finders want to leave swag, that's cool. And i will check it to make sure it's all clean and fresh. i found one cache that had a rusty coin or some piece of metal sitting in water and it grossed me out! Thanks for the posts! i'm learning a lot! i didn't get to cache today and i'm feeling withdrawals! Ha
  23. Ah, ok. Yes, that's pretty much how i saw the term being used. i suppose it's nearly impossible to maintain hundreds of cache. It sounds like there are a few different styles. Some like to get high find/hide counts, and like the actual hide part. And others like to be outside and also find some cache. Interesting how the philosophy has split. i need to read the history. And get more experience. We believe this references to those cachers that places 100s and 100s of caches and then don't maintain them. We have 2 cachers here in our area that are apparently in some kind of "who can hide the most caches and give them names that are nothing more then going through a list of names of "x" because they can't come up w/ a clever name that has either something to do w/ the cache/the location/being original/etc." competition. This has resulted in caches that carry the names of : all the US states (a string of all US State capitals to match from cacher #2), all Canadian provinces, all former US presidents (and a string of vice-presidents from the other person), etc, etc, etc. (oh and let's not forget Silo View #1 - #89 ) Unfortunately most of them are lightpole caches on about every lightpost in the area that's not within 500 feet of an already existing cache. Few of the caches are maintained as it's simply undoable for them to maintain them all having hidden 400-500+ caches each. So pretty much all they have resulted in is having 35mm film canisters littered around the area that simply just leave trash in the end. Hence the name trashcaches. To be fair, some of the caches the above referenced cachers have hidden are quality caches, but somehow they've gone a little much overboard in their quests for cache hide achievements.
  24. Ok, so i guess there's a lot of personal preference. i'd rather be out in the wilderness. i guess if i *had to go to the mall, i'd like a cache to search for while my friends shopped! i'm not sure yet whether i like well hidden cache or those that are more difficult to get to. Experience will tell..i have enjoyed the longer hikes.
  25. Hmm. Considering leaving epipen in cache with TB. If not, I'm sure Darwin will rectify the situation eventually.
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